Winner! By Default!

24 Jul

Anthony had a surprise for me this morning after checking the mail… my Snorg tee came! Yay! For those of you just joining us, I entered the Snorg Tee Giveaway on Knit in Public, and I WON! BY DEFAULT! (Someone else won but they never contacted Windsor Grace to claim their prize, so she drew again and this time I was the winner! by default! YAY! I’ll take it.) I couldn’t decide which tee to get so Little Big readers voted for their favorite, and The Greendale Human Beings tee won.

The Human Being is the mascot for Greendale Community College, from one of my favorite TV shows ever, Community. That show is awesome. Boo on the world for not giving that show a trillion Emmys. It fucking rocks. I am a crotchety old woman who hates just about everything but I love this TV show. It’s part of a collection of shows I call “My Stories,” as in “shut up, Mama’s got to watch her stories!” My stories includes (but is not limited to) House, Arrested Development, Community, The Venture Brothers, and Star Treks TNG & DS9.

Snorg tees run infamously small so I got a medium just to be safe. I’m glad I did because post-pregnancy lady bits would not have fit in a small. I put it on as soon as I opened the package. Here I am celebrating my Victory By Default:

Thanks again to Windsor Grace at Knit in Public and Snorg for giving me this awesome tee. By the way, if you like really awesome jewelry you should check out her Etsy shop.

2 Responses to “Winner! By Default!”

  1. Windsor Grace July 24, 2010 at 10:25 am #

    You rock and the shirt looks great! I love Community, soooo funny!

  2. J-Man July 27, 2010 at 8:10 am #

    That shirt is awesome.

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