Follow Friday – So Fashionable

5 Aug

Cat-butt Photobomb

Oh, nothing, just dressing up and looking fabulous so we can go outside and do some water painting and play with our dollar store chairs. Same thing we (happily) do every day.

We briefly allowed Zorro, our indoor-only 25-lb cat, to join us outside in the backyard provided I could supervise him. I didn’t think he could escape given the fact that some days he can’t even land a jump up on the kitchen counter. Zorro is a Maine Coon, a cat with short legs, a long body, and a girth that puts Cocker Spaniels to shame.  As a breed they are notoriously bad jumpers, so I thought he would stay safely ensconced in our backyard.

The next thing I know, he’s managed to jump-climb up the corner area of the fence and is in danger of going over when Isobel shouts, “OH NO!” I run over and grab him while only about 30% of him is still in our yard, and inch by inch, I fought to pull him back in our yard.

He is no longer allowed outside until I can block that corner off. The Large Orange Ninja is grounded.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

TheRedQueen Target shoppers: you are welcome for the screaming birth control earlier today.

apodixis I have just invented a word to describe how I am in bed. I am perversatile!

babybabylemon @thegrumbles You must not complain about the weather much. That is normally how I identify midwesterners.

echo_day When people say marriage is hard they really mean it’s hard not to smother your spouse in their sleep.

badbanana I could’ve had a V8. So, yeah, close call.

modinkpeeb Tonight some dude in the woods tipped his Oakleys at me. Are we married now?

wilw Me: I’m begging. Please escalate this. AT&T “support”: Ok. But first, have you herped the derp? Me: I’m going to stab you through the phone.

libmaryann A library isn’t just a collection of books, it’s a hub.

sassypiehole does this nutella on my chin make my ass look big?

juliussharpe I understand that pre-electricity the most popular wedding dance was the “Coal-Powered Slide”.

mrpilkington Other things that publishers can buy for me: a pet giraffe (smallish), a year’s supply of ketchup (any), beans sprouts (any)

badbanana I’m not lazy, but I’m not exactly willing to look up the word that means the opposite of that, either.

DoubleBerg426 Got a talkative friend named Ted? Be like, “Ted, you never shut up! You’re giving me a tedache!”

TheBloggess That “first pets name + street you grew up on” doesn’t work for me. No one wants to have sex with “Whiskers Route 4 Box 980.”

helenstwin Teen boy wandering around in PacMan PJ pants and a pink polo: rock on, my friend. I applaud your alliterative assemblage.

shinyinfo Manual Labor is for the birds. I can’t wait to get back to the lie-barry tomorrow & answer emails and catalog until my eyes fall out.

LouisPeitzman Got a few hours to kill? Try to accomplish a simple task at the bank.

PFTompkins “EVERY week is shark week.” – An exasperated seal

Ali_Davis Congress is leaving the Capitol for five weeks after the debt ceiling vote. That’s enough time to get the locks changed, right?

JoeKeohane Overheard at the office: “… also, the cordless chainsaw people are after me again.”

slackmistress I need a Kickstarter campaign to get me off of this couch.

TheNextMartha @guiltysquid I’m never waxing my face again. I’m married. Who cares who looks like the male at this point.

sgnp Sugar will be poured on you, but in the name of indifference, not love. #DefCeilingCompromise

EmperorNorton The Teaparty doesn’t believe in trickle-down as much as it believes in fuck-up.

adiopink Repost – trying out Words with Friends as adiopink, knowing I’ll get hooked. Typed Wirds with Friebds – at that rate, y’all will clobber me.

eliza_evans Search term on my blog: ‘where does eliza evans.’ Where do I what? It is a mystery.

InfiniteChicken Remind me why I’m doing this. By ‘this’ I mean this murder/arson spree.

StephenAtHome It’s President Obama’s birthday this week! Unless the Republicans made him give that up too.

zachbraff I wish I could somehow get the sharks from shark week to swim over to “The Bachelorette”.

stevetweeters My wife can just look at her wine glass and I’ll go fill it up which is REALLY close to being telekinetic.

ohrebecca I can’t get behind Edible Arrangements. a) they use Papyrus and b) I can buy fruit at the grocery store. But mostly because of the former.

stevetweeters The best thing about tacos is they’re like eating loud hamburgers.

b0bg00dman Just realized while hearing a story about Robert Louis Stevenson: The ye olde timey version of the “delete” key was the fireplace.

pistolval Apparently the trick to getting my family to eat the squash I grew is to saute it in bacon fat.

palinode Captain Kirk once asked: What does God want with a spaceship? Duh, the bus system sucks.

EvenMoreSarah @exlibris “Jupiter: FIND ME A COMPUTER.”

readingsarah Though for the record, I don’t wear heels MAINLY because of 1) comfort and 2)not wanting to fall down.

HeathRobots Let’s all chip in & get MTV an itunes gift card as a 30th birthday gift. #MusicTelevision

Toaster_Pastry There is no greater suffering than trying to stay awake in a meeting that you’d rather sleep through.

LIFECOACHERS It’s time to forgive yourself; everyone had bad hair in the 90’s.

phyllisstein Still thinking about that damned Trenta cup. I mean, could shitting out your still-beating heart hurt THAT much?

wordlust I can’t believe the Smurfs movie just glossed over the underpants-gnome genocide of 1978.

girlwithatail Considering my egg preferences, I’m still going with the brain on drugs every time.

rolldiggity If I owned a fast food restaurant, I’d label the drink sizes “Large”, “Medium”, and “Poisoned”, because it’s important to UPSELL!

juliasegal Writing a book called “How To Live With A Giant Penis” for guys to read in public places.

RichJuz I just learned that Jelly Belly once had a jelly bean flavor called “Baby Wipes.” My mind is blown.

Jordan_Morris “Love is patient, love is kind, love is…CALLING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!” – The Spooky Bible

Krud Google has killed the rhetorical question.

shawnpearlman Overheard: “I think that guy is listening to us.”

lauracope i love it when New Week’s Day and New Month’s Day fall on the same day. let’s all go get gym memberships.

JerryThomas Whoa. I kind of feel like I’ve had deja vu before.

shinyinfo “A Hoe Lot of Trouble”, cozy mystery or title of a Ludacris song?

theleanover I would pay upwards $100 for a time machine. Talking like, $150. Max.

Joan_Rivers Just heard that Rob Kardashian has signed on for the next season of “Dancing with the Stars.” Is he one of the dancers or one of the stars?

Caissie 12YO to 9YO: I know YOU think you’re funny, but lots of it is just nonsense. 9YO: I wish I had a nipple for every time someone told me that!

toomanybeards Up until today, I thought puffins were just two bit imitation penguins, now I see how much they have to offer.

TheNextMartha I had oatmeal for breakfast. Somewhere a donut just died.

eshep Any chance we can get a ‘Cowboys & Smurfs & Aliens’? #idseethat

TheBlackStar @TheRedQueen @exlibris honestly, if two armchairs fit in a yaris trunk, they probably aren’t worth owning.

muffpunch I’m sitting here and watching my cat furiously lick the couch. I don’t know what he’s on, but I think I want some of it.

thejohnblog Maybe the porn version, ‘Cowgirls And Asians’ will be better.

apodixis The good news is the cats really love the laxative we have to give them. The bad news is they’re going to rip it open and shit everywhere.

joeinverarity Dude, that horsefly has a total muffin thorax.

lemoneyes I’ve decided my debt crisis plan is going to include a couple of gallons of ice cream.

freudiantypo Cold soup with dill: incredible. I might just go out to the garden on all fours and start eating it off the stem.

AbbyOTR Sorry, he’s 2. #blanketapology

jillgengler Fittingly, the 3 year old is strutting around the house singing “Nothing’s gonna change my world.”

ApocalypseHow BREAKING: “I’m Just a Bill” Bill Asked to Explain Debt Negotiations in Song, Takes Own Life

trollprincess I’d like to join an actual tea party. Three five-yr-old girls pouring invisible tea for teddy bears have to be more mature.

azbado I really hope they don’t try any stupid gimmicks for Shark Week. Like, having a shark on a motorcycle, jumping over Fonzie, for instance.

SteveMartinToGo Apple has more cash than US government and has decided to implement a state and federal income iTax.

GeorgeTakei SAGITTARIUS: Stop trying to staple so many papers together. It won’t work even if you hit the stapler harder.

pistolval @exlibris Jupiter needs his own sitcom. Shaman Cat costarring Judith Light

theneener I hope print media never dies. How else will I securely pack my fine china?

theleanover My favourite awkward moment is being alive.

AKRyder While listening to the Yo Gabba Gabba “Banna” song, my son grabbed his crotch with both hands and yelled “BANANA!!!!” That’s my boy. *sniff*

SeanKCoyne Wish I had a gun that could shoot the people on TV without ruining my TV.

th3jm4n I am a man, and men have needs. One of those needs is tater tots. #IAmAMan

chickenscottpie I accidentally bought the kind of string cheese without the trivia on it. This is the worst thing that has ever happened in my life.

MightyHunter I picked up my cat this morning, and she started grooming my beard. Sign of affection, or comment on my cleanliness?

KeepingYouAwake For the record, people of the future who read Twitter as history, I felt like these computers were too slow too.

BtotheD Man, I wish it was 1997 right now. I have a great “Jesus is my PalmPilot” tweet that will never get realized.

scenesfromahat Whenever someone tries to tell you that “fugly” isn’t a word, look them square in the eyes and say, “It’s a portmanteau, you fugly bastard.”

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.


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  1. Mighty Hunter August 5, 2011 at 8:43 am #

    Hey, that’s me up there.

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