Follow Friday – George Takei

25 Feb

I’m dedicating this week’s Follow Friday post to George Takei, who, in addition to being in one of the most groundbreaking series on television (Star Trek had the first on-screen interracial kiss!)  is an awesome guy. Compassionate and hilarious, I also loved him in his more serious role in Heroes. He writes for his own twitter stream and though he doesn’t update often, you should definitely follow him. If you’re still on the fence, I’ve peppered this post with my favorite George Takei tweets so you’ll know what you’ve been missing. Have a great weekend!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.

markleggett I’m so super stressed right now, there’s way too many things going on! (two things).

GeorgeTakei Dear TSA agent: If you touch my junk, I’m going in with tongue.

Kurt_Vonnegut Evolution is so creative. That’s how we got giraffes.

shinyinfo “Where we’re going, we won’t need toes.” #DiabetesMovieQuotes

FakeeEtiquette It is rude to blame a ninja for flipping out and killing people.

louispeitzman Been watching Rugrats on Netflix Instant. Stu is a disgustingly negligent parent.

GeorgeTakei I broke that Asian driver stereotype by being the best helmsman in the galaxy.

loather Cooking dinner while listening to Killing In the Name Of makes dinner feel like a revolutionary act. FUCK YOU I WON’T SERVE WHAT YOU TELL ME

jberthume I am quite pleased with my recent luggage purchase for an upcoming business trip and oh man I am basically an old

PopCulLibrn Already pondering high school choices for 9yo. I wonder which of the 3 turns out the fewest soulless automatons?

GeorgeTakei GEMINI: Your ex is considering a sex change, you might want to touch base.

sarcasmically Found a stash of chocolates in my purse that I hid for myself two days ago AWWW GOD I LOVE MYSELF I AM SO THOUGHTFUL!

britain When I read “The Cat In The Hat” to my childrens, I always do my mediocre @GeorgeTakei impression for the Cat’s voice.

joshjs OH from the next room: ♫ “Paants, paaaants, I don’t want to wear paaaaaaaants.” ♫

MrWordsWorth Sometimes, I actually try to determine which person from Sex & the City I could spend time with, if I had to.

Mister_m00n I’ve never heard of the Somali Pirates. Are they National League?

heyrenees I voted out of pure spite for my obnoxious precinct captain. I mean, for democracy.

GeorgeTakei TAURUS: The new year brings romance, and a trip to the free clinic.

badbanana Blowing some minds at FedEx right now by not opting out of their email newsletter.

GeorgeTakei The Borg say resistance is futile. Mubarak also had that framed on his wall. Awkward. #FacebookTakesDownAnother.

love_drunk When anyone describes the food they’re currently eating as “bomb ass”, I can only assume they mean “diarrhea-inducing.” Yay!

BridgetCallahan It sort of weirds me that I get responses from anthropomorphized vibrators when I post on twitter. And that they try to be cute.

danforthfrance Hard hat fell off the wall in my closet’s “hat gallery” and brained me. Not sure what I could have done to prepare for that eventuality.

happyrobot OK, but let me be serious again. I’m still not sure if sex friends can become best friends. I’m not friends with a lot of my sex friends.

jaypee_tweets On a scale from 1 to farmville, how annoying are you?

GeorgeTakei A young man remarked all Asians look the same to him. I told him, everyone under 30 looks the same to me.


JerryThomas I hate your favorite band and/or I only like their early stuff.

CorporateMonkey I’m thinking that if you have a song with the lyrics “it’s not about the money, we don’t need your money…” it should be a free download.

running_home “she’s very wisdomous… Er, wise.”

GeorgeTakei Brad doesn’t want me to tell anyone that our NY apt got infested with bed bugs, so I’m keeping it between us.

crankfetter Technically I’ve been having the time of my life since day one.

danforthfrance I hated this version of Hamlet until I realized ten minutes in that it’s Macbeth.

lauracope prayers, please, for my friend’s cousin, who according to a FB post is “in a comma.” a painful situation if the cousin is a quotation mark.

squeekzoid I think what I’m hearing is a baby, but it sounds like a monkey. Someone better keep a closer eye on his wife when she goes to the zoo.

meganlibrarian The The Mister Mister Duran Duran Talk Talk Tony! Toni! Toné Yeah Yeah Yeahs !!! #AwfulSupergroups

MrWordsWorth Idea: Liam Neeson & Harrison Ford attempt to kidnap each other’s wife and family, wind up falling in love instead.

GeorgeTakei Today’s poll: Dogs or cats? For pets, I mean, in case you’re Cantonese. Today’s poll: Dogs or cats? For pets, I mean, in case you’re Cantonese.

inversejaik Man invented language to satisfy his deep need to complain. He invented twitter to complain more efficiently.

GeorgeTakei Thanks to my friends on Twitter! I wish I could answer you all, but I also wish I could snowboard, and not everything’s possible.

mathowie If Purell doesn’t have an ownership stake in Chuck E. Cheese’s they’re leaving money on the table.

nicpiper @exlibris I just vibed at you. I vibed you good! You know it. That’s some good vibes right there.

LizB I want to read a True Blood / Jersey Shore mashup about Snooki Stackhouse. Not really, I just wanted to say Snooki Stackhouse

thoughtfulpop So, I’m standing outside and a squirrel takes a 15 ft dead run at me, leaps into the air and tries to head butt me in the junk. No shit.

GeorgeTakei People ask me how my face stays so youthful. I tell them, “Pearl Cream.”

himissjulie spent 20 minutes staring at a baby. It’s like I spent an hour at a spa.

apelad If my grandmother was still around, she would have called them Radioface.

WindsorGrace your mom’s box snaps to grip

NASeason I have an errands to run, but that would require some non-pajama outer wear. That seems like a lot to ask, frankly.

TheEllenShow I found out I’m George Washington’s 8th cousin 9 times removed. The only other time I’ve been removed 9 times was from Oprah’s holiday party.

louisvirtel If I ever give birth to quintuplets, the first thing I’ll say is “Yahtzee.”

TweetsofOld Horseless buggies are getting so common on the pike that we no longer pay attention to them. TX1905

Bagyants If I was a James Bond villain, my thing would be to send people Word Perfect files and laugh maniacally.

GeorgeTakei LEO: A tall, dark stranger is in your immediate future. Carry mace.

willgoldstein The dogs started whining for dinner at 2PM. I’ve given the toddler free reign to annoy the hell out of them.

slackmistress I just pulled something while getting up off the couch. Pretty sure this is The American Dream.

shinyinfo I want to start a group that just trolls conservative protest rallies with factual signs and/ or street theatre.

BillCorbett “Lord, how many times must I tell the kids to get ready for bed? Seven times?” “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy times seven.”

BillCorbett …the preceding was a PSA from J. Christ, parenting expert.

nobodyspoppet The girl keeps calling J Lo, ”Jello”.

shinyinfo Dammit, why don’t people run when they’re told to run? If I’m told to run my fat ass would be gone, no problem.

simontarr I don’t know why miracle whip is trending, but I want in.

GeorgeTakei It’s pronounced Ta-KAY, not Ta-KAI. But I don’t mind Ta-KAI because that means “expensive.”

GameCouch Arkham? Damned near killed him!

unrealsnow Well, I think my life’s complete: finally made @exlibris‘ Tweet of the Week! Thanks, flaming car!

markleggett I wish I was sleeping and simultaneously eating a toasted cheese sandwich right now.

sween I’m so cool I thought I was uncool before everyone thought I was uncool.

GeorgeTakei It sounds simple, but showing up, on time, is what gets you halfway there. Duct tape solves everything else.


What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.


2 Responses to “Follow Friday – George Takei”

  1. Laura February 25, 2011 at 12:24 pm #

    just fyi, i love your follow fridays – hilarious. it’s such a great idea.
    that is all.

    • LittleBig February 26, 2011 at 10:13 am #

      Can’t tell you how this makes my day, Laura. 🙂

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