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Home Movies: Vintage Isobel Plays Peekaboo

13 Aug

This video kills me every time. Especially because you can see her struggling with curtain mechanics at a few points. Hilarious. She’s about eleven months here.

Scrapbook: The Doves’ Nest

21 Jun

My parents have a family of doves that decided one of my Mom’s hanging baskets would be a nice place to raise a family.

They chose the middle basket of the three. There’s at least one hatched baby living comfortably amongst the leaves. Isobel adores them. Whenever we go over there now she wants to see the “birdie mama basket.”

My parents watch as the male and female take turns, tending and guarding the hatchling, or flying away to find food. It’s totally acclimated to my parents and their dogs. My Mom waters plants next to and underneath it, and my Dad has mown the lawn, all without them batting an eye.

Don’t tell Jupiter.

Little Big Links: Hair Clips

1 Jun

So, I guess I’m still talking about Easter. I guess this is just an example of how busy I’ve been, and how busy every parent must be, for that matter. Anyway, during the Easter holiday I decided that Isobel’s unruly locks needed some cute hairclips, if not to tame it than at least to accessorize it. After an exhaustive search through Etsy I settled on these poppy clips by my twitter friend Emily Bilbrey. I think hair accessories are the perfect sort of gift for a girl’s Easter basket because they are budget-friendly and are a more modern and fun take on the Easter hat tradition. Next year I plan to get my stuff together and fill her basket with handmade goodness.

Here she is modeling the clip while playing her current favorite game: seatbelt. It’s where she takes a cord or a string or a shoelace or a cat toy or anything she can get her hands on (in this case, an actual belt) and makes it into her “seatbelt.” It’s not enough to strap herself in. She’ll attempt to strap every stuffed animal or toy in the nearby radius in with her. This will usually keep her occupied for a good ten minutes.

Also please note her unicorn is wearing pants. If you were to ask, Isobel would tell you that there are two kinds of pants in this world: 1. pants that are pink, and 2. pants that are too tight. She’s pretty much refusing to wear anything that isn’t pink at this point and if you try to even suggest wearing pants that are <gasp> brown, or blue, or any other color but pink, she will emphatically tell you no! Too tight! Pants too tight! PINK ONES! One day Isobel couldn’t decide between #1 pink pants and #2 pink pants so she asked my mom to put the extra pants on Unico2.

We were really hoping Isobel would win the genetic lottery and receive (among other things) Anthony’s family’s thick lustrous hair. No such luck. I’ll forever be apologizing to her for this. She did however get Anthony’s eyelashes, a total win. That’s why she’s wearing two clips–she needs extra clipping power.

I really think Emily’s shop is the best place to find adorable children’s hair clips (and crowns, and other fun things). I searched all through Etsy and it was still my favorite. But I did find several other cute hair clips to share with you.

Poppy Clips: still my favorite.

Felt Owl Clip: Owl lovers, prepare to swoon.

Vintage Button Hair Clips: vintage buttons attached to regular clips. Not just for kids!

Button Flower Clippies: unique and fun without being cutesy.

Crochet Bird Clip: I love crocheted hair accessories.

Polka Dot Clips: Rainbow polkadots FTW.

Ribbon Clips: That color palatte has me drooling.

No Slip Grips: if you have baby fine hair like the women of my family, this is a godsend.

Photos: Playdate

27 Apr

Flip Book: Ninja Hug

13 Feb

This flip book is a continuation of this one.

Flip Book: Poke

6 Feb

Follow Friday – When it Rains it Pours

17 Dec


After today I am officially off for the next two weeks of blissful Winter Break. The photos used here are from my Bestie’s son Kingston’s first birthday party. It was a huge blowout, all the best babies were there. (Basically, mine and hers. It’s a pretty exclusive list.)  The photo above is Isobel singing. Probably Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, because she sings that at the drop of a hat, or whenever she sees something star-shaped.

One of the best toys Kingston received was an inflatable ball pit. In addition for being wildly fun for Kingston and Isobel, it was a source of hilarity because the static electricity did fun things to their hair, even Kingston’s curls. The photo below illustrates what I mean. The rest of the party photos can be found here.

Isobel is talking constantly these days, using simple sentences, stumbling her way through the alphabet song and hitting correct letters here or there, singing them loudly like a familiar lyric in a song. She counts to ten with help and can make it to three on her own–in English and Spanish. Speaking of Spanish, our Grandma watches a show called something to the affect of “Warring Houses” or “War Room” in Spanish, and Isobel is so familiar with it she sings the theme song.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.



Sigafoos @leahlibrarian I look forward to FF from you and @exlibris all week: distilled Twitter awesomeness. Twasomeness. Don’t start saying that.


awrightbrian Senator Sanders is proving that all it takes to stand up for 8 hours straight is a spine. #filibernie

MeganBoley I just butt dialed on the baby Einstein phone.

DamienFahey It’s fun being named Peter until you have to write your full birth name, Penis, on legal documents.

ayelienne Those Westboro Baptist “people” picket so many funerals, would it be safe to just call them the “Westboro Death Eaters” from now on?

adamisacson At the mall. “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” has played 4 times already. I hope I don’t swallow my tongue when the seizure hits.

sarcasmically Just unbuttoned the pants I’m wearing with my teeth because my nail polish is wet. How am I still single?!?!

lafix The thing guys want most for Christmas: A portrait of themselves in a karate outfit, leaning against a sweet Trans Am.

PopCulLibrn Holy crap! I had no idea that Barty Crouch Jr was reincarnated as the 10th Doctor! Imagine the slash fiction!

TweetsofOld W. B. Adcock had a valuable cow killed by a cannon ball Thursday morning. MO1896

AngellaD Graham’s teacher told him that the magnetic North Pole is in Canada. Google tells me that it’s true. DUDES. Santa is Canadian.

juicymorsel It would be much easier just to teach the world to lip sync.

mommywantsvodka I will absolutely not take you to Funky Town.

librarianearp Oh lord, I think the real reason we’re not putting any presents under the tree is so the cats won’t throw up on them.

louispeitzman Watching Inception. I don’t really find this movie confusing. Which is strange, because I’m still losing sleep over Jumanji.

ScrewyDecimal Last night I encountered a Santa Claus who was drunk and wearing a red pimp hat. Christmas in NYC is truly a magical time.

cmb Good old Google search history, reminding me that a while back I searched for ‘Most badass thing in the DSM IV’

wordlust I refuse to watch out, and I love crying and pouting. Santa can blow me.

shinyinfo Hallmark Channel Christmas movies! “I Want a Baby/ Husband/ Not Dead Mother for Christmas.”

antigone_spit Animal- Fries Collective #FatIndieBands #SoCal

antigone_spit Chocolate Milk Hotel #FatIndieBands

antigone_spit Modest Mousse #FatIndieBands

GirlDetective Cocoa Rosie #fatindiebands

GirlDetective Sugar Ros #fatindiebands

antigone_spit Blizzard® Trapper  #fatindiebands


MrWordsWorth Guy buying tampons at the corner store. ‘It’s that time of the month,’ he proclaimed. I really don’t need to know his cycle.

ApocalypseHow It’s too bad the War on Christmas comes but once a year.

DaveHolmes At Ralph’s just now, a guy pointed at me and said to his girlfriend: “HEY LOOK IT’S THAT FUCKING GUY.” Charmed!

danforthfrance Will I be able to follow Malcolm X if I haven’t seen the other ones?

badbanana Here’s my pitch: A zombie movie that takes place in current-day Hollywood where all the actors play themselves.

TheRedQueen My forgetfulness is starting to scare me. When I remember it,that is.

tophercarter Only 327 more shopping days until the Mayan apocalypse!

ApocalypseHow What is the sound of one hand getting the clap?

Nicolucci1899 Don’t make me angry. Because then I can’t get a home loan or pay my Visa bill (The Bad-Creditable Hulk) @ApocalypseHow

danforthfrance It’s getting so a guy can’t even whoosh his scimitar around without someone calling the cops.

EvenMoreSarah My mom and dad are having a battle of wills over a stray cat, though the clear winner here is the cat, who spent the night in the house.

mommywantsvodka I’m pretty upset that I didn’t make holiday cards this year but I couldn’t find a stellar shot of the inside of my intestines.

GirlDetective Is there a Jeopardy! spinoff where all of the questions pertain either to artisan cheeses or Law & Order reruns? I feel like I’d win that.

TweetsofOld At the Tuesday Whist Club, Mr. Lowery secured the gentleman’s booby prize and Mrs. Sifford is the possessor of the lady’s booby. IL1906


lilpyrogirl Amazon’s recommendation for me today: A sausage stuffer. I can’t make up this shit.

P0TUS BREAKING: Jamie Lee Curtis says “well, you could also try prunes.”

schmutzie My big lunk of a clumsy cat just spilled coffee all over himself & now he’s cleaning it off. This should be fun in about 20 minutes.

dingey Shitty Shitty Bang Bang #fartmovie

TheNextMartha I’ve downgraded my xmas from the Martha Stewart level to the Woman’s Day level.

louisvirtel If “Real Housewives” has taught us anything, it’s that money can buy you a secret beige option at tanning salons.

killorn Dusting off my icebreakers for blind date tonight. Can’t decide between yelling jokes in an Australian accent or burping the alphabet.

alwysabridesmd OH BOY free cookies in the breakroom. WHY DID I CHOOSE AN OUTFIT WITH NO POCKETS TODAY?

jess_mc @exlibris I’ve found my subgenre, and I’m sticking to it.

shinyinfo When you have a problem with your computer session, shouting for me and pointing at the monitor won’t fix it. #Library

FakeeEtiquette If your birds are angry, it is polite to fling them at green pigs for some reason.

L0NZE I was trying to explain the concept of Twitter to my wife. She said, “I don’t follow you.”

schmutzie @exlibris They’ll pry my Flickr away from my cold dead hands, they will.

ScrewyDecimal All I want for Christmas is student loan forgiveness.

inversejaik Only my mother would have “The Hottie and the Nottie” right next to a Herzog box set on her DVD shelf.

danwho I would like to import some Delicious sausage links into my tummy.

alwysabridesmd God don’t let my legacy be that I choked to death on a clementine in my office.


th3jm4n When it rains, it pours. Then it hails. Then it starts snowing. Then hypothermia sets in. Then you freeze to death.


What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.

Etsy Picks: Toddlers & Young Children

13 Dec

I no longer wonder why so many people create treasuries on Etsy. It’s like window shopping, really, really fun window shopping.  A friend on Twitter recently asked if I could put together an Etsy Picks list of gifts for a toddler or a small child, particularly including items for boys. The amount of awesome stuff I found is staggering, and I had more than a little trouble editing it down to the items listed here.

Etsy, you never disappoint.

1. House Blocks

Create a lovely neighborhood for your hot wheels or littlest pet shop animals.

2. Crayon Roll

Roll up your crayons for easy travel and pull out in case of waiting room or restaurant emergencies.  Or keep them in the roll at home, because those flimsy cardboard boxes never last more than few weeks anyway.

3. Magnetic Fishing Set

Finally! A fishing game I will 1. be successful at and 2. enjoy. Bonus: if you have cats, this is like two toys in one.

4. Lego Crayons

I have a weakness for rainbow colors.

5. Personalized Car Mat

I am definitely ordering this for Isobel when she’s older. This Isn’t just any car mat—it’s your own neighborhood as a car mat. Awesome and educational.

6. Felt Veggies

Start good habits early.

7. Felt Numbers

These don’t have to be so lovely to be so useful, but they are.

8. Wooden Dinosaurs

What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs?

9. Sailboat

These are freaking awesome. Simple, inexpensive, hours and hours of fun.

I want one.

10. Personalized Super Hero Capes

For your little super hero.

11. Robot Woodcuts

I also want these. For myself.

Is that wrong?

12. Scoop and ball

Scoop them! Sort them! Chase them across the floor!

13. Wooden Camera

The with pushable button and adjustable “lens.”

Pardon my drool.

14. Card Table Fort

So. Freaking. Awesome.

Baby-Led Weaning

29 Nov

I’d like to preface this post by saying that things aren’t the same for every baby. In fact, the reason Isobel took to the baby-led weaning approach so well is because she already had 8 teeth by her first birthday. Some babies only have two. This would really affect how long a baby might be interested in mushy foods.  There’s no way to predict how any future children will react, but we’re going to play it by ear and listen to our baby’s preferences when the time comes. I have no desire to prescribe directions as to how other parents should feed their children. Rather, this is a log of our experience with Isobel.


When I was pregnant and nesting I read all kinds of books and searched website after website on how to make your own baby food. I was inspired by the thought of making baby food. I was excited by books such as this one that had gorgeous photos of pureed goodness inside. I happily contemplated roasting lamb and cooking up barely and pureeing a compote of dried prunes every night. My daughter will eat like a queen, I thought.

I went so far as to ask my family for a Beaba Babycook as a combined birthday and Christmas present. And I got it.

It’s still in the box.

At six months I dutifully tried coaxing her into eating rice cereal. Isobel showed a marked dislike for it and often refused to even open her mouth. To say she was not interested was an understatement. Each night I’d get home from work and when she was hungry I mixed up a bit of cereal for her that she angrily rejected.

Originally my plan was to get her acclimated to rice cereal before we tried anything else. I thought it would keep her feeling full longer and help her learn to eat. But I never willingly got her to eat a bite. I did manage to give her an impressive beard, though.

A coworker gave me a ton of jarred baby food that her child grew out of, and since it was the special organic kind I thought I’d give it a try before making my own. You know, find out what flavors Isobel preferred. I got Isobel to eat jarred carrots a grand total of once but that was it. After that she refused to eat any of the jarred food we offered. I ended up donating rest of the food to a shelter.

Eventually I found out that grandma and great grandma had been secretly feeding her refried black beans, a Guatemalan favorite, for a few weeks and she had been eating them with gusto. She also showed a marked preference for avocado. And strawberries. And whatever it was you happened to be eating, could she try some of that, too please? She wanted nothing to do with food in jars but everything to do with whatever that was on your plate.

She loves it when I give her a cup of Greek yogurt. She calls it "Yo-yo."

So I let go of my dreams of becoming the Baby Food Making Queen of the Western Hemisphere. We started feeding her what was on our plate, as long as it was safe in size, texture and developmentally appropriate content. Basically, she would eat anything as long as it looked like you wanted it.

This became the way we had our meals, and I often roasted a sweet potato for my dinner in order to mush up a bunch to feed her. She loves broccoli, and carrots, but can’t abide the stickiness of rice. She’s fond of tofu in soup, and very early on adored raw onions.

Raw. Onions.

For awhile the height of haute cuisine for her was a Ritz cracker but she soon moved on to the more sophisticated flavors of Wheat Thins and Triscuits. Cheerios are as popular with her as they are with her Mama. She is crazy about her Grandpa Doug’s ribs and enjoys a fiercely spicy taco truck burrito with her Dad. (You know, the kind that is too hot for Mama? She loves them.) When grandma gave her a lime she scrunched her face up hilariously but then immediately requested more. She’s noshed on fried octopus, and coconut shrimp and happily digs into the chicken my Mom brings over for her lunch. She loves cheese and clam chowder and lettuce leaves and apples. She eats bread and otter pops and potatoes and hamburgers.

The girl eats anything but baby food.

Now I just have to figure out what I’m going to do with that Babycook.

Thanksgiving, Then & Now

25 Nov

The photo above was taken on Isobel’s First Thanksgiving. She was in the womb and it was a wonderful time to be pregnant: a holiday devoted to eating as much as possible and sitting around afterward, fat and happy, awaiting room in your belly for pie.

Holidays are a nice way to revisit the previous years. Here are two videos, one taken last year on Thanksgiving, and one taken a few days ago. I can’t remember how she was ever so small.


She can barely stand! Don’t worry about her falling at the end, she doesn’t cry. She’s mostly dismayed. She barely ever cried last year at this time. This year, however, she’s very keen in exercising her right to throw a fit.

At one point in the video, my sweet orange Mensa kitty Tinky walks by the camera. At the time, I never would have thought that she wouldn’t be with us this year. I miss her and Peach on a daily basis.


Isobel is so different compared to last year, but her wonderful laugh is the same.

It’s impossible not to notice Zorro in this video. He is all up ons the camera. He must think I’m recording him.

In this video you can hear a glimpse of Isobel counting. She only says up to “two” before she starts giggling (she’s anticipating tickles) but she can count up to five. Additionally, she can count backward from three. So, I’ve officially become a Horrible Bragging Parent.

Hold on a second. I think I hear my karma coming.