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Little Big Gifts – Vintage Collection

22 Nov

It’s taken many an Isobel nap time to complete, but my latest collection, Little Big Gifts, is up in the shop and ready to go. In this collection I’m featuring small gifts that are inexpensively priced that would make great gifts for the holiday season and perfect stocking stuffers. I’m also hoping that the non-celebrating amongst you will also be interested in this collection simply because they are cute pieces that I’ve priced them attractively as well.

You’ll notice the glass bubble try in the first photo. How I love that petite little tray. There’s something about the circular pattern that is so wonderfully vintage yet so perfectly suited for a modern home. It would be great as a tray to hold outgoing mail or jewlery.

This tiny wooden frame holds a delicate yet perfect scene of Japanese fishermen.

Ever interested in ways to pimp my desk or office, this colorful needlepoint would brighten up any space.

The Parthenon. You don’t get more vintage than ancient Greek ruins now, do you?

Avocado Pyrex? Yes, please.

This Mid Century Mod bowl features the rare “Starlight” pattern and was made in Bavaria.

My mom tried to convince me not to sell this lapis-colored peacock dish because it was “too pretty.”

As you can see, Isobel really likes this plastic daisy.

I use bowls like this emerald green and crystal clear one for cat food bowls. Luxurious!

This tiny, Japanese sparrow-vase could also pimp out a desk with vintage class.

Vintage Avon. Happy Holidays.

Last but certainly not least, we have the Austrian Heraldic plate. Nothing says “badass” like a two-headed eagle.

I have several more items in the shop besides these and I will be adding more as we progress toward the holidays. I hope you check them out.

Thank you so much for your support of me and my shop. I really appreciate all the kind words. It keeps me going. Truly. Think handmade or vintage for the holidays this year!


The Little Big Shop: Autumn Collection

13 Oct

Even though the weather only occasionally agrees with me, fall is indeed here and I am excited to announce the first collection from the Little Big shop on Etsy: The Autumn Collection. I’ve been selling vintage items online through my show for awhile but what I have been looking forward to is featuring collections based on a specific theme. Fall is one of my favorite times of year and this collection features my love autumnal brass, rich leather, and owls.

Three brass leaves have an earthy patina and come ready to hang on the wall.

This brass lotus plate would make a stunning centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table. It has a natural patina from age but could be easily polished to a golden shine.

This adjustable brass necklace is the perfect accessory for going out or just going to the store, and would make a great addition to a Cleopatra or Egyptian-themed Halloween costume. A little polish and it would also shine brightly.

I love this avocado green set of Japanese ceramic mugs. They are perfect for cider or hot chocolate.

The design is really lovely and they are in great shape.

Perfect for a fall picnic.This supple steer-hide camera case is also a perfect purse. I use a vintage camera case for my purse except it has a zipper. I took this case for a test drive and the snap closure on this case was much more convenient than the zip-top of my case. The leather is thick and lovely.

This adorable owl statue is actually an unopened Avon perfume bottle. I have the box it came in and it’s lovely, too.

It would look great on a desk or bookshelf.

This brass leaf plate is thick and solid and heavy. It would be great as a dish to serve nuts or candy or to hold your necklaces and bracelet.

I love the way it looks with the lotus plate.

The details on it are lovely.

This jewelry box was made in Japan but it looks like it comes straight from a fairytale.

Instead of a lid that lifts up it has two drawers that slide out. It would make a charming gift for someone expecting a girl.

These plaid glasses are already up in the shop, but I had to include them in the fall set.

I haven’t seen suncatchers like this in awhile.

Two perfect owl trivets or wall decor.

Owl napkin holder could also hold letters, cards, or papers on a desk.

This handpainted owl plaque is so cute.

My friend Stefanie gave me this vintage suede and faux-fur rust colored coat for the shop. It’s completely gorgeous and perfect for fall.

It’s a little large for me so I’ll need to get sizing information. But it’s really stunning.

It’s lined with a silky burnt-orange material.

Finally I found this vintage owl wall hanging and candle sconce. I believe they were originally gold or another color and their previous owner painted them a shiny, lacquered black. Perfect for Halloween.

The candle sconce is a nice large size and would look good as a seasonal decoration or out all year round.

I have a whole closet of thrifted items awaiting their turn in the shop. Stop by the shop to check it out. Thanks for looking!

Thrift Store Score: Autumn Collection

9 Oct

Normally I post a recent Thrift Store Score on Saturdays, but today I am working on getting a special Autumn Collection up in my shop. I hope to feature about 15 autumn-inspired thrifted pieces of decor and servingware and clothing. I have a baby shower to go to in the early afternoon but after that I’m planning a special photoshoot for this collection.

Welcome, fall. I missed you.

Little Big Shop Update

5 Jul

I had a few baby-free hours this weekend and I used those to add a whole bunch of new stuff to my shop, including

Vintage playing cards

A set of six hand-painted Japanese bowls

A vintage, mint-condition baby book

A set of fern mugs

A heart-shaped wire fruit bowl

A rainbow vase collection

A set of vintage glass storage jars

A Japanese owl vase

A 1970s wall decor set

A gorgeous mod bowl

And another great vintage bowl

Thanks for looking, and I hope to keep adding more awesome thrift store finds soon!

Little Big Shop Update

29 Jun

I am bouncing in my chair right now as I type this (hasn’t hurt my accuracy none, 70 wpm HOLLA!) because I am so excited. I’m excited whenever I have a moment to work on adding stuff to the shop, but I am doubly excited because I have another sale. I’m not surprised that these plates sold, rather, I’m more surprised that I sold them. Because I definitely contemplated keeping them. Only my lack of storage in my toddler-filled house convinced me otherwise. Here are the gorgeous plates my friend Laurel will be recieving in a mock setting:

I hope she invites me over to eat off them (hint, hint).

Other things I added to the shop was a cafe curtain I originally intended for Isobel’s room, a delicate pink glass vase that I also thought about keeping, some adorable Malaysian bird glasses, and three vintage dishes. That I also thought about keeping.

Let me be honest: I think about keeping all of it. But some I definitely think about keeping certain items more than others.

I always envision uses for the things I find, perhaps that’s why they are so hard to let go. But I try to translate my idea to the photo so hopefully whomever purchases the item will be inspired. For example,

Vintage Desk Organizer

Jewelry holders:

Floral centerpiece:

Oh, and last shop update I totally forgot to talk about the Egyptian themed-vase, which a kind commenter pointed out was a vintage Jim Beam bottle.

Baby is due back from Grandma’s so I’m going to wrap this up. I’m super, super excited to reveal Round 2 of the Little Big Shop. Believe me, my sister’s bedroom is still full of stuff I need to photograph and list, so there’s more where this came from!