Little Big Links: Peeps

21 Apr


I didn’t have time for Little Big Links last weekend, but I’ve been bookmarking some Easter links that I just had to share. Oh man I love me some Easter Peeps. Anthony surprised me with a box the other day and I let Isobel have a few bites and her eyes lit up and she became obsessed. While good “fresh”, I prefer to age them, like a fine wine, and eat them after they’ve gone a bit stale.

WashingtonPeeps Diorama Contest – a total time suck, in the very best way.

Recipe: Easter Peep S’mores – genius! 

DIY Felt Peeps – I guess Peeps last year-round anyway, but these won’t get sticky after a few months.

Peeps Marshmallow Wreath – This may be the best wreath idea of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Peeps of Catan – It’s Settlers of Catan! With Peeps!

Crochet Peeps – An inexpensive Easter basket filler.

How to Make Peeps Sushi – I’m compelled to make some, though I’d never actually eat it.

Recipe: Homemade Peeps Candy – I bet these are wonderful.

The Feasibility of Peeps and Library Usage – Peeps learn about the library. Awesomeness ensues.

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6 Responses to “Little Big Links: Peeps”

  1. cbeck at 11:25 am #

    I never knew peeps were quite so versatile! One can’t help but notice, though, how similar the “home-made peeps” look to what my little puppy likes to do every morning…

    Then I realized that a simple vowel replacement further supports the image and decided, perhaps, I would not suggest to the wife that we try our hand at home-made peeps… 🙂

  2. dingey at 7:03 am #

    I must refer you to my friend Jules, who makes peep installations in her yard every year around this time…I haven’t seen photos for this year yet!

  3. Windsor Grace at 7:55 pm #

    I also prefer them stale

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