Bat Country

This is Bat Country.

Welcome to the nut house.

We’re good together. Like Snoop Dog & Dr Dre.

SEO for Gangsters

Be careful whose mother you insult on Twitter

Down the Rabbit Hole

Your Baby Can Read!

Brian McPoopington

The Saga of Jupe

This One’s About Boobies


Updating Mah Twitters

How I Learned Photoshop

Goat Go Poo Poo

The Widow

The Little Big Guide to the Universe

Wasps: A Memoir

I’m Tired of These Motherfucking Bees in this Motherfucking House

Last Night Was Bad Before The Door Handle Exploded in My Face

My Daughter Has a Romulan Haircut and Can Go Through the Cat Door

Just Stab It In The Eye

Hardcore. Like a Gangster.

Autocorrect Fail: The Language of the Future

Your Virtual Source for Angry Hornets

At Least We Would Have Died Together: Our First Overnight Trip With a Toddler

Weird Science

The True Meaning of Superbowl Sunday

Professional Portraits

Amusingly Disturbing Thrift Store Finds

My Toddler Wants to Ride My 25lb Cat

My Husband Was Knee-Deep In BlackJack And Aged Hookers and That is OK

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