Kitten Highlights

17 May

Life with kittens has added another layer of chaos to our lives, albeit a joyous one. Poppy and Jupiter are like ninjas testing the various weaknesses of our household system. I would have thought that after having three naughty cats and then an inexhaustible toddler we would have cat or baby proofed everything that wasn’t nailed down. My recent need to purge all clutter from the house coincided directly with my pregnancy and intensified with Isobel’s mobility. You could say it was a source of perverse pride for me. Let your toddler loose in my house! I dare them to find something to break!


Poppy and Jupiter have been quite creative in finding things to get into and mess up. Poppy’s favorite game is to launch herself into the air and to grasp the clothes hanging in my closet and freestyle climb her way to the other side. In order to jump down and do it all over again, of course. I discovered this little trick after finding a third of my neatly-hung shirts discarded in a wad on the floor.

Zorro and Peaches are nutso for kitten food, and I hardly blame them. I’m sure it’s nutrient-rich and packed with fat to provide energy for running through the house at top speed. Zorro and Peach normally dine on Science Diet Senior-Formula Indoor Cat Food, which sounds so fiber-filled and wholesome it’s probably the Grape Nuts of cat food. Their new goal in life is kitten food. It’s their Holy Grail.

Feeding the cats is now a complicated maneuver: somehow we have to corral both kittens in the same room at the same time while preventing both the big cats and Isobel from getting in. It’s difficult to say the least. Peaches is not known for his brains, but I tell you I have never met a cat more motivated by food and there isn’t anything in the world that will keep him from a snack he wants. It makes the mornings interesting, that’s for sure.

Isobel really enjoys gnawing corn straight off the cob and we discovered recently that the kittens do, too. As soon as Isobel gives up her ear of corn those kittens are all over it, munching side by side like pigs at a trough.

The first night we brought the kittens home Poppy started running down the hallway and mewing in obvious distress. We thought it was perhaps because she was alone so each time it happened I went down the hall and brought her back to the living room. Finally I thought she might need the litter box which was in the laundry room. I plunked her in and she immediately let out the most plaintive mew and started pooping. As soon as she was done I swear she marched back into the living room beaming with pride.

We learned the hard way about the sort of mischief that is possible when a kitten and a baby work together. Isobel has a fascination with anything liquid, and if she can spill that liquid everywhere, so much the better. When she’s done eating she regularly likes to turn her bottle upside down and shake it as vigorously as possible. Fortunately that doesn’t do anything except spray a few drops here or there so by the time we stop it little damage has been done. Jupiter, however, is as crazy for Isobel’s bottles as he is for kitten chow and we have discovered that if they are left out he will gnaw the nipple right off. Isobel waits until he has done so and then tips the bottle upside down, much to both our baby’s and the kitten’s delight.

I’m sensing a dangerous partnership here.

4 Responses to “Kitten Highlights”

  1. Erin at 10:06 pm #


    I’d love to have a kitteh, but Ian and I are both allergic (Ollie is likely allergic, too). This does not mean that I love them any less, but, sadly, I must love them from afar.

    • LittleBig at 7:42 am #

      Being allergic to cats is pretty much awful. If you had unlimited time and money you could subject your family to a couple year’s worth of cat allergy shots and be cured. You know, if time and money were no issue.

  2. Erin at 3:42 pm #

    Yeah, I’ve actually considered it. But they’re so expensive, and not covered by our insurance. Poodles it is!

  3. Bonnie at 12:32 pm #

    Maple used to eat corn off the cob.. dad would hold it out for him and turn it as needed.

    And when we got Toby, he knew how to use the litter box, but everytime he did a poop he chirped like crazy the whole time. He doesn’t really meow, but he chirps non-stop. Those poop chirps at the start sounded almost more like a monkey than anything else. He doesn’t do it anymore though.

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