Follow Friday – Zucchini Fritters

8 Apr

Last night I posted a photo of the impromtu zucchini fritters I made for dinner. I got a lot of requests for the recipe, so I will be posting that soon. The best part is not that they were easy (because they were) or that Anthony and I liked them (because we did) but that Isobel devoured them. She has been in a very picky phase lately that has little to do with palatte and one hundred percent to do with power struggles. I try not to make mealtime into one, but I’m not going to just let her have a bottle whenever she wants, either.  Like so much of parenting, it’s a balance, it’s a battle, it’s a dance.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.

wolfwalking Love is not blind, it’s like walking around 24/7 with the thickest pair of motherfucking beer goggles you’ve ever worn.

bibliophile23 Sims update – Sim Edward Sullen set fire to Eric and Sookie’s house after getting into a slap fight with their daughter Pam

WhyIsDaddyCryin was in the middle of writing when the thought “what the hell did Salt N Pepa mean by ‘shoop’ anyway?” I hate my brain sometimes.

ejbenjamin Urgent message to Hollywood executives: “Bakula vs. Dracula.” Make it happen.

21stcenturymrs Gwyneth Paltrow has a cookbook coming out? Here’s what that probably looks like: Eat only air and your own sense of self-satisfaction. Fin.

chezklassy Am frantically trying to find a way to add a handknit cardigan to this outfit to disguise that it’s essentially the same thing I wore last week.

markleggett Why are you always trying to cock-block me, guys whose girlfriends I want to bone, people with daughters, the police, and all women?

badbanana I may be a bit rusty, but if the world ever needs me to climb into a triangle and shoot asteroids, I’m ready.

adiopink The Joneses are mowing already. On this, I have no interest in keeping up with them.

willgoldstein The boy just blamed a fart on the dog. Well played, child.

nathanrabin What kind of Christian Crunk group releases a single called “Ghostride the Whip” instead of “Holy Ghost Ride the Whip”?

GirlDetective I don’t really identify with the labels “Married” or “Single,” so I just filed my taxes as “Put a Ring On It.” You’re welcome, government!

RailbirdJ I know, I’ll get rich by changing my name to Jo$h. I already can’t sing and look terrible in a bikini, the $ is all I’m missing.

DamienFahey Day one of acting school should be teaching actors how to hold an empty cup of coffee on ‘Law and Order’ like it’s a full cup of coffee.

telephase Apparently there’s a sports event tonight. Butter vs. Unicorn or something.

shinyinfo Just came out of a Sims: Medieval bender, not sure what day it is but I’m pretty sure this is my house.

ampersandwich Goats are aliens and built the pyramids. You heard it here first.

iasshole my spirit animal is a pair of Spanx.

Gen_with_a_G Sam just described Poison Ivy’s bustier as her “chest underpants.”

Sigafoos ‘I wouldn’t touch you with a ten foot pole. You know why?’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because I don’t have a ten foot pole.’ The woman I love, everybody.

killorn I don’t date bagboys, I date bagMEN.

markleggett “Conan! What is best in life?” “When a cute puppy’s ear accidentally flops inside out and it has no idea. And sunsets.”

ConanOBrien If I’m ever a ghost, I hope the person I haunt has Netflix.

wordlust Most sad sacks are really clinically depressed scrotums.

wawoodworth  need to find out who invented yoga pants. I will tend their grave with flowers and small gifts for the rest of my natural life.

LoveLibrarian well-mannered patron walks in the library, asks for his own ILL forms, and then fills them out correctly. That’s like porn for librarians.

brookbristow Are you preaching to the choir? Then your church is probably really small.

GetbentLA In embryos, the first thing to develop is the anus. So we basically start off as assholes.

ScrewyDecimal Romance Title of the Day: ‘His Expectant Ex.’ Possible follow-up title: ‘His Really, Really Pissed-Off Current Girlfriend.’

thejohnblog My Monday morning rage level is at ‘George Costanza Looking For Car Keys.’

BugginWord Today is a day for grilled cheeses, cheerful movies, and complete denial – not necessarily in that order.

leahlibrarian Just saw someone honk at a parked car, with no one inside it. #chicagotraffic

Gen_with_a_G Search term on the dashboard this morning = “Cat peed on taxes”

thejennui Mental note: drink less ocean.

eareeve Longest, hottest shower in the history of showering. I’m so caffeinated. I think I’m Goldblumming.

movingsideways Nobody ever told that little old lady where the beef was. She died without knowing the location of the beef.

markleggett It may look like I’m doing nothing, but I’ve done 9000 butt clenches today. I could crack open a turtle with my ass cheeks, and I intend to.

LisaMcIntire Panflutes are history’s greatest monster.

marylandgirl443 He follows 800 people, has 39 followers and he unfollowed me. I haven’t disappointed someone this completely since my mother.

BobMetcalfe Every once in a while something happens that restores your faith in Humanity, like Charlie Sheen being booed off the stage in Detroit.

JLYoungsma If auto textvdidnt work my tweets would vecv even worse. Yards uadda.

LouisPeitzman If you chant the State Farm jingle three times in a dark bathroom, the agent shows up, but she eats your eyes. 😦

TheNextMartha I know using a hair dryer to warm up the toilet seat is not exactly pioneer but my ass is sensitive.

TweetsofOld Many old people attest to the life enhancing qualities provided by a good, fragrant cup of coffee in the early morning. LA1901

smonkyou If there is a god I’d like to apologize for my earlier tweets… However making our dog shit all over our bedroom carpet was a dick move

brookbristow I tried to fire up the grill. Nothing happened. Now I see why most recipes don’t include an instruction about cheering.

YourAbreaction Come on, no one is too ugly to use their real face as their avi, unless you’re ugly on the inside, then of course, we’ll all be able to tell.

filigreegirl Just finished watching The Social Network. And I think it’s funny that I am tweeting this information and not posting it on Facebook.

Paxochka Thanks to some quick thinking around small ears I’ve added a new swear word to my vocabulary. World, meet “duckhead”.

21stcenturymrs I won’t be happy until twitter says that @bronxzooscobra is similar to me.

RootsAndZest iPhone just auto-corrected Pixar to Picard. #makeitso

eliza_evans One day, my book will be in the pages of Entertainment Weekly. And not because I shoved a copy in there.

karensugarpants Date night with The Man resulted in a food baby. We’re naming her Seafood Manicotti Sugarpants.

trelvix I didn’t sleep a wink. This whole “birth certificate” thing has really distracted me. Seriously. Who names their kid “Newt?” Witches, right?

badbanana I’d like my obituary headline to read: “Local Man’s Struggle With Upstairs Wireless Printer Is Over.”

jon_fischer 1986 was over in 2005, dudes.

grantpa I believe that when we die, we are all reincarnated into copies of the Footprints poem.

Brain_Wash Given the choice between a pack of rabid wild dogs and a pack of bored thirteen year-old girls, I’d first have to ask how big the dogs are.

sucittaM Hey people with kids: I can leave my nunchuks laying around all over the house and not worry about it. Jealous?

VHStapes2 “Meow-Chicka-Meow-Meow” -Cat Porn Music

Ahm76 The only difference between me and people who watch television is that I need someone to be famous for 20 years before I know who they are.

AlitaLyn Sometimes people watching is fun. Other times, people act like ass monkeys.

alexthedriver Serious question: Do “sex coupons” expire after you stop dating someone?

MattKirschner I’ve spent the last 30 minutes listening to a 4 yr old sell me on the amazing benefits of his mother’s iPhone. I almost bought it off him.

JimGaffigan This has been the worst April Fool’s Day ever. APRIL FOOL’S! They’re always horrible.

amsawatzky Once again I am forced to turn to my child and say “You’re really cute, but I don’t know what you’re saying.”

LaurelKS Holy crap. This movie couldn’t be less interesting if it were actually entirely about buttons.

mattsai In an attempt to boost my immune system, I swam in the hotel pool.

badbanana Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, give up unless it’s difficult.

corrinrenee My mom purse dialed me and all I hear is Tom Jones blaring in the background.

LouisPeitzman Taking a break from scrubbing the shower because I’m getting dizzy. Starting to think that intoxicating aroma is mustard gas.

teamyasumura If you watch porn made in the San Fernando Valley, you eventually become aroused by the sound of leaf blowers in the distance.

Gen_with_a_G It’s a bad sign when your shoulder is cramping *before* kickboxing class. I must have gotten too hardcore while eating toast.

jonathancoulton Forgot underwear AND a guitar strap. Solving one of these problems with string.

johnmoe The pitcher on my fantasy baseball team is, once again, Jaclyn Smith with a self-regenerating plate of nachos.

killorn Jack Johnson is the leading cause of chillaxing.

salvadorpadilla Pimpmanzee #improvedanimals

ordermeanother My dog without that annoying wheezing he is doing right now #ImprovedAnimals

shinyinfo Something tells me I shouldn’t have had Taco Bell for lunch, that something is my lower intestine.

markleggett The internet is a magical portal that you go into it to check something and you come out hours later having seen three thousand kittens.

mathowie I hope every single band touring this summer has a Friday cover song in their set list.

reverendadam How to win a bar bet: Claim that Jackie O. was assassinated. When called upon to prove it, show the footage of Katie Holmes playing her.

lauracope OH, not sure she realized her pun: “My knowledge of Unix is somewhat basic.”

BronxZoosCobra “Indiana Jones, why did it have to be Indiana Jones?”

sarcasmically Thank you, sweet resurrected Jesus, for giving us a whole day to celebrate Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.

sween Bathing my cat gets me mad pussy.


What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.


2 Responses to “Follow Friday – Zucchini Fritters”

  1. dingey April 8, 2011 at 8:13 am #

    Yep. This week had several entries that made me hyperventilate. Thanks, lady!

  2. LittleBig April 14, 2011 at 5:34 pm #

    Twitter never disappoints!

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