Follow Friday

9 Jul



What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

adamisacson I mistook a brick of extra-firm tofu for a sponge, but no harm done. The countertops are gleaming, and my stir-fry has that extra something.

steve_librarian Skippyjon Jones is visiting my library branch this morning! #celebritysighting

freudiantypo Lebron’s Decision This Morning: Eggs, over easy, dry wheat toast, juice. Press conference to follow!

arthistorygirl The coffeemaker broke. That is all.

zefrank tarballs!

owlpacino here’s a business tip: when pitching an idea, try not to quote Courtney Love. Or if you must, say Gandhi said it.

bookgirlsb For whatever reason, my nama and my brother seem to have once discussed pooping in the tundra.

notperfect The only time I’ve ever really doubted Google was when it started suggesting a slew of blogs in the Figure Skating Mom Support Group genre.

thejennui Toddlers with Tiaras tonight. I think I need a beer. Well, and a feather boa.

danforthfrance Guys, that octopus is not psychic. That octopus just has a stone-cold grasp of statistics and probability.

badbanana The economy is so bad I just saw a guy in the back of a limo hand another guy in a limo a bottle of generic yellow mustard.

palinode I came up with the ugliest marketing buzzword ever: Real-ationships! As in, “You want to build a real-ationship with your clients”.

wawoodworth Obligatory tweet about the extreme nature of heat here in my area.

lizakessler Evidence suggests I got drunk and opened a WordPress account the other night. I wonder what the password is.

drewtoothpaste “See you tomorrow”? I do NOT go to Wendy’s every day, Wendy’s Lady. Check yourself.

califmomO h, nothing. Just putting some deodorant under my boobs. And in my crotch. You?

jamiskoli we’re all made of scars.

eareeve Late night snack. A can of off-brand ‘tuna’ called ‘Dolphins, dolphins, dolphins!’ or something.

shinyinfo Having a hard time lately with my “give-a-shit”. It just doesn’t want to turn over!!!

rrrobbed 4-year-old asks me: “Do you love yourself?” What are you now, my fucking shrink? Shut up and eat your peas.

WindsorGrace Today is going to be good. I’m going to kick this day’s ass. (If it gets out of line)

phaemarie I’ve been living in this house for almost a year & I still don’t know which light switches go to which lights. I think I might be retarded.

BridgetCallahan Hey, I had a thought! How about on Thursday, we all talk about the FUCKING OIL SPILL instead of Lebron? It would be totes hilarious.

unrealsnowSo apparently my AC problem was user error. Things seem to be cooling off now. Related news: 1 of 2 cats like cold packs on them. #Fthisheat

MelissaSummers We ate Tex-Mex all day for the 4th of July. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal in Arizona.

louispeitzmanMy Facebook info was way outdated. Just changed my political views to “disgustingly liberal” and my religious views to “Woody Allen.”

MaxKalifornia @exlibris I’ll see you in hell!

AFG85 Oh man, remember webrings? Someone just mentioned those and it made me all nostalgic.

lilpyrogirl Sorry I haven’t been updating. I’ve been off participating in the kind of fun and debauchery you people only tweet about.

michaeljnelson Gonna hire someone to be ready at all times should I bust into a room and shout “All right, people, I need a schematic of the whole city!”

hellobigfoot camping cooler strange mix between oyster and piñata

CaffeinatedLiby Honey, it’s too early to be wearing sequins.

JerryThomas For those of you outside the US, it might help you understand July 4th if you think of it as National Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms Day.

jberthume In honor of America, I absolutely destroyed my back in bed this morning. USA! USA!

tysiscoe The odd thing about IKEA is they sell the idea of stylish, chill, and organized but the experience of buying there feels like a cattle chute

rydka I picked fight with some furniture and got my ass handed to me.

MeganBoley Full term today. I am pee-pants excited. And literally trying not to pee my pants.

apelad The joy of unsolicited enthusiastic conversation is 100% of the reason this guy got into bus driving.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.


6 Responses to “Follow Friday”

  1. purplequark July 10, 2010 at 7:13 am #

    So much goodness! Ah, to be able to craft well-worded and insightful tweets…

    • LittleBig July 11, 2010 at 12:13 pm #

      I’d like to say “thanks” but really none of these tweets are mine. 🙂

  2. leah the librarian July 10, 2010 at 9:29 am #

    I always pick up great new people to follow from these posts — love that you took your awesome formatting idea to your blog. Thank you!!

    • LittleBig July 11, 2010 at 12:12 pm #

      I find so many good tweets each week that I was beginning to annoy people with all the #FF love. This seems to work out better–less annoying, and I don’t leave anyone out! 🙂

  3. dingey July 11, 2010 at 12:08 pm #

    Man! I’m either in an extra-generous mood of jocularity, or this is the funniest batch yet. Thank you for culling the mess that is Twitter (I seriously have a hard time handling it) and boiling it down to make the diamonds rise to the top.

    Speaking of horrifying marketing terms (ala “real-ationship”), a former boss of mine was the king of malapropism, or whatever the phrase-driven version of malapropism might be. A few classics: “I want you to always be marketing the firm. Market to clients….market to their clients…market to your friends, and your co-friends….”

    Anyway, have a good week, co-friend.

    • LittleBig July 11, 2010 at 12:09 pm #

      BWA-HA! Co-friend is so my new word.

      I’m going to tell Anthony that Isobel is our Co-Baby.

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