Little Big Links: Star Trek

3 Nov

The Star Trek Cookbook. Somehow, seeing Neelix on the cover is only slightly more appetizing than a photo of a replicator.

Rikers in Space. Jonathan Frakes and Mirina Sirtis discuss a spin off sitcom from ST:TNG called “Rikers in Space.” via Metafilter.

Amazing Illustrated Star Trek Wallpaper. Wow. via Sophie and Paul.

The Hipster Star Trek Tumblr. “Galaxy Class Starship? I only live on fixed-gear space stations.” via @iasshole.

Star Trek on Regretsy. The first item weirds me out.

Locutus of Borg Cross-Stitch. Lord, grant me to know the wisdom when resistance is futile.

Hull problems? I feel bad for you, son. Geordie has 99 problems.

As if the above photo wasn’t enough, lyrics. NSFW.

TNG Season 8 on Twitter. “The prime directive is completely ignored when Picard really wants to ride a Centaur. Geordie sleeps through the whole episode by accident.” Parody plots of ST:TNG.

The Corgiprise. “And you might say to yourself: ‘Hey, is there a picture of a Corgi dressed up as the USS Enterprise?’ And the answer is “Corgiprise” & YES.” Via Misskubelik.

2 Responses to “Little Big Links: Star Trek”

  1. mark @ yelling near you November 3, 2011 at 10:21 am #

    Awesome look! You nailed it. On the subject of all things Star Trek – have you seen the Shatner written and directed documentary – The Captains? I caught some of it recently – not bad.

    • LittleBig November 16, 2011 at 2:53 pm #

      Thanks, so much!

      What a coincidence! Anthony and I just saw it. To be honest, that documentary made me pissed off at William Shatner. It was pretty much all about him, him, him, and oh, did I mention? HIM. He asked the Captains exactly two questions: 1. Was making the series hard on your family life? and, 2. What happens when we die? W.T.F?! Everything else was him talking about himself while the various Captains listened politely. He kept droning on about his theater work and his craft and blah blah blah, like he was embarrassed about being in Star Trek, and being so obviously jealous of Leonard Nimoy, and then wrapped it all up by saying, “I’m so not embarrassed of being in Star Trek!”

      Obviously, I really enjoyed parts of this documentary, especially anything featuring the Sweet Baby Sir Picard Jesus, but goddamn, it made me angry at Shatner.

      Oh, and Avery Brooks is totally CRAY-CRAY.

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