Follow Friday – Moonish

18 Nov

I took these photos last spring when we drove down to Cayucos to watch my dear friend get married. I accidentally adjusted the white balance without realizing it and fired at least a dozen shots before I caught my mistake. The resulting photos look like they were shot on some forlorn, post-apocalyptic moon. The blue cast match the weather perfectly, as it was a bone-chillingly cold spring and we arrived right in the middle of the worst storm flooding in ten years.

I really will have to tell you about that trip sometime. Especially the part where Isobel and I fell in the ocean.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

sarcasmically What if all the socks we lose in the dryer are defecting and forming an enormous military OH GOD

joeinverarity WHY IS MY COWORKER LISTENING TO RUSH LIMBAUGH? PLEASE SEND OPIATES. Or is that what Rush would want?

maggiesox It’s November 15 and I’m walking around Center City in a sweatshirt. It snowed before Halloween. Mother Nature needs an intervention.

connoliam Wuthering-er Heights #classicnovelsequels

icrvn The Scarlet Tweet  #classicnovelsequels

scareydicarey1 Great Disappointments #classicnovelsequels

callum119 Greatly Lessened Expectations Due To The Crushing Banality Of Adulthood. #classicnovelsequels

Matthew_Spicer Don Quixote Vs. Predator #ClassicNovelSequels

rudiedudie Cat’s Bouncy-Seat #classicnovelsequels

InfiniteChicken The Great Gatsby’s Ne’er-do-well great-great Nephew, Randy #ClassicNovelSequels

InfiniteChicken 1985: Doc Brown’s Revenge #ClassicNovelSequels

mitdasein Look Who’s Wuthering Too! #classicnovelsequels

NicLewis Lowered Expectations. #ClassicNovelSequels

mitdasein 2 War 2 Peace #classicnovelsequels

MechanoCham The Picture of Dorian Gray: 3D #classicnovelsequels

rudiedudie Charlie and the Chinese Chocolate Factory #classicnovelsequels

Evil_Dumbledore Harry Potter & the Tuition Fees of Inaffordability  #classicnovelsequels

CosyFanTootie Charlotte’s Webcam #classicnovelsequels

carlmaxim Lady Chatterley’s Friend with Benefits. #classicnovelsequels

Kasdorf Any tattoo commemorating service in WWII, Korea, Vietnam or the Merchant Marines should be called a “gramp stamp.”

a_outburst Who knew making healthy snacks for 20 pre-schoolers would give me an ulcer.

bookishbella It’s “voila,” not “viola.” Unless of course you’re just really excited about string instruments.

pnkrcklibrarian Today I’ve preformed at least 3 miracles. I am pretty fucking awesome.

ordermeanother Thanks @MeganBoley for your donation! You are good people. Literally because you are more than one person currently. #preggers #movember

annakarenine meeeee i waaaaaaant a huuuuuula hooooooooooop

brattyunicorn That was so good my rock hard nips just shot lasers.

mikeleffingwell No one seems reassured by my “I Only Touch People Appropriately” T-shirt.

Patheticist Every morning my wife and I play a game of parenting chicken, the winner pretends to be asleep longer and the loser makes breakfast.

TwoAdults Tights are pinchy and my waistline is giving them the finger.

shariv67There aren’t many sports that couldn’t be improved by adding a bear.

WindsorGrace Parks and Rec really makes me want to work for my local government.

mikeleffingwell Whenever one door closes another door opens. This house is haunted!

TheRedQueen @nbc is bad people.

apelad The problem with the land of milk and honey is all the cows and bees everywhere.

J__Swift I actually enjoy being loved from behind. Afar? It’s loved from afar, isn’t it.

TheNextMartha Time change means that mommy wants to go to bed at 5:30. Kids? The pantry is open for business.

britain OH: “I have no pockets. Stupid girl pants cheated me out of 75 cents.”

Casey_Malone Wait a sec… Community put on hold JUST as Skyrim comes out? WE ARE ON TO YOU, DanHarmon

JustinMcElroy The worst thing about the NBA season being canceled is that it’s like losing seven of Air Bud’s best playing years.

joeinverarity Being targeted with ads in gmail freaks me the hell out. And also, I don’t recall writing about Brazilian waxes, but thanks for the coupon!

slennonharris Dear God It’s Me Margarine, I Know, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Either!

ProfessorSnack 5 wishes there were self flushing pants. I don’t have the heart to tell him that they’d be useless in the world of pantless social media.

sbellelauren if i find out dress barn isn’t farm animals in evening wear i will burn that place to the ground

wordlust There’s a time and a place for everything, and it’s called your mom’s van.

theleanover I was on board with Disney’s “Old Yeller” video game up until the last mission.

BuenoBabyGirl Most common thing said on #MTVsCribs: “Got my flat-screen here.”

ohnoCAPSLOCK One day I will no longer be vomiting regularly. My vomit-free ship will come in!

Smethanie My mom bought me a journal. I don’t get it. If I write my thoughts in there, how do I make sure the whole world can see it?

crassmama I guess saying “nice beard, I’m going to follow you!” to some dude isn’t as well-received in line at Starbucks as it is on Twitter.

BugginWord Tacos. The end.

badbanana Life is way more exciting in your forties. At any point you could sneeze wrong and end up getting emergency back surgery.

MeganBoley Does anyone know if I can get into the planetarium gift shop without paying full admission? #spaceicecream

theleanover Bourbon on the rocks out of a mug that says “Romance Is Boring.” Hello Friday!

That_Biz Just used Vick’s as chapstick because I’m a winner.

bitchylibrarian I just put on a dress and it looks like I’m a hipster trying to be an extra on Dr. Quinn. That looked better on the hanger.

000___000 Idea for evolution: a bear with a helicopter rotor on its head.

apodixis Poop on the floor,
And you’re to blame–
You give cats
A bad name!

Cats inspire me.

smileydooby Oh my god did you see the tweets on that lady?

allisonthemeep I had somehow talked myself into switching to decaf coffee for health reasons, but that’s over now. Decaf tastes like burnt hair.

wheatnik Googling pumpkin spice chai recipes while listening to Wu-Tang Clan is the easiest way to confuse the fuck out of your racial identity.

robdelaney Oops! My wife just asked me if I remembered her birthday & I pulled a “Rick Perry.” (I executed her)

TheMostTender I just ate 14 donut holes in under 2 mins to practice in case I’m dared to do that at some point.

real_danimal My 16 mo. old niece zooms around making noises like an excited R2D2.

helgagrace Buckling down and getting shit done. WHO HAVE I BECOME?

notthatkendall I thought I could fix our runny toilet and then I googled things and now I can’t unknow that snakes can get into your toilet through pipes.

PixieJames I’m ready with my Rick Perry joke as soon as I can remember it.

JohnFugelsang Don’t think of my Rick Perry jokes as ‘kicking him when he’s down.’ Think of it as ‘denying him clemency.’

UnicornFlavored “Dada poopoo.. Dada poopoo”, Zoey spoke softly to herself after Kyle ripped a morning fart.

Schmoodles Always be yourself. Unless you’re an asshole. In which case, always be someone else.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.


4 Responses to “Follow Friday – Moonish”

  1. Cameron November 18, 2011 at 9:21 am #

    Badbanana’s tweet about emergency back surgery made me LOL. Great group again, sweet lady! 🙂

    • LittleBig November 29, 2011 at 4:08 pm #

      Thank you so much! I snorted over that one, too.

  2. Nadja November 18, 2011 at 10:29 am #

    Makes my day, just like always.

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