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Scrapbook: Ramen for Lunch

4 Sep

See that little cloud bag? That’s the bag I pack Isobel’s snacks or lunch and water in when we go out on adventures. Sometimes she can’t wait and as soon as we pull away from the drive way she opens it and starts rummaging around for snacks.

Today she decided that she was going to pack her own lunch this time and started piling it full of Top Ramen packets, which she has, on more than one occasion, offered to make for me.

Isobel, will you share your ramen with me?


Thrift Store Score: Vintage Books

1 Sep

The 1970s was a good decade, my friends. Among other things, that period of time produced colorful polyester shirts, a harvest gold refrigerator from our previous apartment that was so solidly built it could withstand a nuclear winter, and, oh yeah, me. I was only there to witness two and a half months of it, but considering I didn’t sleep very much of that time it must have been amazing.

When I’m thrifting I always give the book sections, at the very least, a cursory look, because even though we’ve run out of shelf space in our home library long ago, I’m a sucker for vintage books.

This book on making paper airplanes particularly called out to me, as it has several elements of things I love: it’s crafty, thrifty, and features fantastic illustrations of kids from the 70s.

I’m trying to convince myself to sell it, but I need to learn how to make my paper plane do some sweet tricks first.

This next score goes out to all the nerds I love: a complete set of Marvel Super Hero RPG books, including the DM screen, which in this system is referred to as the “Judge’s Screen.” This is an epic find my friends, as my husband has been looking for these online and finding them to be pricey. In fact, right before we stopped at the yard sale that had them I believe he said, “This yearly yard sale never has anything good. I swear we go just out of nostalgia.”

I think I made him take that back about fifteen times because I am a mature individual.

These actually might be from the early 80s, a decade I consider to be largely a blight on humanity with a few notable exceptions: Nintendo, Unicorns, and, oh, the birth of my husband. Things I am not crazy about include most of the fashion, which as we all know has come back into style and was vomited back in my face on a daily basis when I worked in the library.

But I digress. These books gave my husband a nerd boner and there is no way he is parting with them, so I won’t be listing them in the shop.

Lastly, I found this wonderful pre-digital, pre-Photoshop SLR photography book. My Dad has a Canon SLR that he used to capture my childhood, and if I ask very nicely I’m hoping he’ll let me experiment with it one day.

My friend Jose seems to have the best luck finding amazing vintage books on a regular basis, but every now and then I surprise myself.

Thrifty Living: Ballerinas

30 Aug

I was lucky enough to grow up near three of my cousins, and I have such fond memories playing with them. We used to play the same three or four games over and over, the type of games which only make sense to you as a child. They changed somewhat as we grew older, but I remember one game we could only play when my aunt was watering the flowerbeds, and one game involved following vacuum cleaner tracks through the carpet like they were a maze. The best game, however, involved the record player in my cousins’ bedroom.

They were very grown up, in my eyes, to have such a thing in their bedroom. It was a 1970s harvest gold children’s model and next to it sat a bunch of random 45s, some that read storybooks and some that were music. Our favorite thing to do would be to cue up the “scary” record,and the person who was “It” would cover themselves in a blanket and chase the rest of us around the room. The scary song in question was actually the Hall & Oates single Maneater. I guess we assumed that “Maneater” was a type of monster.

Many years later and here I am bringing my daughter to my cousins house to play. The 45s are long gone but Isobel’s cousin’s bedroom is filled with various musical instruments including guitars, keyboards, and the drum set Isobel loves so much.

The game they like to play is called “ballerinas,” and it involves raiding Victoria’s tutu stash and spinning in a circle for twenty minutes while giggling, squealing and saying “whoa whoa whoa WHOA!”

Every once in a while they stopped for an impromptu drum solo.

I’m going to have to keep my eye out for tutus while thrifting, I think. A game like this, with or without cousins, guarantees a good nap later.

Afterwards they decided it was time to play make up. Isobel is an old pro at this as she’s been putting on make up with me every morning while I get ready. We keep her make up brush in in the bathroom, though, but after this I bought her a few to play with around the house, which lead to an awesome game I’ll show you later.

Victoria was very patient with Isobel, as she was still refining her technique.

Not the eyes, Isobel! Watch the eyes!

I should find these girls a record player.

Scrapbook: Anthony’s Nap

20 Aug

Anthony had a late night one weekend.

Anthony: What are you doing?

Me: I’m putting this mushroom next to you and taking your picture.

Anthony: Why?

Me: Because you’re adorable when you’re sleepies! Also you remind me of my garden gnome.

Anthony: …

Me: *click click click*

Anthony: …

Scrap Book: Witch Hat Visit

10 Aug

I’ve been using my powers to thrifting to put together an awesome dress up chest (as per my Life List) and Isobel is just entering the perfect age to really enjoy it. One of her favorite things is this witch hat, which actually isn’t thrifted but was certainly a thrifty find. We bought it about a year ago from the dollar bin at Target even though money was really tight. She looked so adorable in it then and is still adorable now. Seriously, you should click on over to see the cuteness, if for no other reason than to see the Herp Derp Awareness button the grumblies made me.

Sometimes she likes to wear items from her dress up chest when we go on errands, and it usually ends up being one of her many necklaces. This time, however, she insisted on wearing her witch hat to Papa and Ama’s.

When your kid decides to be this awesome, you just have to get out of their way.

Scrapbook: Babysitting Kingston

9 Aug

Forgive the lack of words here lately. I’ve been experiencing an unpleasant flare up of my Crohn’s disease and it’s left me depleted. I’m doing all the things I know to do that generally helps my body back to its own state of normal, but sometimes these things take time. I’m trying to be patient with me.

Recently my bestie and her husband worked on the arduous task of dismantling their entire house and moving all of their worldly possessions into a new home a few miles away. Really, just thinking about moving makes me tired, so I figured the least I could do is babysit their son for them for a few hours.

All of this happened, however, while my husband was out of town, which makes me insane for volunteering to watch two toddlers all by myself. Kingston immediately got to work breaking all the things:

Ha! I got news for you, kid! I have cats and a toddler myself, so all the things that could be destroyed already have been. Long ago.  Take that, Danger Baby!

When I asked Isobel what she was doing in this picture, she responded, “Exercise.”

I hope Kingston had as much fun as we did. Isobel and I slept very well that night.

Scrapbook: Hanging Out

6 Aug

Scrapbook: San Jose Children’s Museum

25 Jul

During Anthony’s recent vacation we went to San Jose for two reasons: first and foremost, to visit with our friends Jose and Lupe,  to sleep on their floor and rifle through their artwork, but secondly, to take Isobel to the Children’s Discovery Museum.

The beauty of this museum is that nothing is off limits. Everything is meant to be touched, explored, and climbed upon.  The museum celebrates curiosity and imaginative play. There were kids everywhere, naturally, and children of all ages and development were engaged by the displays.

I know the photo below is really terrible, but they even had a designated area for crawlers, creepers, and scooters to explore and play in a minimally-dangerous way. I used to WISH AND HOPE AND PRAY TO SWEET BABY SIR PICARD JESUS for a place like this near my house. Not that I live anywhere near San Jose, I just imagined a place like this but thought it didn’t exist. I think someone should pass a law that there should be three of these per hundred babies throughout the nation.

Some areas of the museum were more popular than others, which was nice. Isobel liked playing with the other kids, but I liked having more individual time with her as well.

The photo below is also a totally crappy shot, but it was the only one I took of the pizza area, and that place was so cool I had to show you, crappy picture and all. They had an area set aside with plastic vegetables and plastic cheese pizzas and tables and plastic pitchers and an oven and a register and basically all the things a child needs to open up their own pizza place. That girl with the pony tail? She was the ring leader, directing all the toddlers in their pizza shop duties, clearing tables and taking orders, and generally being Miss Bossypants. This area was awesome.

You can kind of see the pizza area in the background of this shot. Also the girl in the car was mean, but I’m happy to say she was only negative kid experience of the day. Well, except for the girl that screamed in Isobel’s face, causing a Meltdown of Terror. But that girl came and apologized whereas this girl remained Car Nazi forever.

We had this rainbow hologram room all to our selves, which was nice. It reminded me of very early parts of my relationship with Anthony.

The mammoth room was another deserted area, and Isobel played in there with these animals all by herself for a really long time.

This sand table was a one of our favorites. I’d love to have something like this at home, but it would be used as a litterbox immediately, I am sure.

The kids in this area were very good at sharing. Especially because the adults were very attentive. Involved parents make for great kids. That’s just how it is.

The cafeteria had a lot of healthy options, but Anthony and I split a pizza. It wasn’t bad if you like lots of puffy bread with a little bit of cheese and sauce. I should have gone for the chicken bowl.

Isobel’s absolute most favorite thing that we had to keep going back for was driving the ambulance. She LOVES driving and now asks to drive our car at every chance she gets. There were times when I was loading her into the car for swimming lessons and she’d say, “Mama, you sit. I drive,” and then I had to convince her that as the responsible, legal, licensed adult it was my duty to drive her around, not vice versa.

My god did she love driving.

I like how she feels free to just stand up while driving. She’s all, “JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! I’ll BRB.”

Her second favorite thing was playing in the water table room. You’ll notice from the photos that that room was almost all boys. I’d say we had a 90% testosterone level in that room. Isobel didn’t care and almost certainly didn’t notice.

She got to organize and sort balls and watch them flow through tubes and splash in pools.

Look at the pure joy in that face.

The apron was way too big for her and Anthony had to keep adjusting it and putting it back on.

She didn’t like the toddler water area as much as she liked the big kid water area. Too many threats of getting splashed in the face. DO NOT WANT.

And this is how we know that the museum was a success: before we were out of the parking lot, she was done for the day. I wish we lived closer, because I would visit the hell out of that museum if we did. It’s $30 per person to get in (including children) and worth every penny.

Flip Book: Kiss

24 Jul

Kissing Mama while driving an ambulance at the

San Jose Children’s Discovery Museum. More to come  next week.

Follow Friday – My Pixie

22 Jul

Isobel has gone thorough many nicknames in her life (many of them invoking images of baked goods), but recently I’ve most often referred to her as “Pixie.” My recent favorite iPhone photos adorn today’s post.

I suppose I should come clean about my Big Secret. You are so going to roll your eyes and smack your head and think uncharitable things about me when you find out what all the fuss was about. I tried to prepare you, I mean, look at that hashtag! I have been solo parenting all week while my husband was away on business. Ta… da? Anyway, I wanted to vent about the difficulties of doing this by myself and mope that I missed him, but the last time he went away on business I not only called a complete stranger to wish them Happy Birthday at 6:30 in the morning, I also received several very worried emails and DMs about posting this kind of thing on the internet. Point taken, friends! I’m sharing this with you now because by the time you’re reading this he will be home and we will be engaging in massive amounts of PDA.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

badbanana People of Earth, an announcement. I just purchased a humongous megaphone.

MightyQuinn72 My phone says it’s “97” which must be it’s age in phone years cause I got it a year ago it’s already acting like a senile old man.

Sondeera If someone hasn’t coined the term “horrorscope” and started a gothic-bent horoscope site, America is officially pointless.

slackmistress For all of you not living in the moment, please take a second out of your day to tell me what time travel is like.

shariv67 When you’re a teen, you’re all, “You don’t own me!” Then you grow up, and the bank is all, “Oh yes, we do.”

KeepingYouAwake When typing “threesome?” into a chat window, regardless of context, exercise caution to be sure it’s the right window

bebehblog I have been trying to practice my conversation skills, but it turns out “So what is your blog about?” doesn’t work on normal people.

MeganBoley I didn’t think it was possible to make pulled pork seem unappetizing to me. But Subway has somehow managed to do it.

WiGovPR I once felt bad that I had no shoes until I met a man who had a Republican governor.

steenyweeny rip steenyweeny. died trapped on her floor and was eaten by a cat who could update tweetdeck to tell you all.

sarcasmically Love is not eating the last canoli. Then again, intelligence is not leaving the last canoli unattended, SUCKA.


LPCookbook I sure could use some icebox cake. For dinner.

TheRedQueen @exlibris honey badger is your new porn name BTW.

Gen_with_a_G Humidity is so high, every time we go out the 2 year old asks confusedly “Is it raining?” And then my hair frizzes out like a clown wig.

louisvirtel My friend tells me that Khloe is “the coolest Kardashian sister.” That’s like being the funniest Menendez brother.

macleanbrendan When Twitter is down I go to the nearest cave and yell banal observations just to hear the echo: It’s Mother Nature’s retweet.

swedishpancake my house is no longer balls hot. now it’s just balls kinda warm.

shiraselko Rupert Murdoch will probably just go back to his former job – the old, bad guy at the end of Scooby-Doo episodes.

CcSteff My baby is the cutest, whiniest Roomba ever.

LouisPeitzman The new Rebecca Black single displays the same lack of self-awareness with none of the catchy riffs. We, we, we not excited. We not excited.

msbellows “Dead Whistleblowers” would be a good name for a band.

MightyQuinn72 I’m going to go kick my immune system in the balls now.
I mean workout in the hotel gym.

theleanover Radiation Is The River Of The World #ATomicWaits

InfiniteChickenAll Stripped Down For Decontamination #ATomicWaits

theleanover I Don’t Want To Grow Flippers #ATomicWaits

InfiniteChicken Acid Rain Dogs #ATomicWaits

modinkpeeb “Come On Up to The House (We Have Lead Curtains)” #ATomicWaits

EvenMoreSarah I haven’t had a Diet Coke today. As a reward please buy me a Diet Coke.

tristina_wright No, YOU got into the pear cider for lunch.

KeepingYouAwake It’s 10:30 and still nearly 90F on the thermometer in the kitchen, with striking humidity. I’m in hell, but how’d I die?

clasticdetritus If I were Obama I’d propose adding Reagan to Mt. Rushmore just to see the mangled argument Republicans come up with to oppose it.

MrWordsWorth When I am on hold on the phone, I see how much of Stairway to Heaven I can sing before I am finally put through.

theneener The last piece of leftover pizza I ate today made me feel weird inside.

sucittaM Dad always said “Time to hit the sack!” before bed. Not sure how getting punched in the testicles helped him sleep, but that was just dad.



ProfessorSnack Sent an e-mail to a friend who still uses a Juno address. I made static and screeching noises with my mouth during the sending process.

hellnope Gettin’ two birds stoned at once.

antigone_spit Pardon me, I have to go eat a burrito. #UsingTwitterToItsFullPotential

giraffrocentric Don’t post shirtless photos of your new boyfriend if you don’t want me to comment about his great tits and then Like my own comment.

Caissie Oh, you’re hung like a horse? That’s so cool! I have a gaping horse vagina! #WhatIWishISaid

Brain_Wash An NPR t-shirt at a farmer’s market is like a tramp stamp at a strip club.

loganfountain “hey there’s that weird lady” – neighbor-kid wearing only underwear sitting in a rain puddle

TwoAdults Husband commented on the size of my ice cream bowl. I gave him gestures a trucker would be proud of.

KeepingYouAwake Sometimes, when I’m at a loss for words, I just make explosion sounds.

killorn In Dying Alone news, I’m currently baking a birthday cake for a dog.

thejohnblog Ugh. My dog has so many fleas, his belly looks the ‘Marauder’s Map.’

markleggett My cat doesn’t like it when I “boop” her nose with my finger, but I’m not doing it for her benefit.

GeorgeTakei We can grow an artificial trachea with nanotechnology and stem cells, but we can’t make an escalator that isn’t broken half the time.

ApocalypseHow Wait, remind me again: Which one is Carmageddon, and which one is Jeep Impact?

TheNextMartha My kids are screaming at each other in the basement. I should close the door.

badbanana If you’re a British actor & you weren’t in at least 1 Harry Potter film, it’s time for a little self-evaluation.

littlest_liu Having a puppy or small children in your home may make you ask questions like, “Why is there a ketchup bottle in my underwear?”

BtotheD “Transformers 3” was a turd excreted by another turd, in a car with the windows rolled up in the middle of the summer.

FriedWords It would help if they taught English majors how to center the cheese on a McDonald’s cheeseburger.

ProfessorSnack I don’t multi-task all that well. I think being disappointing on 3 social media platforms is about my limit.

ecsuperhero Driving under the speed limit because I have precious cargo: three dozen cupcakes. Oh, and my kids.

TheBlackStar The Yo Gabba Gabba Share episode only reaffirms my theory that all of the trees are major pot heads.

TravonFree General MotorsHead #carmageddonbands

TravonFree Black Saabath #carmageddonbands

theleanover Public Transit Enemy #carmaggedonBands

pppapaya Iron and Winnebago #carmaggedonBands

theleanover Duran Durango #carmaggedonBands

theleanover They Might Be Jettas #carmaggedonBands

theleanover A Tribe Called Nissan Quest #carmaggedonBands

theleanover The Highwaymen #carmaggedonBands

theleanover The Black Kias #carmaggedonBands

theleanover Run GMC #carmaggedonBands

LaurenGberg Ford Non Blondes #carmaggedonBands

LaurenGberg Pavement #carmaggedonBands

theneener We’re watching a YouTube video about “Mexican Pointy Boots.” This is my Friday night.

slackmistress You’d think I’d be much thinner with the amount of food I drop in my cleavage.

thegrumbles there’s a sister act 2 bot. apparently.

emirkr I will be buried in a spring loaded casket filled with confetti, and a future archeologist will have one awesome day at work.

letsdiefriends Just successfully applied mascara with a 1-year old in my lap. #livingontheedge

ohrebecca Told Frankie that maybe I’d paint his nails for him. He gave me a baleful, but not entirely intolerant, look. Good dog.

jack_p Harry Potter is about doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend. -Stephen King

jenstatsky Just heard the bad news: J. Lo and Marc Anthony are both famous people.

keli_h @exlibris I do not care about number of followers I just want to make THE FAVORITES POST.

supDawgiHerd You will pay for your sins. If you have already paid, please disregard this message.

HarrisDanow Weird day. I discover @JudyBlume‘s on Twitter, and then ten minutes later FINALLY get my first period.

LLA_Princess Drunk. Eating kettle corn. Watching Harry Potter. Living the dream.

IamMsMoneypenny I still believe in chivalry, like the man paying for the flowers and the dinner, and then, like, paying for other stuff, too.

chickenscottpie The spontaneous cheers coming from sports tournament near my house makes me feel like I’m doing a really good job editing this story.

HipsterMermaid I’m going to write such an angry letter to Netflix about their prices – as soon as I finish everything in my queue.

mrfaulty Y’all realize that the internet runs on people stupid enough to click on banner ads?

NASeason I need an “It Gets Better” campaign for newbornhood.

Superfluously I’ll sleep when my phone’s dead.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.