Sharing the Crafty Love

18 Aug

Before Isobel was born I indulged both my love of crafts and my love of organizing by creating closet dividers for the multitude of tiny pink garments we were receiving by the truckload. The project ended up taking up much more time and effort than I had originally planned, but I was fueled by the nesting urge and once I started there was no stopping me.

It was so much work I wanted to share the process with others who might be trying to create the same thing so that they could learn from my mistakes. You can find the tutorial here along with a handy-dandy door hanger template I made in Photoshop.

After reading the tutorial, head on over to Mommypalooza to see her back-to-school closet dividers for her two sons that share a closet. She’s used my template to create her own version and I’m happy she’s found a way to utilize the project that doesn’t involve hours and hours of cutting and laminating and cutting. Because seriously, that was a lot of work.  (That no one forced me to do.)

(Besides myself.)

(Because I was crazy.)

(And pregnant.)

(I’m not longer one of those things, by the way.)

(I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one.)

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about what do to with these when I don’t need them anymore. I put so much work into these things I can’t fathom throwing them away. I thought about selling them but let’s face it, they are used and could be sturdier. If I’m still blogging by the time I’m ready to pass these suckers down I’ll probably have a giveaway for them, so if you’ve always wanted the closet dividers without all the work, stay tuned.

2 Responses to “Sharing the Crafty Love”

  1. Alicia August 18, 2010 at 7:44 am #

    Omar was just telling me the other day that I should make these. I told h I had thought about it but I really have no energy. We are still in process of setting up and organizing the baby’s room now that my dad finally finished painting so I can’t fathom getting involved in such a project at this time.

    I will definitely stayed tuned if you plan on having a giveaway for these dividers because I think they are so awesome!

    • LittleBig August 18, 2010 at 1:00 pm #

      You know, the only reason I was able to get these done was because I started it in my first trimester and finished in my second. There was no way I could have done this in my third trimester. NO. WAY.

      The only thing I tried to do my third trimester was make curtains, and that ended disastrously. Even though the task was simple I was so huge I couldn’t get on the floor to measure and cut the fabric. It was so frustrating.

      A lot of people have suggested I make these then sell them, but honestly? They were so much work. I’d have to charge like a million dollars to feel justified.

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