Follow Friday – A Win for Team Rainbow

1 Jul

Today’s Follow Friday post includes several photos of Isobel, from last year, grinning from ear to ear. They kill me each time I look at them. I’m also posting some photos of the rag cupboard because not only are they useful, but they used to be (and sometimes still are) some of Isobel’s favorite toys.

Last Friday New York state passed the Marriage Equality Act, making it legal for same-sex couples to wed. This edition of Follow Friday celebrates this act as a victory not just for the LGBT community but for humanity in general, because when we decided to that equality is for everyone,  we grow as a nation. America, I’m proud of us.

And finally, ALA ’11 recently took place in New Orleans, and apparently there was a rumor I was in attendance. Nothing would have pleased me more than to spontaneously show up at a library conference full of my favorite people, but alas, I was at home. Apparently it was just some dude who said his name was ‘exlibris’ which made me want to fly to NOLA to kick his ass while humming the highlander theme. Fortunately (for him), I was fresh out of airline miles.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.

stevelibrarian Only in NOLA would there be a dude dressing as @exlibris in drag.

telephase The “@exlibris is here” rumor is one of my favorite of the conference. People were like “Oh Snap, party just went to 11!” #RealALA

massagebyted Daily codicil: My obituary needs to list my turn-ons and turn-offs.

GingerAvengerrr Canada needs to get some real bacon.

SaraJOY So does anyone else think their kids resemble zombies? The wobbling approach, dogged determination, growling, slobbering.

iasshole I’m going to start a show called Sons of Gynecology where the doctors make vroom vroom noises when they open the speculum.

iHubby Corduroy is like the “cock-block” of the pants world.

librarian_lali Instead of toys/souvenirs, I’ve been purchasing picture books at ALA and getting them signed for my sons. #librarianmom

heyitsurban I would honestly watch a whole channel that was just Fox News with a laugh track.

ProfessorSnack Whenever someone mentions malamute I picture a chocolate covered marshmallow dog that doesn’t bark.

eshep Wouldn’t it be cool if one day Michael Bay wanted to make a movie with rad special effects that was good?

freudiantypo Save me from myself. #toomanypopsicles

PolyesterPony I would like these movie suggestions to represent the intelligent man that I want to be and not the tasteless drama queen that I am.

ProfessorSnack If I had a convertible I’d make the transformer noise every time I took the top up or down, like I do when I take my clothes off.

killorn I’m just going to sit back for a bit and let my Weiner’s Circle t-shirt do the talking.

smonkyou New Twitter contest. One follower will win the right to deliver me a falafel sandwich and fries to me to work tomorrow. Good luck!

val_forrestal My mop leaked cleaning solution all over the floor, but it evaporated. I went to wash it off, & stopped. It’s floor cleaner. On the floor.

ShutUpAndrosky For my money, there’s no better name to say when you’re sad than Tony Shalhoub.

Sigafoos If crusty French bread were a woman, I’d have committed adultery in my heart many times.

pistolval how many ct scans can you have before you grow a tail? Cause I’ve always wanted a tail.

theleanover Ironically, the most controversial aspect of the Harry Potter series is that Hogwarts teaches wizard evolution. #HarryPotter8Twists

AOAM_Librarian I e-mailed my boyfriend to tell him I hurt myself & his response? “If they have to amputate you better get a parrot and an eye patch.”

modinkpeeb Number of hours I plan on spending on today: All of them.

oodja Headdesk to the Headdeskth Power

batemanimation The local movie theater’s marquee reads “Bad Teacher Cars,” which I imagine is about some ’91 Ford Escorts that don’t play by the rules.

oodja Who knew so much of modern librarianship would involve unplugging things and plugging them back in again to get them to work?

babybabylemon Some evil genius should start a blog meme with answers to those new random banking question. Favorite pet? Favorite teacher? First roommate?

sglassmeyer It’s not so much that I’m referring to myself in the third person, but that I call myself “Honey Badger” whist doing so that causes concern.

TheNextMartha Dropping pie on my keyboard is almost like a baptism.

80sMomKara You know the quality of Netflix Instant offerings is on the decline when you find yourself adding “Hangin’ with William Hung” to your queue.

jenifersf Harry Potter and the New Carl’s Junior Magic Sourdough Onion Burger #ProductPlacementFilms

unsupervised Y Tu Mama Ambien #ProductPlacementFilms

mocoddle Sophie’s Taster’s Choice #ProductPlacementFilms

IronyNOW Tango and Cash4Gold #ProductPlacementFilms

InfiniteChicken No Country For Old Navy #ProductPlacementFilms

mojoshowbiz Miracle-Gro Presents The Constant Gardener #ProductPlacementFilms

lilpyrogirl Applying freeze-away to my plantar wart like the sexy goddess that I am.

alonelyargonaut It’s hard to enjoy transformers 3 over the painful red white and blue erection.

sbellelauren finally figured out the key to enjoying yourself at pool parties is showing up right when everyone is too drunk to take pictures anymore.

danforthfrance Ud I find the guy who taught my phone the word “ud,” he’s getting a knuckle sandwich.

robogirl Well, my undies say “sure thing” on the back and the bf didn’t tell me before we left that you can see it through my dress.

mathowie Every time a Canadian says “eh” a maple tree gets its leaves

louisvirtel I stole a piece of Dentyne Fire from my mom’s purse. Just like Prometheus.

lafix All I know is it said ‘Smooth Ranch Dip’ and when I opened the jar a Sade song played and now my clothes are on backwards.

joshjs Catsitting update: Pretty sure cat #2 has been behind the couch for about 48 hrs now. Ordered jaws of life from Amazon Prime, just in case.

TwoAdults The Dos Equis man simultaneously makes me laugh and wonder if his skin is made of leather/beef jerky.

theleanover After reviewing my 8th grade bio textbook and I can say with certainty there’s no way three men could have a baby. Your move, Guttenberg.

jenkanable0204 My husband just emailed me from the toilet. Tell me we’re not the only couple who does this.

rolldiggity Today’s penny pinchers are tomorrow’s nickel gropers.

johnmoe In nearly all cultures, there is a folkloric character of Fonzie. Some call him Phon-say or Famzee but it’s the same idea.

DevonSuter I’m glad no one picked up on the fact I was in New York the same day Justin Bieber was attacked outside Macy’s.

adamisacson Our military spends billions on “amphibious warfare.” What a waste. If someone comes at you with a newt, it’s really not very intimidating.

joseph_ocon Walked up a hill in skinny jeans and now I can’t have kids.

theleanover Today’s holy moment: turning the corner and facing 16 of Warhol’s Jackies. I almost knelt and blessed myself.

letsgetgizzy Now that I have glasses, totally get the whole “HD” thing.

TheRedQueen Missing coupons found in a drawer. In the fridge. Sometimes I wonder about myself.

sbellelauren oh all this time i thought FML meant Fondle Martin Lawrence whoops that changes some things

reverendadam Knowing how much Chuck Norris must hate this victory for marriage equality, someone should make a gay porn called “Walker Tex, Ass Ranger”.

DamienFahey No one would eat oysters if they were named after what they look like, Jeff Goldblum’s ears.

BillCorbett My dog just pooped on an anthill, causing great chaos and upheaval. Years from now ant politicians will say that “6-26 Changed Everything.”

Caissie I am literally going to start using the word “figuratively” like other people use the word “literally”.

Brain_Wash And my tombstone shall read, “Died doing what he loved. Well, he *said* he loved her.”

FlygirlWS Yep, topnotch parenting happening in this house tonight. @joelsinclair just constructed the new “robotic hand” to give the middle finger.

TheNextMartha Someone just called my cell and I was too lazy to get it. I only have internet friends now. Raise your hand if it was you.

shinyinfo More exciting ALA news! I just finished a nap. #ALAnap

AFG85 It used to be that I would walk into a room and forget what I was looking for. Now I go to Google and forget what query I was going to put.

Greeblemonkey I just made a sign for our sangria party with the password to our wifi. These times, they have a changed.

theleanover I’m Canadian, so I get to be smug about gay marriage laws. Also, since 1978, it’s been legal to marry a beaver in the Northwest Territories.

joshjs Potential Mixed Drink Recipe Book Name: The Imbible

JerryThomas USA Today is the Olive Garden of journalism.

BoweKnows The bushier a guy’s beard, the more he wants to talk about IPAs.

sandwichpolice “Do you want a mess of nachos?” “Is that an actual unit of measure?” “Only for nachos.”

meganamram I’m like 87% about the Benjamins

LouisPeitzman Language has evolved to the point where, “Is that a thing?” is a legitimate question.

adampknave Why does fortune never favor the italic?

TheHoyBoy I think its about time that a Klondike Bar start doing stuff for us.

peterbyrnes I’m beginning to suspect the psychotic break I’ve been anticipating actually happened a while ago.

JillMorris Decided to take up knitting. So far, I’ve only knitted a pink thong for a newborn. Sell it to you for your baby.

naglum I want to see the episode of Man Vs. Food where he eats a massive, unfathomable amount of dicks.

KelleysBreakRm Female sperm whales & male ladybugs should start a support group.

sucittaM If you pull up to a stoplight with your music louder than mine you better be prepared to rap-battle me.

BillWillingham A hundred thousand screaming mad librarians are about to be unleashed on the city. No one can tear up a town like librarians.

atheists Jesus had two dads.

ApocalypseHow I am so gay for New York right now. #equality

Jesus_M_Christ Dad bless New York.

ladybirdj Hey NY, the terrorists didn’t win.

petersagal Ok, gay NYers. Now you stop having sex until they propose. We call it “making them buy the cow.” I’ll explain later.

TweetsofOld “Gay New York” will be the attraction at the Opera House tonight. VA1906

thejohnblog The Statue Of Liberty is looking FAAAABULOUS.

TurboGrandma Congratulations, New York gays! If you thought your hopes and dreams were being repressed before, just you wait!

AmandaMarcotte I just have one request to Gov. Cuomo: Don’t let your girlfriend make a commemorative cake.

sucittaM Iowa just lost the ONE THING we had on New York. Congrats.

michaelianblack Okay New York, you’ve legalized gay marriage. Can you now please outlaw everybody peeing all over everything?

zhandlen Well, thank god Ernie can finally make an honest man out of Bert.

wilw Six states down, forty-four to go. Come on, California, you’re embarrassing me.

timcarvell He said yes.

LisaMcIntire INTERNET: please make gifs of NY senators fist-pumping for marriage equality victory.


justinstoned Accepting Marriage Proposals. I keep my name & you pay my college loans.

KenTremendous HUGE NEWS: human beings now being given extremely basic civil rights in New York in a way that adversely affects no one!

LouisPeitzman You know I care deeply about an issue when I’ll tweet about it without fear of losing Twitter followers.

AFER Equality is not a partisan issue, but an American value.

SonofBaldwin Thank you to all the GOP senators who had the vision to understand that some things are more important than their careers.

danhklein I always cry at legislative debates over weddings #ssm

DaveHolmes As we celebrate tonight, let’s spare a warm thought for our opponents, who lost absolutely nothing.

LPCookbook I feel sort of like I don’t say the word “douchebag” enough. I mean to people’s faces.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.


2 Responses to “Follow Friday – A Win for Team Rainbow”

  1. Windsor Grace July 1, 2011 at 7:56 pm #

    OMG, that first picture and then second one in the coat are to die for. Like, I might have to get wallet sizes. My mom and aunt are freaking out over her adorability too.

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