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Scrapbook: Team Mismatch

9 Oct

We live in a college town and our house is situated less than a mile away from the university. One of the houses on our street was rented out to a bunch of college dudes. Although they weren’t a fraternity, hey were all affiliated with each other through a love of drag racing and some of them got matching vinyl stickers on their cars declaring them members of Team Mismatch. Which Anthony and I thought was hilarious, seeing as how the stickers matched, but anyway. Speaking of mismatching…

Isobel’s latest quirk is her insistence upon wearing two different shoes. It’s like she woke up one day and realized, hey, I don’t have to choose between my two favorite shoes like a sucker! I can wear both! Although I have taken her to storytime at the library with two different shoes before I can usually convince her to wear a matching pair of shoes if she can at least wear mismatched socks.

It’s not that I mind the ridiculousness of toddler fashion. My mom is quite fond of reminding me about a time when I was two years old and I would not leave the house to go to the doctor’s office without my GIANT Elton John-esque sunglasses, my Halloween jack-o-lantern (it was July), and my favorite tee shirt which read, “I Am One-of-a-Kind!”

It’s that she always chooses one shoe that is at least two sizes too big. That can’t be comfortable, and besides, it keeps falling off.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by this behavior, given my predilection for interesting outfits and Isobel’s history of wearing bunny ears to the grocery store, dressing up fancy to wait for the garbage man, or donning her witch hat to visit the grandparents.

It’s obvious she’s already way cooler than I am.