Little Big Shop Update & Cyber Monday Sale

26 Nov

I am currently updating my shop in the hopes that I’ll have new goodies up in time for Cyber Monday. I hope everyone had a great weekend (and a great Thanksgiving, if you’re American!) and will be back to my regularly scheduled posts tomorrow. In the mean time, watch the shop for new arrivals!


As I’m working on this project I’m realizing it might be further into the week before I can make substantial additions to the shop. I really want to do something special for Cyber Monday so along with adding items (slowly but surely), I’m having a sale!

There’s no codes to put in, or math for you to do: if an item is marked SALE I’ve already reduced the price. I’ll keep prices lowered for a week or so before ending the sale.

Here’s what’s up in the shop:

Vintage Aluminum Storage Canisters, for kitchen staples, toys, or craft and office supplies.

Red, White & Blue Travel Pouch, I like to keep a pouch in my purse that holds all my essentials. When I want to change purses quickly, I just move my pouch and I’m ready to go.

Here are my first Cyber Monday Sale picks:

Designer Chrysanthemum Mug, price lowered by $6.00!

Vintage Baby Book, price lowered by $10.00!

Lemon Drop Glass Bowl, price lowered by $6.00!

Copper Parthenon Ashtray, price lowered by $6.00!

Vintage Glass Storage Jars, price lowered by $10.00!

Keep checking in all this week, because I’ll be listing more items and adding to the sale. Thank you for supporting small business!

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