Another Hard-Hitting Interview

27 Dec

I hope everyone had a great weekend, whether they celebrated the holidays or not. I’m hoping at the very least the year slows its hectic pace now that Christmas has passed and everyone can enjoy a little peace before the new year.

I have another interview for you by Mrs. December, Gen with a G.  Gen’s talents at interviewing aren’t limited to 4 year-olds, I can assure you. She’s like the Barbara Walters of Calendar Girls. We interviewed each other before assigning topics for the blog-trade and I’m posting the first half of this interview today. It turns out we both share a love of Starbuck, the smokin’ hot pilot from BSG. The one with authority issues. Gee, it’s no wonder we get along.

What is the earliest vivid memory that you have?

I remember the lamp shade. The light filtered through in a particular way, marking the wall with a tiny hexagonal pattern. Like me, it was from the seventies. My aunt had taken my two cousins and me over to the Thorburns’ house to play and eat dinner. I was in the highchair. My sister was not born yet.

I was given milk in a sippy cup. I hate drinking milk. Always have. Hate it.

I tried to tell my aunt: DO. NOT. WANT. This was before I could speak, so she didn’t understand. Or maybe she did, but didn’t care. I just remember the frustration of feeling like I was not understood. I realized I was going to have to communicate this concept in another way, so I knocked the cup to the ground. The lid popped off and it spilled everywhere. My aunt said, “Bad girl! No, no, no! Bad girl!”

She bent over to the floor, wiping and muttering.


I think that you probably watched Battlestar Galactica based on a few of your tweets (which only makes me adore you more).  If you have watched BSG, which character was the most sexy, and why?  And most importantly, would you have sex with a cylon?

We’re barely halfway through the first season but I adore it. The men in the series so far are:

1. Drunken John McCain

2. Jaime Escalante

3. Evil Dr. Julian Bashir.

4. Lee (cute, but not my type)

5. & 6. the two guys Boomer is screwing. (Helo’s actually kind of hot.)

7. Pointdexter, Assistant to the President

I can’t say I really want to jump any of their bones. Although according to Wiki this guy appears in the second season and I reserve the right to change my mind. He looks kind of hot in that photo but a personality can ruin that, so he’s just a maybe. For the time being I shall call him Sargent Bicep.

8. Sargent Bicep (possibly?)

All the girls, however, are patently do-able, excepting Madame President. I would refrain from screwing her out of respect for our great nation. Starbuck, of course, is the best, and I’d be a fool to turn her down. I want to do Starbuck, but I also want to BE Starbuck.

If my husband were a cylon, I’d still totally do him. The only thing that would change is when he tells me he’s too tired to rub my feet I’d say LIAR! YOU’RE A ROBOT! NOW MAKE WITH THE FOOT RUBS OR NO CYLON SEXYSEX!

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