Baby Games

I scoured the library and the internet for a list of baby-approved activities that appeal to their sense of object permanence, their natural curiosity, and their infatuation with cause and effect. When work started back up for me I printed up this list, punched some holes in it and put it in a binder for my Mom who watched Isobel several days a week. In addition to all the toys, books, and cats this list managed to keep her entertained all winter long while the weather kept her from her beloved “outside.”

It occurs to me that there are probably parents out there right now who are pulling their hair out trying to find ways to entertain their 4-month-old. Or, their 8-month-old. Or their 15 month old. The best part about most of these activities that I found is that they are appropriate for more than one age level and they will appreciate it in different ways depending on their stage of development. Playing with bubbles at one age is completely different than doing the same activity just two short months later. Babies must age in dog years, but like really, really smart dog years.

Every game isn’t appropriate for every age level but I found it was worth it to keep trying them at different stages because something your baby ignored at one stage might be captivating the next. Then they might get bored of it but in a few months, it might be entertaining again in a whole new way.

This is a four-part series called “Games to Play with Baby”. Please use common sense. Supervise your child with the appropriate amount of supervision for their developmental age and always watch out for choking hazards, falls, suffocation, or any other danger that might befall a helpless baby. Which I’m sure you already do already, you good parent you.

100 Games to Play with Baby, part I

100 Games to Play with Baby, part II

100 Games to Play with Baby, part III

100 Games to Play with Baby, part IV

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