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6 Oct

Over the weekend I mentioned on twitter that I do a fairly accurate Baby Jaguar impersonation due to my frequent exposure to Go, Diego, Go. When challenged to offer up proof of this, I somewhat unwisely shot this video with Isobel. Just in case you were wondering what a grown-ass woman impersonating a talking jaguar sounds like. You’re welcome. I also maybe allude to the fact Foofa sounds high. Maybe.

Notable things that also I occurred this past week: I successfully put my bestie’s toddler Kingston down for a nap, Tristina surprised me by sending me these gorgeous handwarmers, and Laura posted this hilarious video. It’s at the end, so keep scrolling down past all those adorable photos of her daughter Sonora no matter how much it makes your ovaries twinge. Anthony and I also took some time out to go to the amazing Ansel Adams exhibit at a local museum and then on a grown-up date to a local brewery.

Yesterday I posted some Halloween decoration inspiration and I threatened to name my front door gnome Marky Mark if a better suggestion wasn’t made. My favorite nominees include: Gnoman Mailer, Gnome Chomsky, Gnome Deplume, Gnome Mercy, Snooki, and Matt Damon.  Marky Mark was declared the winner, however, after it was pointed out that the rest of my gnomes would qualify as the Funky Bunch. I think I’m going to have to update my Life List to reflect this ideal.

Little Big Shop

1 Oct

Here’s what’s up in the shop:

Vintage Folk Art Apple Trivets, something about the combination of the apple shape and the folk art designs makes them irresistible.

Sunshine-y bright vintage light switch plate, I can imagine this hanging in a cheerful nursery.

Vintage Snowflake Plate,  this looks so good on my sideboard at home I might just keep it.

Soft Brown Butterfly Dish, more antique than vintage. Classic.

Vintage Glass Canisters, because storage can be lovely.


28 Sep

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

-I’d like to thank everybody for all the kind words and gestures after my small freakout the other day. I felt better almost immediately after talking through things with my husband and sharing it here. Some of it had to do with the fact that we are now officially living on one paycheck. We are used to cutting back, my whole life story is about cutting back, but it was like living with a cold hard stone in the pit of my stomach called Panic. I was also a bit lonely but that is totally fixable. Now that I’m not subjected to the both wonderful and horrible experience of having coworkers I need to be on top of my social needs. I’m excellent at taking care of Isobel, but sometimes I’m not so good at taking care of myself.

-I have been contacted by several people who told me that not only did they grow up with the Tiny Tots Tree House, but that they took their Weebles toys and played with them in the tree house. This just confirms to me that you all have more than 1970s toys in common: clearly, you all share a large amount of awesomeness.

-Yesterday I went to the local flea market with my friend Brandon and I was totally blown away by all the changes since the last time I went. When I was a little girl that market was full of everything imaginable, including a vibrant secondhand scene. Sometime after I graduated high school it became a place that sold mostly cheap new goods, various knockoffs, and produce. Something must have changed, however, because it was full of secondhand stuff, some of the roads had been repaved so it was very stroller-friendly, and better in pretty much every way. I didn’t have a lot of money with me but I bought these whales for Isobel using some change and we’ve had a great time with them. Fortunately for us, the specie name of each whale is listed in their tales, so when she calls them all “humpback whales!” we can correct her with confidence.

-Isobel and I listen to a lot of music during the day. Lately, if a song comes on that she doesn’t like she’ll say, “Mama, turn off that music! It’s too loud!” It’s like living with the most adorable old lady ever.

-I was featured on! They liked my Butternut Shiitake Risotto recipe enough to feature it along with some other fall recipes they collected. Check it out!

-I came across year old photos of Isobel’s first ride on the tricycle my friends Angela and Justin bought for her when she was still called “Peanut.” The cuteness is overwhelming.

-Anthony came home from his week long training and we pretty much spent the weekend on the couch snuggling and playing Assassin’s Creed. Which was perfect. Though we did leave the house to go to a free festival with our favorite family and a barbecue with the in-laws a few towns over. It was laid back but a lot of fun.

-I am still making tons of lists. I’ve made so many lists lately that Isobel decided to be just like Mommy and make some lists of her own.

-I’ve started getting some Halloween decorations out (I have photos for you later), and I noticed that Isobel thinks that skulls are “pirates,” probably because a skull and crossbones is the fashionable pirate’s favored accessory. Anthony and I have been working with her to explain the difference between a skull and a pirate, and she caught on right away. This morning, when Anthony wasn’t around, however, she pointed to a skull and whispered to me conspiratorially, “Mama,” she said, “that’s not a skull. That’s a pirate.”


15 Sep

The past few days I haven’t been feeling like myself. I’m wondering if I’m a bit lonely.  I’ve been WAHMing for a few months now, but it’s only really begun to sink in that I’m actually at home now. I worked for a school district for so long that I’m used to having summers off and then gearing right back up for work in the fall.

It’s strange to admit I might be lonely when I’m regularly getting out and doing stuff. Maybe it’s the day-to-day interactions (or lack thereof) that have me feeling this way. I miss the kids, mostly, and the friends at work. So it’s not like I’m sitting at home, twiddling my thumbs. I’m actually quite busy. Last weekend some friends and I had a blast at a Skirmish in Fresno. I enjoyed some Secret Eating. Isobel and I enjoy daily mini-adventures. I sent and order plus some extra birthday goodies to the lovely Sarah Sphar. I’m still shooting portrait photography and working on several projects throughout the house and online, planning a dinner party, and finishing up The Quarter Acre Farm and The Geeks Shall Inherit the Earth. Speaking of, my sunflower is blooming and we have six or seven little pumpkins on our plant. The days themselves are so full I’m relying heavily on my daily routine to fit everything in.

All of this makes me feel ridiculous to be so randomly weepy. I’m not hormonal, but I have recently struggled with some health issues and sometimes I just get down about that. I just feel a little sad, maybe a little lonely, and I don’t really know why.

In Incredibly Nice People on the Internet news, Emily Bilbrey sent us three lovely Uff Da clips for free because she knew the clips I previously purchased had a hard time hanging on to Isobel’s baby fine hair. Isobel adores them and has insisted on wearing them, all three of them, every day since they arrived in the mail. It goes without saying that I recommend her shop wholeheartedly. Thank you, Emily, from the bottom of my heart.

Isobel is a bright spot in any day, though, even when I’m feeling out of sorts. When I first stayed at home with her I noticed she had an imaginary friend. When playing she would grab two of something, anything–two spoons, to brushes, two cups–and pretend that one is Dada and one is Isobel. That’s right, her imaginary friend is Dada. That just kills me with cute. Eventually, she just started taking shortcuts and eliminated the middle man all together: she pretends the fingers on one hand is Dada and, until recently, the fingers on the other hand were named Isobel. Now they go by “Deedee,” a name she’s made up all by herself. Her TV exposure is pretty limited and we don’t know anyone with the similar name. She continues to amaze me.

I don’t want this post to just be filled primary with vague complaints, so I’m ending with something awesome. I’ve had an internet crush on this lady for quite some time, and here is one of the reasons why: it’s Mother Sucking Boob Time, people.

Little Big Shop Update

10 Sep

Here’s what’s up in the shop:

Plaid Picnic Cups, because even your glassware is burly.

Crystal Clear Glass Bowl, I use bowls like this for holding chopped chives for baked potatoes.

Green Japanese Mug Set, the perfect shade of nostalgic green.

1970s Houseplant Needlepoint, I can’t get enough vintage needlepoint right now. I have it up all over the house.

Wall Flower, pay no attention to the toddler trying to swipe it.

Shop work was derailed this week by illness, but I’ll add to the shop again in the next couple days.

Little Big Shop

3 Sep

Here’s what’s up in the shop:

Vintage Lemondrop Bowl, sunshine-colored bowl looks like it would taste like hard lemon candy. I want to lick it.

Cradle Days Vintage Baby Book, blank and in pristine condition. Click on the link to see the adorable illustrations.

Mid Century Modern Limoncello Bowl, the hand painted designs are somewhere between dandelions and atomic-looking flowers.

Fairytale Wooden Jewelry Box, waiting to hold your treasures.

Hopefully next week I’ll be able to add more items in the shop. I’ve currently been using my Etsy time to redo my storage and shipping areas to make the whole process faster in the future. Thanks for looking!

Little Big Shop

27 Aug

Here’s what I added to the shop last week:

Set of Five Blue Flower Mugs, I am in love with these. Flat out.

Petite Poppy Mug, I love the graphic nature of the bold black stalks.

Japanese Vintage Strip Mug, the palette and style of this mug give it both an authentic vintage, but also very modern, look.

Love Brings Rainbows Mug, it also brings syphilis, but that doesn’t look as good on a mug.

My computer is acting up, but hopefully Anthony can fix it by this weekend. Cross your fingers for me!

Clip Show

25 Aug

Remember when I  insulted Diego for running an episode that was at least half flashbacks? To wit,

To which my twitter wife Kristin replied:

True that, lady. Unfortunately I must be a recent convert, because today’s post is the internet version of a clip show. Praise Xenu! Some time ago I was tagged by Little Big reader Shelby Stidham to participate by listing seven of my most notable posts according to their corresponding category.

Here we go!

Most Beautiful Post: This is why we had kids. Try not to cry when you see the photos.

Most Popular Post: My most popular post was about Library Apps, which was featured on Freshly Pressed. It also lead to my first snarky comment—the high price of fame!

Most Controversial: I don’t think I have any posts that qualify, but one time my husband compared me to Dr. Dre. Just thought I’d share.

My Most Helpful: Some may point to 100 Games to Play with Baby or one of  the tutorial posts, but who are we kidding? This post teaches your baby to read ancient hieroglyphics.

Surprise Success: Remember that time I insulted Pinboard and said bad things about their moms? And then they emailed me back and were all nice and then offered librarians free accounts? Yeah. That.

Not Enough Attention: I really feel like this post didn’t get the attention from the gangster community that it deserved.

Most Proud: The time I met Anthony Bourdain was pretty awesome. Spoiler Alert! I think I found my Christmas card photo.

Typically this is the part of the meme where you tag other people to participate, but I’m really bad at these things, plus I don’t know any Scientologists, so I’d like to invite anyone reading this to join in the fun. If you want to participate, I’d love to read it!

Featured On: Make And Takes! Children’s Terrarium Tutorial

23 Aug

I am so excited today I an hardly stand it: today I am a guest poster for Make and Takes Summer Camp series! I have been avidly reading and voraciously bookmarking Make and Takes for over a year, so imagine my excitement when I found out I could create a children’s terrarium tutorial as a guest poster.

Check out the post here.

I have loved this blog even before I had Isobel. Though a large part of the site is geared for or with children, you don’t have to be a parent to find inspiration and wonderful ideas there. Craft ideas, inspiration, and food–I’ve pinned the hell out of that website on Pinterest and saved hundreds of bookmarks and now I hope someone will take inspiration from my post.

Head on over to read my Children’s Terrarium Tutorial. And give me a high-five while you’re at it.

Little Big Vintage

14 Aug

Here’s what happened this week over at the Little Big Vintage Shop:

Wooden Owl, perfect for a nursery.

Vintage Tray with Starburst Pattern, I bought this for myself but it won’t fit in my bathroom.

Set of Four Green Cloth Napkins, I don’t often find sets.

Fine China Pop Plate, I have a weakness for thrifted items I cannot explain. This is one of those items.

White and Gold Calendar Plates, be still my heart.

Mod Flower Vase Mugs, It’s a vase! It’s a mug! It’s adorable!

Turquoise Milk Glass Mug, it’s Tiffany Blue–what’s not to like?

I’m trying to post an item to my shop at least once every week day. I have hundreds of items in storage that I need to get online and in the hands of people who love and appreciate vintage as much as I do. Every Saturday I’m going to be posting the week’s finds here, plus information about sales and specials I am running.