Isobel’s Favorite Toddler Apps

7 Feb

It’s been a while since I’ve posted added to my list of favorite apps, and Isobel’s tastes have changed dramatically as she’s matured. Here are her current faves.

Toddler Teasers Shapes: Young children learn shapes and are rewarded with “stickers” that they put in their “sticker book” after identifying 3 shapes correctly. Isobel loves it. After your child selects the correct shape you hear one of a couple different applause noises. Isobel is a fan of the enthusiastic YAY! response, but I love the polite, nearly-but-not-quite-sarcastic golf-clap. We have the free version.

Hatch!: This app is very simple, but even so it can be addictive for young children. A picture of an egg pops up on the screen and your child taps the egg, making it crack and shake, until finally it breaks with a loud BOING! Noise. I think this is very satisfying for toddlers. Inside the egg is one of several animals. It’s not the most thrilling app, nor the most educational (but we do try to have Isobel either name the animal or make the animal noise to bump up the learning) but it was the first app Isobel played and loved. (She loved Bab Bab but she just stared at it.) It’s totally worth it to get the paid version of this app: Hatch! Lite has ads that little fingers will inevitably press on accident, ruining both the game and your ability to put the laundry in the dryer.

Drum Kit: It has been established: my kid loves the drums. This is a hit and miss app for Isobel. Sometimes she’s totally into it, sometimes she’ll smack the drums a couple times and walk away.

Phone Tap: The last time we hung out with our friends Angela & Justin, Isobel got her hands on Angela’s phone. She was so smitten with this app that Anthony and I immediately downloaded it on sight. It is free and features a realistic-ish number pad, actual-ish keypad noises, and even a voice that will answer the phone and ask educational questions.

Night & Day Studios Peekaboo Games

The whole Peekaboo series should win a thousand parenting awards. I cannot emphasize enough how awesome they are and how much Isobel loves, loves, LOVES them. If she sees me with my phone out she’ll ask, “Game? Peekagoo?” If you are looking for one or two games to get your kid, the Peekaboo series is a must. It is a great way for your kid to learn the names of farm animals and to learn the sounds as well. (Animal sounds aren’t just silly—they are a great way to practice vowel and consonant sounds.)

Peekaboo Barn: As your child touches the barn on the screen the door opens revealing an animal that makes a noise. A child’s voice then says the name of that animal. It’s very cute and Isobel tries to imitate the way the child says the name. She actually thinks “goat” is “gope” and it’s so cute I have a hard time correcting her. If you buy the full version, you also have the option of the name being said in Spanish. What’s not to love?

Peekaboo Wild – It’s just like Peekaboo Barn, except your child taps on a bunch of quaking to reveal the animal. Seriously, Isobel learned “hippo” and “ostrich” and “elephant” at a really young age because she loved this game so much. She really thinks a zebra sounds like a dog.

Peekaboo Forest – this one is special because it’s not actually just ‘Peekaboo Forest’—It’s Charlie Harper’s Peekaboo Forest. What this means is that Charlie Harper’s gorgeous Midcentury Modern illustrations have been crafted into the animations for this game. It’s beyond beautiful and more complexly animated than the other two games. It also comes with Spanish audio. It’s one of the most gorgeous apps I’ve seen, for kids or no, but then again, I love Charlie Harper’s work.

8 Responses to “Isobel’s Favorite Toddler Apps”

  1. Omar at 3:59 pm #

    Thanks for this post. I really like Charley Harper’s work, will get this app for sure.

  2. Omar at 4:00 pm #

    This is good info 🙂 I like Charley Harper’s work too; will def buy some of these apps.

  3. LittleBig at 7:27 pm #

    Olivia is going to love them!

  4. purplequark at 7:59 pm #

    Ah, I was wondering if what Charley Harper

  5. Dan at 10:56 am #

    If you search the app store for ‘phone tap’ it’s actually the second result (Toddler Apps:Phone Tap’ [no space after the colon? Dude.]). I was briefly confused that it cost a dollar now, but the first result is to record your phone calls.

    Thanks for this list. Neil’s not ready for most of these, but he goddamn loves our phones (and can unlock them /terror) so it’ll be good to save these for the future.

    • LittleBig at 11:00 am #

      He can unlock your phone?! Oh, you lucky parent, you! Isobel still hasn’t figured that out, thank goodness.

      You might be surprised at how early they will like these games. He might not be able to do them correctly, or as intended, but he could enjoy them anyway. I recently downloaded Monkey Preschool Lunchbox, which is too complex for Isobel to play correctly, but she saw the logo and demanded MONKEY! MONKEY! MONKEEEEEEEEY! so I let her try it and now she asks for it daily.

      • Dan at 2:05 pm #

        I originally read that as Monkey Pirate Lunchbox, which is way cooler sounding.

        Just don’t let her do this, okay? Or do, actually, since it’ll be pretty funny and I won’t have to pay for it.

      • LittleBig at 2:58 pm #

        Dude, if she accidentally navigates off her game she’ll start screaming MONKEY MONKEY WHERE ARE YOU MONKEY OH NO and then hand the phone back to me. I think you’re more at risk with your little unlocker, there.

        I would so buy Monkey Pirate Lunchbox. I mean, for Isobel, of course.

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