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Best of 2011: Scrapbook

29 Dec

These are my favorite Scrapbook and Adventure posts from 2011.


Little Big Links: Random Faves

4 Dec

There’s been kind of a lot going on in the past two days: appointments at the Cancer Center (wherein I found out I probably do not have a new, additional serious health problem), a new phone (finally! I’ve waited years!), Christmas decorating, a parade, friends over, and other things I’ve probably forgotten due to all the activity.  Enjoy some very awesome links I’ve been saving.

Onion article: Silvio Berlusconi Gets Penis Stuck In Wine Bottle Stuck In Prostitute

One of the best things I’ve read, ever: Breaking Dawn, Dress the Vampire Fetus and the Headboard

T-shirt: Hench 4 Life

For fans of This American Life: Ira Glass’ Sex Tape

Isobel’s Current Favorite Youtube Videos:

Home Movie: The Power of Cute

17 Nov

This is how Isobel ends up with a purse full of straws.

Scrapbook: Halloween Carnival

8 Nov

This is the last Halloween post I’ll inflict on you until 2012. Swearsies. I know this makes post #4 involving Isobel dressed up as our favorite witch, but at least this time you get to see my bestie’s son dressed as Max from Where the Wild Things Are. I only got this one crappy photo of the full outfit, which was entirely handmade, freaking adorable, and easily the best costume at the carnival.

I should have switched to manual to avoid the focus problems but I was so focused on taking the damn photo before he ripped the hood off entirely that this is what I get.

In true nerdly fashion, Anthony and I dressed as Starfleet Officers for Halloween. I think we may have been nerdier than the family of five who dressed up as actual nerds for the occasion. Nevermind all that, though, because my husband would make a sexy starbase engineer. Set phasers to stunning, put it on the main viewer, and make it so.

What you may or may not notice about my costume is that although it fit around me just fine it was too short lengthwise, resulting in some rather hilarious highwater pants action and supposedly long sleeves that stopped mid-forearm. I spent the grater part of the night being uncomfortably aware of my crotch, as the inseam was an inch or two too short for comfort. The frustrating part is I doubt a size up would have fit me in that regulation Starfleet body-skiming way.

We were invited to this carnival because Angela’s Grandma was running the cookie decorating booth and there we discovered that Justin had an unknown talent for the frosted arts. He should really change professions, don’t you think?

He has a gift.

Aside from the cookies at the decorating table, Isobel was so content running around and ‘playing with kids’ that she didn’t think about the candy in her jack-o’-lantern.

Kingston found true love with his balloon.

And, in my final Halloween hurrah until next year, here’s a video Justin took of the kids decorating cookies while I tell an animated story to Angela. I think it was about Taco Bell.


6 Oct

Over the weekend I mentioned on twitter that I do a fairly accurate Baby Jaguar impersonation due to my frequent exposure to Go, Diego, Go. When challenged to offer up proof of this, I somewhat unwisely shot this video with Isobel. Just in case you were wondering what a grown-ass woman impersonating a talking jaguar sounds like. You’re welcome. I also maybe allude to the fact Foofa sounds high. Maybe.

Notable things that also I occurred this past week: I successfully put my bestie’s toddler Kingston down for a nap, Tristina surprised me by sending me these gorgeous handwarmers, and Laura posted this hilarious video. It’s at the end, so keep scrolling down past all those adorable photos of her daughter Sonora no matter how much it makes your ovaries twinge. Anthony and I also took some time out to go to the amazing Ansel Adams exhibit at a local museum and then on a grown-up date to a local brewery.

Yesterday I posted some Halloween decoration inspiration and I threatened to name my front door gnome Marky Mark if a better suggestion wasn’t made. My favorite nominees include: Gnoman Mailer, Gnome Chomsky, Gnome Deplume, Gnome Mercy, Snooki, and Matt Damon.  Marky Mark was declared the winner, however, after it was pointed out that the rest of my gnomes would qualify as the Funky Bunch. I think I’m going to have to update my Life List to reflect this ideal.

Home Movies: Vintage Isobel Plays Peekaboo

13 Aug

This video kills me every time. Especially because you can see her struggling with curtain mechanics at a few points. Hilarious. She’s about eleven months here.

Home Movies: Washing the Pachas

30 Jul

You are going to have to excuse Isobel’s crazy hair for this. She had just woken up and we were finishing up breakfast when she decided it was her turn to “wash the pachas.” (Pacha is Spanish for bottle.)

I took these photos but kept cracking up at her attitude. I knew I had to get a video. She was so serious and got to work rinsing and stacking the pachas like she has seen us do a million times. What got me is how serious she was about the whole thing. She is helping, don’t you know.

Home Movies: The Bike

23 Jul

Our neighbors had a yard sale and gave us this sweet bike for free. Enjoy these two short videos of Isobel pushing Kingston on the bike!

Thrift Store Score: Tambourine

8 Jun

I’ve been putting together a collection of musical instruments for Isobel. Not all of them have been thrifted but I’ve seen many available second hand so I could have easily put a whole set together while thrifting. Last Christmas her Grandparents gave her a drum and we bought her a little piano. Over time we’ve gathered whistles and bells and little egg shakers. Here she is dancing to “Life Goes On” while alternately dancing and shaking some maracas. She can’t hande doing both at the same time, so she has to frequently pause to switch. She’s only about a year old and it is nearly fatal levels of cute, so watch at your own risk.

Recently we found this awesome tambourine for a dollar while yardsaling. It’s missing a few tiny cymbals but it works great. I love that it’s not a toy, it’s a real tambourine, so it chimes pleasantly when you shake it. When my Uncle stopped by for a visit he pulled out his guitar and played “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” for an hour or two while Isobel sang and shook the tambourine.

That dollar was well spent.


29 May

Isobel sings most of the ABCs till she gets distracted. She also does a pretty good chorus of “Don’t Bite Your Friends” from Yo Gabba Gabba.