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Winner! By Default!

24 Jul

Anthony had a surprise for me this morning after checking the mail… my Snorg tee came! Yay! For those of you just joining us, I entered the Snorg Tee Giveaway on Knit in Public, and I WON! BY DEFAULT! (Someone else won but they never contacted Windsor Grace to claim their prize, so she drew again and this time I was the winner! by default! YAY! I’ll take it.) I couldn’t decide which tee to get so Little Big readers voted for their favorite, and The Greendale Human Beings tee won.

The Human Being is the mascot for Greendale Community College, from one of my favorite TV shows ever, Community. That show is awesome. Boo on the world for not giving that show a trillion Emmys. It fucking rocks. I am a crotchety old woman who hates just about everything but I love this TV show. It’s part of a collection of shows I call “My Stories,” as in “shut up, Mama’s got to watch her stories!” My stories includes (but is not limited to) House, Arrested Development, Community, The Venture Brothers, and Star Treks TNG & DS9.

Snorg tees run infamously small so I got a medium just to be safe. I’m glad I did because post-pregnancy lady bits would not have fit in a small. I put it on as soon as I opened the package. Here I am celebrating my Victory By Default:

Thanks again to Windsor Grace at Knit in Public and Snorg for giving me this awesome tee. By the way, if you like really awesome jewelry you should check out her Etsy shop.


Random Thought Roundup

22 Jul

Sometimes I just like to share my random thoughts. You’re welcome.

Jupiter had his Very Special Surgery, The One That Will Ensure He Sings In A High Voice Forever, yesterday. He came back from the vet and if I didn’t know better I’d have no idea that six hours prior he had gone under the knife. Really, cat? What does it take to calm you down? Horse tranquilizers? Because I’ll buy you horse tranquilizers. Shit. He was running around and eating food and playing with baby… he’s a bit more calm today but I’ve never seen a cat bounce back from surgery so quickly. Poppy’s next up for the Special Surgery. Here’s hoping we don’t have to get her a cone.

Speaking of the kittens, Anthony and I are pretty sure that if we died in the home Poppy and Jupiter would wait like a half hour, TOPS, before they started snacking on us. They are wild, crazy, and although not actually feral, it’s like they have some Krazy Kountry Kat gene that gives them a bonus points to survival. I’m pretty sure if they’d have an alignment it would be Chaotic Neutral.

Anthony and I think Poppy and Jupiter are about the same in terms of intelligence.  They rank below Zorro, who is actually fairly smart. Although Peaches was not known for his brains, but he had idiot-savant-like gifts in certain areas that made him quite ingenious at times. Hands down, Tinkerbell was just a genius. We used to joke that she was a member of Mensa. I swear we’d have conversations sometimes. It’s all worth it, though, because the kittens are 100% willing to snuggle with Zorro and each other. Totally makes up for the lack of brains.

I love me some Top Chef and I’m so happy it’s returned. I was watching reruns the other day on Bravo and saw the episode that featured Padma and Nigella. Two of my biggest girl crushes at once! I kept looking at them and trying to decide who’s prettier. Anthony thinks Nigella and I’d have to agree. (I have three main girl crushes, but I can’t remember the third one right now. Oh, well! My heart belongs truly to Nigella I guess.)  I promised Shanti I’d not reveal any season spoilers since she lives in NZ and watches the show on a delay, but I accidentally let it leak that Angelo said he had crabs, which I thought was hilarious. He may be cocky as fuck, but at least he can make fun of himself. My friend Ryan regularly rubs elbows with Top Chef contestants from this season as well as seasons past and I read his twitter feed with envy as he tweets about eating their food. We both decided that Top Chef can never go off the air and I’d pay good money for either a vampire or a zombie to bite Padma and all the judges so they can film the show forever from an undead state.

Do not think I have forgotten you, Adriana! As Winner of the Green Dress, Adriana shall not only receive the dress (I promise) but she will also receive some other Fabulous Prizes that I am gathering together as we speak. I shall mail it off soon. I promise. I wanted to add a present for her son, Wolfie, and some fresh rosemary that I picked from the garden. I’ve also been in the process of cleaning out my closet and wanted to add a bonus item or two. I was going to have to spend the extra money to fit the dress into a medium-sized flat rate box, and I wanted to make it worth her while. I also sold my gold candelabra, so I’m going to the post office tomorrow to mail that off anyway.

Isobel about has a seizure every time the trailer for the new Cats and Dogs movie comes on. She starts shouting “Chucho!” (which means puppy) and “Kitty!” Then she starts barking and meowing. She could just stare at those talking animals all day. Anthony further became my soul mate when he said to me, “I never liked those movies as a kid. They always made the cat the bad guy.” TRUE. Those movies are always made by some dumbass who doesn’t understand cats. Isobel’s too young to understand our political intrigue, though. She just likes staring at the animals.

The Readers Have Spoken

16 Jul

Friday, July 16 at 12 noon PDST has come and gone, so it’s time to announce the winning tee as picked by Little Big readers! I’m three hours late in posting this not because I forgot, but because I am a withered old woman already at thirty years of age.

Last night my BFF and I attended a Purse Party. For those who don’t know, a Purse Party is basically the equivalent of a Tupperware party: someone hosts a party, invites all their friends, and a lady who sells purses brings all her wares for oohing and ahhing and the purchasing for $50.  In this case my Mother in Law was hosting it. Some facts about my MIL: 1. she is super fun 2. she is married to an awesome former chef 3. she knows a hell of a lot about wine.

Basically an invitation to a Purse Party at her house meant delicious appetizers cooked by my FIL plus a chance to drink some very expensive wine I’d otherwise never know about or be able to afford. Add my BFF to the occasion and pass the purses! I’m there with bells on.

The party did not disappoint, but the purses did. They were just not anywhere near my style–which is just as well. Tough times dictate we stick to a strict budget. We gave the purses a cursory glance for politeness’ sake before setting up camp on the couch with some very full wine glasses and a plate heaping with savory spinach pastry, baked brie with almonds and jalapeno jelly on baguette, and Mexican gazpacho shooters.

What followed was a couple hours’ worth of Mom Talk and the Sharing of Cute Kid Photos and I couldn’t have been happier. I rarely drink but last night I indulged by drinking the whole large glass of wine. It made me very, very sleepy. I went to bed early only to be woken up by Isobel an a raging hangover at 4 a.m. Excellent! It’s good to know I have the alcohol tolerance of an anemic kitten.

All of this is to say I’m three hours late in announcing the tee shirt choice winner due to the second hangover of my life. But I am proud to say that the Snorg tee I’ll be receiving is…

Greendale Human Beings!

Congratulations, me! Thanks again to Snorg and Windsor Grace at Knit in Public for making my Greendale dreams come true.

Speaking of Winners…

14 Jul

I mentioned earlier that I was selected the Winner By Default for a Snorg tee at Knit in Public. I dropped by Snorg this morning all set to pick out my fave. But which one to choose?! My indecision is in top form.

So far I’ve narrowed my shirt choice down to these:


Greendale Human Beings

& Wolf Shirts Are Awesome

I’d like your help, Little Big readers. Vote for which shirt you think I should get and I pinkie promise, that’s the one I’ll choose.

In the interest of full disclosure, this poll was my idea and the result of my indecision. Snorg is not paying me, nor am I purchasing the shirt. I won it fair and square by default by entering the contest at Knit in Public. So, I guess that’s it? If you have any questions feel free to email me.

Green Dress Giveaway Winner!

14 Jul

Random dot org has spoken! The winner of the cute green dress is…

Adriana! Congratulations! You’re number four! You’re number 4! You’re number 4!

Look for my email so I can get your mailing address. 🙂

Thanks for playing, everyone!

P.S. Those stunning graphics were brought to you by my right hand (I’m left-handed). I was busy holding Isobel and feeding her her pacha with my other hand. Multitask FTW!

Thank Goodness for Grandma

13 Jul

Yesterday Grandma Livia whisked Isobel off for an overnight trip full of splashing in the pool, eating Cap’n Crunch cereal, and basically letting Grandpa Doug grant her every wish. Which was great. I needed the break. You guys, babies are hard. There are few things I love more than spending time with Isobel, but I needed a break. I needed to recharge.

Fortunately, we had planned this overnight visit months ago as Grandma Livia was just starting her vacation, so it came at the perfect time.

While Isobel was away I spent a goodly portion of an hour just sitting on my bed fantasizing about the things I could do without my ever present barnacle-like beloved. I started thinking about my childless days. What did I even do with myself before I had Isobel? What do you do when you’re not constantly trying to prevent your baby from finding ways to kill and/or maim herself? It was magical just to be able to sit and think about these things. I swear, it was as refreshing as actually doing something.

I edited some photos but after awhile became restless. I started cleaning and reorganizing. I always do this whenever Olivia takes Isobel for some reason. I wonder if it’s the nesting instinct leftover from pregnancy. As soon as she’s gone I must know, at a biological level, that she could return any second and I must prepare things. It’s almost a compulsion.

Anyway, I love it and I spent a lot of time cleaning my closets. I cleared all the linen out of the linen closet to use as a storage area for my thrifted treasures. I don’t mean to brag, but I have a very large linen closet. I thought everything for the store would fit there nicely. Not a chance. I still have a bunch of stuff stored in the spare bedroom, a.k.a, my sister’s old room. I had really wanted to clean that place out because, ahem, at some point (don’t get any ideas, anybody, I’m not hinting at anything) we’re going to want to use it as a second nursery. Right now, however, it’s storing treasures for the Little Big Shop. Along with the linen closet. Seeing all my stuff at once like that alerted me to the necessity to hold off on any more thrifting till I make some more sales. Boo.

After some serious closet cleaning (where I found more stuff to giveaway–if anyone’s interested!), I started on a project I’m going to be working on in the coming days and, let’s be realistic here, weeks. I took a bunch of photos of the thrift store decor in my poorly-lit home in order to (hopefully) inspire the use of thrifted items in design. And to show off some cute areas of my house. My house is beginning to look cute. It’s taken five or so years, but it’s getting there. Before we bought the house we rented an adorable one bedroom apartment. It was a dream to decorate and we really made it into something special. I never took any pictures and I regret that fact daily. I didn’t want this to be the case with our house.

So, that was my yesterday: day dreaming, organizing closets, taking & editing photos. Presumably that’s what  I did before Isobel was born but I really don’t remember. As wonderful as it was (and boy, was it wonderful) it didn’t compare to the way I felt when I saw Isobel running to greet me when I picked her up, grinning up at me and saying, “Mama.”


I’m so excited people have entered my giveaway! I’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow amid much fanfare. (I’ll blow a vuvuzela or something.) Speaking of giveaways, I have exciting! news! I am also a winner of a fantastic giveaway! I entered a giveaway for a Snorg Tee on Knit in Public a few weeks back, and guess who’s Winner By Default? ME! That’s right! The original winner never claimed their prize (sucker)  so Windsor Grace drew a new winner and this time it was me! I’m thrilled. As if I needed another reason to love Knit in Public. Thanks, Whitney!

Green Dress Giveaway!

12 Jul

Things happen when you have a baby. Some of them are unpleasant. Some of them are permanent. Take my ribcage, for example. I’m pretty sure it has doubled in size since Isobel. I didn’t notice a difference until I saw this pre-pregnancy photo of myself.

Was that really my body?! It seems impossible. Where did I put all my organs? I guess things happen when your body goes from that to this:

Something’s gotta give. In this case, it was my ribcage. I tried on all my dresses in preparation for the photoshoot and found that I could no longer fit into my favorite green dress. Boo & sadness. I totally love that dress but even if I lost 20 lbs that dress will never fit me again. It no longer closes over my ribcage. And my lady bits? Aren’t helping.

Exhibit A:

I mentioned giving this dress away on Twitter and received several interested tweets. Only one way to solve this problem: GIVEAWAY! That’s right. Only the finest previously owned merchandise for you Little Big readers.

The photo above hardly shows off the cuteness that is this dress, mostly because my body is hugely deforming it. Pay that no mind! I only wore this dress maybe three times so it’s in excellent shape. I bought it at Target when Isaac Mizrahi was doing his thing for them. It’s a size 2 but Target size 2 runs large.

The green color is just about my favorite green color ever.

The ruffled neckline pleasantly enhances the décolletage.

The buttons were my favorite part. They were so fun.

I put on the dress for the photo and I barely got out of it alive. It got kind of wrinkled.

Anyway, this is a great dress and one of my favorites and I wish I would have forseen the expansion of my ribcage and bought a large size. Oh well. This pays off for you! To enter to win the Adorable Green Dress:

1. Post a comment once, please

2. You may enter for someone else (Joes, feel free to enter to give it to Lupe! hint, hint)

3. A winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday.

Good luck to you!