Follow Friday – Black Friday

26 Nov

Today is the day my family celebrates our Thanksgiving. It has always worked out better for us to celebrate on a Friday, which is nice because it leaves Thursday open to celebrate with Anthony’s family or to get prepared for the big dinner. Since we’ve moved to this house we’ve had our Thanksgiving celebration here. I’m betting Jupiter and Poppy are going to get very acquainted with the inside of the garage today, as they never can seem to leave us alone when there’s food around.

Poor Anthony is very, very sick. He caught a cold several days ago but still went to work, commuting to the Bay Area and working in the freezing cold. I’m hoping this long weekend will give him a chance to recuperate.

I hope this weekend finds you all, American or otherwise, content and happy.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.


Sigafoos The life a librarian, it is not glorious. But it has books.

DalaiLama We need to make an effort to develop our inner values, irrespective of whether we are religious or not.

trypnotik Mazzy Star does it for me every single God damn time.

PopCulLibrn 9yo thought that Stephen Hawking built a machine to talk for him so that he could use that energy to be smart instead.

antigone_spit My neighbors set up a light-up nativity in their front yard, and in between Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus is Santa Claus. God bless America.

BridgetCallahan Dear Moon, nobody likes a showoff. Try a little goddamn subtlety.

TheRedQueen I am very glad my ability to keep my child alive is a million times better than my ability to keep plants alive.

hurtling Same thing I do every night, Pinky. Write my resignation letter in hopes I accidentally click on “Send.”

louispeitzman Not trying to brag, but I’ve been struggling to stay awake for the past eight hours.

LisaMcIntire OMG THANKFUL FOR OTTERZ!!!1!!!1!!

owlpacino I think my grandmother wants me to have a baby but bringing it up nine times was a bit vague.

wordlust ‘Tis the season to find a reason to reanimate the corpse of Jackie Gleason.

sween How many times do you pass your coworker in the hall before you switch from saying “hi” to breakdance fighting?

FrankConniff I’ll always remember where I was when I wrote this tweet about the JFK assassination.

MaxKalifornia I’d like to complain about immigrants taking our jobs! I just found out The Walking Dead main guy is a Brit.

willgoldstein What does the “Z” in ZOMG stand for? I’m assuming it’s for “Zebra”.

willgoldstein As in “Zebras! Oh my god!” ZOMG

thejohnblog Red Bull may give you wings but this ‘Four Loco’ I mixed with Ambien straight up gave me hooves and LOOKIME! I’M A CENTAUR!

tuned2chords can we please just discuss the awesomeness of pistachio nuts?

wanderingjess Baked a loaf of bread so yummy I’m considering hiding it from spouse so I don’t have to share. That would probably be wrong. #NotSure

colsonwhitehead Wrote in some Red Shirts. Killed ’em off. What else do you do with Red Shirts?

willgoldstein My living room looks like the remnants of a tragic small child explosion.

BridgetCallahan Dear girls around the world: Please stop using the word fierce unless you have actually killed someone.

shinyinfo I’m going to call Christians, “Jesus Nerds” now. The Pope is a total Jesus fanboy. #GrandmaGraveRollin

fierceflawless I guess I missed the AMA’s to see actual music. I feel ok about that.

antigone_spit Life is like sports or something okay back to essays.

theRratedBull And I will miss you Spellcheck most of all!

feistylibrarian Librarians are always just out of beta mode. Taking it public. No invitation required

thejohnblog My body is a temple of doom.

DamienFahey When I’m laying in my casket, I’d be okay with you guys picking up my arms, moving them around and doing impressions of me.

adampknave Someone should write a kid’s existential philosophy book called “Why’s Waldo.”

TweetsofOld A “knocker” is a man who can’t see good in any person or thing. It’s a mental habit caused by a disordered liver. TX1910

onenjen Bundled up the boy to let him play in the snow, and five minutes later we’re back inside. Apparently I gave birth to a house cat.

pnkrcklibrarian #TopGearUS is an abomination from hell.

sarcasmically I may need to have a rib removed! How cool would it be to have my own rib as a paperweight?! That’s rhetorical because duh, it’d be SO cool.

thejohnblog “Obama is the reason you were able to buy that turkey!” I’ve won heated political arguments on strange phrases, but that one tops them all.

Phineas Crap. My fantasy dog show team is screwed this year.

saraschaefer1 Dry rub is the unsexiest way to season your meat.


PopCulLibrn Yomamma’s so fast, she can do the Kessel Run in 9 parsecs.

matthewbaldwin Paypal now bills itself as “The most-loved way to get paid”. Really? I guess handjobs were the old economy.

tristina_wright <— Witty Tweet —> #equallycleverhashtag

MrWordsWorth The reason I will never be a Hollywood bigwig is that I insist on greenlighting Snoop Doogie Howser, THC.


mommywantsvodka Inspirational tweets baffle me. I’m never inspired by tweets. Donuts, perhaps, but never tweets.

bobpowers1 Why doesn’t Netflix Watch Instantly have a category called “Are You Drunk Right Now?”

TweetsofOld Mr. Jown White, of Tuscumbia, has been sent to the Insane Asylum. Religion, we learn, was the subject on which his mind gave way. AL1874

mikey_m00n The most affectionate cat in the world is snuggled up to me right now.

mikey_m00n My affectionate cat just farted and walked away.

God_Damn_Batman Seriously, how many people does Voldemort even kill? Four? If I were Harry Potter I’d be scared to die too. Of boredom.

drewmonge Bringing sexy back is hard in a turtle neck, unless you’re trying to hook up with turtles. In which case, I am.

not_CNN I wonder if, in the animal kingdom, beavers get called vaginas.

theRratedBull Boss is wearing a black cowboy hat. So clichéd.

alwysabridesmd In like two hours I’m gonna be at Whole Foods, punching the bourgeois for CHEAP BUTTER. #bestfridaynightever

PopCulLibrn Yomamma’s so hairy, Han cut her open & used her as a sleeping bag.

Sigafoos Guys talking on the phone in the bathroom will never not be weird.

owlpacino I dropped my ipod into a full glass of water this morning and it still works. I should sky dive today, invest in stocks, and mock a bear.

finslippy Oh, is your kid eating? Because we say grace first. My fault! I keep forgetting you’re raising him Godless! #PassiveAggressiveThanksgiving

arwenthorn I would be thankful for @adamtool but he’s a buttface.

theRratedBull I do believe The Turkey is AWOL. Not our meal, but my asshole brother.

danharmon These Lord of the Rings movies are good but I’m a little thrown by all the Led Zeppelin references.

ApocalypseHow Glenn Beck gives Thanksgiving tips. #1: Where to buy a turkey that’s 100% white meat

FakeAPStylebook Turducken stories are out of date. This year’s hot trend is turducklambhamcowen.

God_Damn_Batman The President pardoned another turkey? NOT ON MY WATCH. Justice awaits you, Mr. Gobbles…

finslippy Listen, it’s fine that you stopped at one child. Not everyone can be as selfless and giving as we were. #PassiveAggressiveThanksgiving

antigone_spit The cat is locked in an Epic Staredown with the humidifier. WHO WILL EMERGE THE VICTOR?



What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.


One Response to “Follow Friday – Black Friday”

  1. Nadja (Athenabee) November 26, 2010 at 7:44 am #

    Seriously, I love that you do this. (My daughter digs the pictures.)

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