Yo Gabba Gabba Live FAQ: Your Questions & Answers

22 Nov

Last week I took my daughter to Yo Gabba Gabba Live in Sacramento and had a lot of explaining to do when I returned to work. Most of my coworkers had never heard of the awesomeness that is YGG.

Well, it’s this show that has these giant characters and a DJ with an orange jumpsuit and drum major’s hat. It teaches kids how to dance and beat box as well as about the virtues of not biting your friends.

I received comments from curious parents in the previous post, and as a parent, I understand the impulse to want to know everything about a situation before I dive in with my kid.

In this post I’m going to address all the questions that were posed in the previous post. If you have a question that isn’t on here, please ask in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer.

(Read about our adventure at the show here.)

What was your timeline like?

My cousin and I planned our trip with flexibility in mind. Our tickets were for the 7:00 show. Here’s a breakdown of the timeline:

3:10 p.m. We hit the road! The drive from my house to Sacramento is an easy one—a straight shot up CA 99 N. Traffic was pretty heavy.

4:50 p.m. Victoria sees her first tall buildings as we drive into Sacramento. She hasn’t traveled very much in her short little life. Isobel, however, first traveled to SF before she was three months old. She’s underwhelmed by buildings. But, hey, a chucho! That truck has a chucho in the back! It’s amazeballs!

5:10 p.m. It takes quite awhile to find parking, so we settle for a parking garage. It’s a garage Liz is familiar with, and she’s also familiar with down town Sac. This is a huge factor to my survival as I once became lost inside a Macy’s.

5:25 p.m. We locate and walk to Momiji Sushi and Grill. Before we left town I used the all-knowing Yelp to select four possible restaurants. Liz and I are both extremely budget-conscious, we wanted something delicious, and the place needed to be child-friendly. Now, I could have easily used one of my travel-apps to find something on the go, but since we had the girls with us, we both wanted to be prepared. We arrived right as they were starting their dinner service. Loved it, would go there again, with or without kids.

6:30 p.m. We eat a leisurely dinner. We use the bathroom twice with our girls, call our husbands, eat, talk and generally have a great time. Nothing is rushed. We were starving and we all ravaged our dinner. Victoria doesn’t want to leave until we remind her that we are going to a Yo Gabba Gabba Party.

6:45 p.m. It takes ten to fifteen minutes to walk from the restaurant to the auditorium. We get there and head to the potty again. Diaper changes and Big Girl Potty time ensues. We take our seats.

7:10 p.m. We have about twenty minutes to kill from the time we’re seated to when the show starts. The show was scheduled to start at 7:00 but it doesn’t get going until 7:10. The girls really want to run around the whole time, which is not happening. We entertain them by playing games and taking photos.

8:30 p.m. The show doesn’t end until 8:30 because of the useless intermission. The girls are hanging on to sanity by a thread. They are exhausted from the excitement and the drive and it being bedtime. We stop by the potty once more before we walk to the car.

9:00 p.m. We reach the car. Isobel is asleep within ten minutes. Victoria falls asleep after about twenty.

10:30 p.m. We roll into town. FIN.

Were there any adults there by themselves?

I can totally understand why you’d want to go see a Yo Gabba Gabba show. We got to see Biz Markie, DJ Lance, and Do It, in addition to musical guest Keller Williams. I honestly didn’t notice if anyone was there without kids (watching the two kids was about as much as I could handle) but I did notice a group of adults that had only one child with them, and they had signs that said things like, “I Love You DJ Lance.” They were also VERY excited about Biz and the Dancey Dance. They were very excited in general. I would not at all be surprised if they “borrowed” a kid and went as a group so they could see the show. I’d do it. I wouldn’t go just by myself because that would be a little odd, but I don’t think it’d be odd at all if you and a friend went sans kid.

How long is the show?

It’s only about an hour, technically. An hour is perfect because you really can’t expect very little kids to endure more than that. However, the show inexplicably had an intermission a little over half way though. It was about fifteen to twenty minutes. NOT COOL. I had a toddler that was 1. getting tired of staying in one area 2. getting tired of using Indoor Voice 3. getting tired from actual exhaustion. Plus, the show is so short the intermission just seemed like a 20 minute-long Kia ad. They had some nerdlingers take the stage and do a very unfunny skit and a Dancy-Dance. BOR-ING! Plus they were so poorly received and just generally terrible that I felt bad for them. But not as bad as I felt for myself, having TWO TODDLERS THAT DIDN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THEIR PERFORMANCE, NOR ABOUT HOLDING STILL.

Can the kids see in the seats?

Some of them, yes, but some of them, no. My cousin’s daughter couldn’t see in her seat so we switched seats. She could see, but my cousin was three seats down from her daughter. Isobel sat on my lap.  I kept angling my head down to her level so I could be sure she had a good view. I saw a few parents bring little booster seats or pillows. I’m sure that made a huge difference. After awhile we just had Victoria sit on our huge pile of coats and purses. It wasn’t the most comfortable, I’m sure, but at least she could see and sit next to her Mom.


Things To Keep In Mind



They will sell glow sticks and LED-light-spinners for an exorbitant fee. If I had known this I would have bought cheap glow-stick necklaces or bracelets from the dollar store. The LED-spinners were cool, just overpriced.

They also sold headbands that had Foofa-flowers or Brobie-headhorns on top. They looked pretty cheap, to be honest. It kind of made me want to try to make them myself and put up a tutorial. For funsies.

Lots of kids came dressed in Yo Gabba Gabba shirts and sweaters and even full-on costumes. I love the YGG company and have no qualms with parting with my money for some of their gear. I saw some kids in some pretty adorable licensed clothes.

That said, I happen to like the handmade stuff better. Little Big reader Leo Lorona
commented about making their own t-shirts for the show. Personally, I think that’s AWESOME and I’m a little jealous. If I had thought about it before hand I totally would have made Isobel a shirt. Leo, if you do make these shirts, please link to a photo of it in the comments. I’d LOVE to see how they turn out.

They were selling Brobie backpacks which were pretty adorable. Isobel is still way too young for a backpack, though. I considered getting a poster because they were only $5.00, which I thought was reasonable. It was the end of the show, however, and Isobel was fussing from exhaustion, so we just left.


The show encourages people to stand up and dance in place throughout the program. Even if you don’t want to dance you have to stand up and hold your child otherwise they won’t be able to see. This is where it would be wise to make sure there’s one adult per child you bring. If I had brought Victoria and Isobel on my own, there would have been meltdowns each time we were told to stand.

Because of the standing and dancing, Victoria wanted to run around. She tried dancing in the aisle but tripped and fell. Thankfully she was fine and there weren’t any tears. My cousin really was not a fan of the standing and dancing, but I didn’t see a way around it. The TV show is based on standing and dancing.


The auditorium sold concessions before the show and during intermission. I saw several adults with beer. I could only imagine eating during the wait before the show. During the show there was much standing up and sitting down and dancing and things would have been dropped or spilled or stepped on for sure. We got there about a half hour early, and even though we came from a huge dinner as soon as we got there Victoria announced that she was HUNGRY. Never mind the fact that she had just eaten her wait in teriyaki salmon and miso soup. Fortunately Liz had a granola bar in her purse for such emergencies. Victoria happily munched away. If I had to do it again I would have brought bottled water with me because I became very thirsty.


I looked all over for a FAQ online that would tell me if cameras are allowed at the shows. I couldn’t find information on it anywhere, so I just brought my giant camera anyway. There was no way I was leaving it at home. Fortunately, cameras were allowed. I even brought my Flip camera but it was way too dark to record anything on it. It was nearly too dark for my camera. Over half the auditorium had cameras.


To Sum Up

* Bringing small snacks or bottled water to enjoy during the wait before the show or intermission might save the day.

* A pillow or a booster seat might be really useful, though I bet your kid will spend at least part of the time in your lap.

* Encourage friendliness with those around you. Your kids will enjoy the show even more if they have happy exchanges with the kids around you. And who knows, maybe one of them will give you a balloon.

* You can bring your camera. And trust me, you should bring your camera.

* Bring glow in the dark necklaces or glow sticks, but keep it a surprise till you get there. That way your kid won’t pester you constantly for a $10 glow stick.

* If you have a costume and your kid wants to wear it, let them. Plenty of kids are in costume and it adds to the fun and excitement.

* Some of the best YGG outfits were handmade. It made me want to step up my crafty parental game.

* I regret not bringing my sling. I meant to, but I forgot. We had to walk several blocks from parking to dinner to the show and then back to the car. I carried her the whole time and a sling would have been so helpful. A stroller would have been too bulky and awful, but a sling would have been just right.

* You might want to bring a special toy of some sort to distract them during the intermission or before the show if you have a wait in front of you. The girls got really antsy. Or come prepared to play the sorts of games one plays on long car rides: I Spy, 20 questions, etc.

If you have a question about something I didn’t address, please ask in the comments! We had a great time and I’d definitely go again.


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