Follow Friday – Have Some iPhone Photos!

24 Jun

So much has happened in just the three short weeks since I retired from the library to work at home with my toddler. Next week I’ll post about my experience of staying at home and the ways in which it’s much different than I thought it’d be. We start swimming lessons soon and I’ve been working out on the elliptical almost daily. As a family we’ve been pouring time and energy into the backyard and my husband friend Jacob have taken it upon themselves to build the pergola that I’ve always wanted. I’ve been so busy with my photography that I haven’t been able to add to my Etsy shop yet, but I hope to soon. And speaking of Etsy, my Aunt (the one who made Isobel this DIY Kitchen set) has opened an Etsy shop of her own! She’s constantly creating and making amazing things using all sorts of mediums. She’s adding more stuff to her shop every day, so visit often. Today’s Follow Friday features photos of things we’ve been up to. Have a great weekend!

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.

nanoblossom Just found out “obsequious” does not mean covered in sequins. This stupid world.

michelevgreen The deity of naps has shined his mighty face upon our household!!!! I will personally take any UPS man to the ground that tries to come here

JerryThomas In Hell you will be tormented by every semicolon you have abused. I will see to it. I promise you.

theleanover Everything’s a tragedy when it’s on fire. Except clowns.

johnmoe My favorite old dead musician is Ol’ Deady Dead Person Twangy Guitar Dead McGillicuddy. He has a new album of duets with his son Jason.

PopCulLibrn My new curse word should be “Marmaduke.” Has a certain ring to it.

JLYoungsma I just had to sneak into the bathroom, so I can pee by myself. This is a new norm.

Disalmanac Today is the first day of summer. If you have not yet chosen your summer jam, one will be assigned to you. You’ve been warned.

RL_Stine Real Fan Letter: Dear R.L., I am your devoted fan. You are my second favorite author.

ieatmykidzsnack Kim Kardashian says she’s obsessed w/guys who have tiny ears. Well they say “tiny ears = Unable to hear when a woman is a fucking idiot.”

pistolval Enjoying a milkshake: homemade vanilla honey ice cream, caramel & roasted cinnamon. My shake may indeed bring all the boys to the yard.

jillgengler Henry saw muddy dog prints on the tile from this morning and asked, very excitedly, if Santa had come while we were gone.

modinkpeeb The fuck does Paula Deen need her own frame line? I hate everything.

MagpieLibrarian When I get bored at work, I make the kids play practical jokes on the circulation staff.

Sigafoos OKAY, WHO HAS THE USERNAME SIGAFOOS AT THE WEBKINZ SITE? I am trying to register a prairie dog.

johnroderick Not to contradict Stevie Nicks, but a one-winged dove would get pecked half to death and then eaten by a raccoon.

rachaelosborn When I was a kid I would have never guessed that grownups sometimes nap on the floor of the conference room on their lunch breaks.

squeekzoid “I Ain’t Afraid of No Holy Ghost” #rejectedhymns

theleanover “(Don’t) Beat It” #rejectedhymns

theleanover “Isaac’s Such A Drama Queen” #rejectedhymns

NicLewis Buddha, You So Fine. #rejectedhymns

YWGSourpuss 10 Commandments and a Bitch Ain’t One of ‘Em #rejectedhymns

theleanover 99 Luftballons With Jesus’ Face On Them #rejectedhymns

theleanover Jesus Loves Meat #rejectedhymns

matthewcreid You Can Always Crash on Heaven’s Couch #rejectedhymns

theleanover Rhiannon #rejectedhymns

SteveHuff “There is a Fountain Filled With Blood and Poop” #rejectedhymns

danforthfrance I’ve been quiet on Twitter lately because I’ve been familiarizing myself with the works of Karl Ditters Von Dittersdorf and doing your mom.

JLYoungsma” I wanna open a maternity store and call it We’re Fucked.”

louisvirtel Thank you, Dad, for responding to my coming-out this way: “Then why do you eat like a barbarian?”

simontarr There was bacon. There were video games. This is a good Father’s Day.

theleanover My sister’s taking me out for lunch today! Actually, we’re just meeting for lunch but I don’t have any money.

TwoAdults “Hey, Ezra! Smell these peonies! They smell great.” “I don’t want too! I don’t like panties!”

markleggett I was raised on the street! (Sesame).

sgnp Be nice to everyone in case one guy your sister knew at the music store next to her work becomes DJ Lance Rock. #OverlySpecificLifeLessons

joshjs OH: Baby Admiral Ackbar: “IT’S A CRAP!”

gonnakillhim You know you’re middle-aged when the friend you’re dancing next to says, ‘I’m gonna have to get that foot surgery after this.’

jerryrenek My Zen garden feels complete now that the topiary Dead Kennedys logo has sprouted some scrumptious berries.

sarcasmically My kids just busted into an a cappella version of Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize”, further confirming my excellent parenting skills.

aspaul If I were to fill out a dating profile, I would definitely list ‘grocery shopping’ under turn-ons.

shariv67 Ads for sperm donors on the subway feel superfluous somehow..

theleanover Bestiality is definitely wrong, but everyone gets curious thoughts about blowholes at some point in their life.

adamisacson It was only a matter of time until you’d be hacked with a web-server password like “w4t3rb04rdLOL,” CIA.

sbellelauren my sundress says “i’m 12!” but my eye makeup says “that’s when i started having sex!”

thebenbrooks Here’s how we pay off the debt. “Yard Sale Across America”. All we need are some blankets, shit we don’t want and then we call up China.

DangerGuerrero UNDISPUTED SCIENCE FACT: 80-90% of sex-related injuries occur less than two hours after creating a Prince station on Pandora.

EvenMoreSarah Got a knitting email with the subject line “How to place buttonholes evenly.” You can guess what I thought it said at first glance.

FlyteAphrodite Doesn’t everyone read angry or offensive emails & texts in Paula Deen’s voice

modinkpeeb You guys, I’m just gonna stay right here in 1996.

heyitsurban When you’re hungry enough, they’re all Edible Arrangements.

LouisPeitzman I can relate to Radiohead’s “Creep” except for the part about thinking anyone else is special.

muffpunch “What’s better than a happy smiling baby?” “Personal freedom and disposable income?” “You make it really hard to talk to you sometimes.”

NowAPisces I’m starting to use the wrong return address on my letters.
It’s tough to convince myself I don’t live at 502 Bad Gateway.

apodixis Fantastic sun dress weather today! I love cross-dressing in the summer.

UncleDynamite That was so gnarly. / Like so totally gnarly. / Seriously. Whoa! #keanuhaikus

ShabazOSU Gone in 60 Seconds, #DescribeYourPenisWithAMovie

MarylandMudflap Chitty Chitty Bang Bang #DescribeYourPenisWithAMovie

zhakesullee The Color Purple. #DescribeYourPenisWithAMovie

ActionJansen This Is It #Describeyourpeniswithamovie

DanaLishs Toy Story. #DescribeYourPenisWithAMovie

theleanover Shaft #Describeyourpeniswithamovie

kwmurphy Old Yeller #DescribeYourPenisWithAMovie

SimonJLevene Home Alone #DescribeYourPenisWithAMovie

DCpierson Up #Describeyourpeniswithamovie

BenMcCool The Last Temptation of Christ #DescribeYourPenisWithAMovie

mackmm Bat Out Of Hell, The E! True Hollywood Story of Meatloaf #Describeyourpeniswithamovie

lovehatesociety I changed out of my Joy Division shirt and into a New Order one. People said I looked “slightly happier.”

apodixis My neighbors set their car alarm to go off several times every morning until it wakes them. They are creative people who are going to die.

shinyinfo On Captain Picard day, this most holy of days, remember to believe in yourself and that there are four lights.

Brain_Wash Adulthood means realizing that a warm jelly donut possesses 80% of the qualities you’re looking for in a mate.

ProfessorSnack We complain that the weekend can’t come soon enough, then complain @ how quickly it’s over. We’re sexual partners who can’t make up our mind.

ebertchicago “A gentleman does not boast about his junk.” (Emily Post)

80sMomKara It’s fine if you need to distance yourself from me for awhile after these Lawrence Welk tweets; I once unfollowed someone over Erkel.

adiopink Got the car fixed today. Now the lawn mower isn’t working. The universe remains in balance.

stevetweeters When it’s 100 degrees at 8pm, one will seriously re-evaluate their stance on kilts.

badbanana How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice your iPhone navigation skills.

Brain_Wash I wish I had only 99 problems.

shariv67 Not unlike Clarke Kent, I have to wear my glasses in public because you couldn’t handle this sexy at 100% power. Also they hide my eye bags.

tysiscoe Twitter, you auto-complete me.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.


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