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Featured On: Make And Takes! Children’s Terrarium Tutorial

23 Aug

I am so excited today I an hardly stand it: today I am a guest poster for Make and Takes Summer Camp series! I have been avidly reading and voraciously bookmarking Make and Takes for over a year, so imagine my excitement when I found out I could create a children’s terrarium tutorial as a guest poster.

Check out the post here.

I have loved this blog even before I had Isobel. Though a large part of the site is geared for or with children, you don’t have to be a parent to find inspiration and wonderful ideas there. Craft ideas, inspiration, and food–I’ve pinned the hell out of that website on Pinterest and saved hundreds of bookmarks and now I hope someone will take inspiration from my post.

Head on over to read my Children’s Terrarium Tutorial. And give me a high-five while you’re at it.


His & Her Terrariums

21 Jul

I’m not going to keep everybody in suspense… the winner of last week’s Vintage Terrarium book giveaway is…  laurenarnsman! Congratulations! Email me your address so I can send you this terrarium book goodness.

Recently I made two more terrariums. One for my friend Justin’s birthday, and another much smaller one, for his wife Angela’s desk at work. I haven’t seen her desk, but I can just tell it needs some pimping.

The one is Angela’s. It’s petite and adorable. It’s next to a jam jar to show scale. It’s pretty small, making it perfect for a cramped office desk.

I apparently can’t take any photo of a terrarium these days without one of my cats photobombing it. Thanks, Poppy.

"Don't mention it, asshole!"

This larger one is Justin’s, and since it was his birthday, I added a moose figurine. Or maybe it’s an elk. I don’t really know.

This terrarium is the typical goldfish bowl variety.

It was really fun to make. Terrariums are just a lot of fun in general.

I guess Jupiter was feeling left out.