Follow Friday – Bisou

25 Mar

Since I took two furlough days for our trip to the coast, this has been an incredibly short week for me. I’m happy that Friday came so quickly but the amount of work I needed to get done seemed to double or triple. Add to this the planning of Isobel’s second birthday party and setting up her college fund, and we’ve had a packed short week.

These photos are from my recent(ish) trip to SF. Instead of pulling out the big camera, I used a point and shoot Anthony and I purchased a few days earlier. My first camera, which we lovingly refer to as Camera Junior, was a Canon-something-or-other, and I loved it. I used that camera into the ground, even after I got my DSLR, literally using it died. I set out to get a camera just like it, or maybe the next version up, before we left for San Francisco. This camera may have had the same name, but I’m disappointed with how these photos turned out. OG Camera Jr would have done a much better job. We returned it and bought a Lumanix that we’ll hopefully like better.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.

VHStapes2 March Madness is fucking up all the progress I’ve been making in my court-appointed anger management classes.

ScrewyDecimal Reference Question of the Day: “Can you open this beef jerky for me?” I’m so glad I took Cured Meats 101 in library school.

thebookpolice When *I* assume, it makes an ass out of…um, me. Just me.

LisaMcIntire Phase 1: Defund NPR. Phase 2: ? Phase 3: Jobs! #GOPgnomes

MrWordsWorth “Olivia Munn drinks her way through ‘Today’ show.” That’s how I get through it.

wawoodworth I need science to find the exact moment when a five o’clock shadow crosses over from ‘sexy’ to ‘sexy yet itchy’

donni I’m not the type to argue. I just stab.

hateyouprobably Sometimes when my hair is up in a towel, I put towel behind my ears so they stick out and pretend I’m Jennfier Garner.

theREALwikiman Number 1 priority for the conference in Philadelphia – seek out the playground where the Fresh Prince spent most of his days… #sla11

WhyIsDaddyCryin ran out of shampoo so I resorted to using the daughter’s…so now my hair smells like Strawberry Shortcake with just a touch of hooker sweat

MrWordsWorth The only thing I’ve managed for determine today is that Sharon is a right Angle.

matthewbaldwin Dear Victoria’s Secret: You may stop sending me your catalog, I’ve got the Internet now.

MrWordsWorth Chris Brown explains leaked naked photo. I can too: publicity.

TheNextMartha I should walk around the neighborhood and look in peoples recycling bins. The ones with the most wine bottles wins me as their friend.

richarddeitsch “Customers who bought this book also bought a rope & a stool.” Lisa Lampanelli, on what says after ordering The Situation’s book.


goldengateblond If I ever start a matchmaking service for senior citizens, I think I’ll call it Carbon Dating.

TheNextMartha Dear Portillos, your breadstick tastes like a donut. This isn’t entirely disappointing.

mathowie My hilarious doctor scheduled my vasectomy on the same day as my only child’s 6th birthday, as if to drive home the point.

TheRedQueen Did Dr Drew just throw a God quote at me? Hate to say it but this is going to interfere with my fantasizing.

shinyinfo If it snows again after this amazingly warm day I will cry & then burn the whole state to the ground.

michaeljnelson For my cousin’s birthday I want to pay to have a star named after him. Unfortunately his name is Eta Piscium.

justaboutagirl Do you think it would be difficult to procure a giant bubble? I need an office and I’m thinking that would be the most effective.

bitchylibrarian Someone just registered their child for a Build-A-Bear account using my email address. Password? sexy1

ScrewyDecimal A woman just hugged me because I faxed some forms that will prevent her from being evicted. Tell me again why libraries are unnecessary?

MeganBoley I wonder if there is a market out there for surrealist baby photography.

iscoff Pyrotechnics Accident at Hole Concert Leaves First 2 Rows Scarred by Hunk of Burning Love

th3jm4n If you tell me that everything happens for a reason, you’re not allowed to complain when I punch you in your genitals.

eshep Guys, I found my match on ePharmacy.

wawoodworth I am a font of knowledge, both common and underwear oriented.

GeorgeTakei Who is this Justin Bieber, and why is everyone picking on her hair?

RailbirdJ I always get a little sad when I see that I’m losing followers. Then I realize they’re all just spambots. I’M NOT EVEN GOOD ENOUGH FOR SPAM!

markleggett The human body is truly a marvel. Not yours though. Yours is weird.

apodixis If you see someone furiously picking nose in traffic, that’s me. Wave hello!

Mister_m00n An ounce of prevention is hard to smoke.

BridgetCallahan To assist with the diet, I merely close my eyes and picture those Girl Scouts as evil lab bred assassin minions of King Corn.

TheNextMartha Well played, Target. You’re out of the one thing I needed but I still managed to spend over $100

iasshole aquarium trip with 50 kindergarteners followed by a quick trip to get my tubes tied.

louispeitzman It’s Baconalia! time at Denny’s. I asked my waitress when the drunken orgy starts, and now she won’t refill my coffee.

KeepingYouAwake Every time you have a typo, an IKEA product gets a name.

lilpyrogirl I should just call it a day right now. I’m never going to top my invention of “Rifuckulous”.

KTwithaC My tailor made my bridesmaid dress to tight. At least now I will be able to rest my head on my boobs when I get tired.

DamienFahey Guy Fieri’s shirts are dangerous. How will anyone know if he’s ever ACTUALLY on fire?

Sigafoos Late night idea: dress Neil as a Borg for Halloween; say he puts the cute in Locutus.

wordlust All Charlie Sheen-isms, summarized: “I’m not batshit crazy; I’m batshit sane!”

tysiscoe I’m not interrupting you. I’m mercy killing the headless chicken of your point.

sarcasmically At work, trying to be productive, but adding smecksy conversation bubbles into photos of Burt Reynolds with MS Paint instead. #winning

mathowie Are those Foursquare pants you’re wearing? Because I’ve been checking into them all night #terribleweb2.0pickuplines

Bookish_Bitch Dad tried to get the roomba to dock. It went the other direction and started cleaning. Pretty sure it’s gonna knife us in our sleep.

dirtyvicar Wow my 200th Tweet! Seems like only yesterday I was saying how cosmically superfluous Twitter is. Well, that was yesterday, but I’m a hypocrite.

lauracope bemoaned that I’m not thin enough to be a Real Housegirlfriend of Los Gatos. joehewitt retorts that I’ll be his “intellectual” trophy wife.

Gen_with_a_G Craig and I just had a sarcasm showdown and Sam ran in and shouted “Listen up, guys! Fighting is not cool.” Me 0. Craig -30. Sam 1.

iscoff I’d respect the police a lot more if they rode around on lionback. Horses? It’s been done.

soulpancake Just as birds evolved from dinosaurs, hipsters are direct descendants of nerds, with better plumage and smaller brains.

adamisacson My Twitter account is 4 years old today. That’s 28 in both dog years and lost IQ points.

corrinrenee So, there is an empty cop car blocking me in my parking space at the salon. Did I do something wrong, or is this a strippergram? #fb

MightyQuinn72 The kids are draggin ass this morning like *THEY* were out drinking and then up with the baby.

reverendadam Hey Newt, if America turns you on so much, why don’t you marry it? Then divorce it when it gets cancer.

BillCorbett I’m no fan of Dr. Oz, but it’s nice that they finally gave a TV show to a Romulan.

KagroX 10 yo’s school picture sign-up form says: “Pants recommended.” That sounds like a good idea.

eareeve Thinking of becoming a YS librarian for hire. I’ll come read stories and sing songs to your kids at parties. Birthdays. BBQs. $50/hr + cake.

goodinthestacks The day isn’t complete until a toddler decides to pull his pants down and do laps around the library. #parentingfail

GeoShore I keep mistyping M&S as S&M. Hope Library Journal rename this whole “Movers and Shakers” thing at some point.

mattingebretson I’ve been partaking in a little *nose candy* lately. (shoving M&M’s into my nostrils)

elibraden Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me all like, “Whoa! That was close!”

GeorgeTakei People ask about the age difference between me & Brad. I say, if you can’t find a good man, raise one.

MrWordsWorth So much for my children’s book idea Pat Buchanan, the Bunny.

YUCKYBOT Why are there never any good side effects? Just once I’d like to read a medication bottle and see “MAY CAUSE AWESOME CHOREOGRAPHY!”


What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.


4 Responses to “Follow Friday – Bisou”

  1. yolaleah March 27, 2011 at 6:23 am #

    I just picked up so many new people from this one. My fav? “TheNextMartha: Well played, Target. You’re out of the one thing I needed but I still managed to spend over $100”

  2. J-Man March 29, 2011 at 1:53 am #

    Making it onto this list always makes me feel more clever than I know I am. Should I really be on the same list with George Takei?

    • LittleBig March 29, 2011 at 7:21 am #

      No one really deserves to be on the same list as George Takei. But there you go.

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