31 Aug

Staying at home isn’t all dusting the furniture while wearing pearls. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

* I had the very great pleasure of being interviewed by Amanda of She Has Moxie. In it I explain what it means to be a cross between June June Cleaver a and a Viking.  She asked me the hard-hitting questions, such as “What the hell are you doing with your life?” and “So your point is…?” And I try my best to answer in complete sentences. Amanda is dedicated to uncovering stories about women who create their own path, and her whole blog is a fascinating, inspiring read. I highly recommend it. You should also follow her on twitter, as she is a fun gal who has made Follow Friday more than once. Go here to read the interview.

* Since staying home with the baby I’ve been keeping very busy. For the most part I’ve been able to stick to my WAHM Schedule but there have been times where that has been an impossibility. That’s okay, though, because one thing parenting has taught me is to roll with the punches. Mostly I’ve been trying to put together suitable storage for all of my Etsy goods, clean out and revamp my closet, and put things together for Isobel’s Big Girl room. I work on it when my schedule allows.

* We recently took a family trip to Yosemite as a family,  and although we had some great moments we decided we weren’t going to attempt something like that again until she’s older. The next day Isobel was so exhausted she passed out on the floor two hours before her regular nap time in the midst of playing “cook.”

* My migraines have been back with a force lately, and I’m feeling haunted even typing those words. For one thing, it’s something of a taboo to even mention the frequency or severity of headaches among my friends that get them. If you’re having a reprieve, it’s a sure way to attract them. If they’ve been making you their vomiting, darkroom-dwelling bitch, they will linger. But I’ve been getting them in stretches of four days at a time again and it’s making me desperate enough to consider getting pregnant just so I’ll get that 2nd trimester break from the pain. I kid! Mostly!

* Halloween is coming! Anthony and I love dressing up so we usually start preparing in August as far as choosing costumes and putting together ideas. This year we’re going with a group theme but I don’t want to give too much away. It’s going to be awesome except for the part where I must completely disrobe to use the bathroom.

* Speaking of Halloween, I’m in the midst of writing a huge post about costume inspiration for babies and children. If you have a blog post about your kid’s previous Halloween costume and would like to send me the link, I’d love to include it in the round up. I want to get as many ideas together in one spot as I can, especially handmade costumes. Contact me here, or via email, or even on Twitter and I’d love to add your link to the post.

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