Sweet Ride

25 Apr

Now that the weather’s been warming up I’ve taken advantage of every opportunity to open the front door and allow fresh air to come in through the screen door. Since our cats aren’t allowed outside they love nothing more than to sit in front of it, relish any sun that comes their way, and gaze imperiously about the neighborhood. Where there are cats, of course, you will find Isobel.

She has recently noticed something magical in this brave new world outside our door: neighbor kids. The neighbors across the street from us have four kids ranging in age from three to twelve, and they are the focus of Isobel’s rapt attention. A handful of other kids live in our neighborhood and they all gravitate across the street. Isobel has front row seats for all the action.

This weekend was the first time we ventured into the Great Unknown, crossed the street, and gone into neighbor territory. Fortunately, the neighbor kids are as nice as can be, and so are their parents, so they generously let Isobel watch and didn’t mind that she helped herself to their toys.

The first thing she wanted to play with as soon as we arrived was a rock. Yes, a rock. Such as we have in our yard. And it was delicious.

The toy that held her attention the longest was a plastic lawn mower meant to be pushed around by a toddler still learning to walk, much in the way her lion had helped her. However. Isobel was determined to use that lawn mower as some sort of bike. She refused to push it around and instead insisted on sitting on it while facing the handle, then scooting along the sidewalk as best she could. Which is to say, not really at all.

The face she’s making in this picture is her dandelion face, or the face she makes whenever she tries to blow on something. It usually comes out (when it comes out at all) as “ffffffffffttttttt!” Oh well! That’s excellent consonant practice, I suppose.

When that fails, there’s only one way to show a dandelion who’s boss.

Isobel’s first outside neighborhood adventure was successful! Bring it on, summer. Bring it on.

3 Responses to “Sweet Ride”

  1. Alicia April 25, 2010 at 4:53 pm #

    Sounds like an awesome day and adventure for Lil’ Miss Isobel. Love all the pics of her; she’s such a cutie pie.

  2. dingey April 28, 2010 at 11:22 am #

    Bring it on! Show that dandelion who rules the sidewalk!

  3. Erin April 29, 2010 at 10:55 pm #

    Oh, that bow!

    Sometimes, secretly, I contemplate having another baby, just so we could try for a girl. The clothes! The cuteness!

    But then I remember his horrifying birth and I’m scared shittless of having another baby. That’s when I live vicariously through other people’s photos of their baby girls. 🙂

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