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Follow Friday – Anthony’s Birthday

27 Jan

My husband Anthony and I have theory that most people tweet while using the bathroom.

“You tweet pretty regularly,” you might say to a friend. “Good for you!”

Or, “I’ve noticed you haven’t tweeted in awhile. I’m concerned. Are you getting enough fiber?”

Today is the birthday of my husband and best friend. This one’s for you, love.

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lunchyprices I don’t understand why Beyonce and Jay-Z didn’t name their baby ‘BeJay’.

mocoddle Watching Futurama means that the main character of any book I read after will be voiced, in my head, by Bender.

UnicornFlavored Me trying to encourage a girl @ gym: “You got this, girl! You’re a unicorn!” Another girl: “I don’t..what..I don’t get how she’s a unicorn”

NicLewis BLAST RADIUS #NewSweatpantsLogos

ElKaboing Pimples and Dimples #NewSweatpantsLogos

mitdasein COLOSTOMY #NewSweatpantsLogos

NicLewis DINGLE BERRIES #NewSweatpantsLogos

owlparliament LOOSE STOOLS #NewSweatpantsLogos

owlparliament I AM CORNHOLIO #NewSweatpantsLogos

NikkiGlaser Shouldn’t PINK be on the front of Victoria Secret sweatpants?

RideOrDiePudge Every licensed beautician should know what you’re talking about when you say “Give me the Greatest American Hero.”

johnmoe When you watch football with a 3yo, you learn that all the mans are hugging each other.

missokistic Rick Perry says South Carolina is at war with the federal government. He does know how that ended last time, right?

MassageByTed If I say “I don’t watch football” & you hear “Let’s discuss yesterday’s games at length,” then CONGRATULATIONS you’re management material.

ScrewyDecimal While reading a book about bears during storytime, I accidentally asked the kids “What sound does a BEER make?” Worst. Librarian. Ever.

Toaster_Pastry I used to get a free pen. Now I don’t get a free pen. I can put up with a lot of bullshit with a free pen.

coldcarryouts The language is love. The grammar is tacos.

shariv67 Babies are like those popular kids in high school who you want desperately to like you even though they treat you like shit.

ElwoodJBlues It seems wrong to be eating toaster waffles and tater tots while watching #TopChef, but here I am.

Smethanie Just think how many MORE pics of cats there’d be on the Internet if felines had opposable thumbs to take and upload bathroom mirror shots.

BridgetCallahan If Edith Wharton were alive today, she would totally be writing for Gossip Girl.

pattonoswalt Here, this should cover Wikipedia for 24 hours: The Beatles, Shakespeare, Anwar Sadat, Rhode Island, & anal fistula

jwordfish the internet just occupied itself

theleanover I wasn’t concerned about SOPA/PIPA until I realized it could shut down Garfield Minus Garfield.

gabek I’ve never blacked out from drinking before, but I’m willing to find out what it takes to support our stand against #SOPA.

JoeVelouria Jokes on you guys. I boycott SOAP twenty-two days a month.

oodja Pluto is a planet. #FactsWithoutWikipedia (Too soon?)

robdelaney #SOPA me, motherfuckers & I’ll use your other enemy, the glorious US Postal Service to MAIL my tweets to your kids.

TwoAdults Yesterday Ezra asked me where the Elf (Elphabet…) was. “I haven’t seen him around, Mama. Where is he? IS HE EATING TREATS?!!!”

robdelaney Simultaneous orgasms are cool, but when you’ve been with someone for a while, simultaneous farts are fun too.

SpaghettiJesus “I CAN’T BELIEVE PAULA DEEN IS A DIABETIC!” – said no one bc Paula Deen is the historic source of all diabetes.

johnmoe Fun day of RTs. Thanks to Marvin Luther King, Martin Lutheran King, Martian Luther King, and the Luther Kings from all the other planets.

duckyouforever I’m live chatting Oprah’s interview with Gov. Chris Christie and there’s a joke in here somewhere but I think it’s on me.

MrBigFists Elevator? Nonsense. This is a traveling hugging booth and I see you’ve selected the button for 16 hugs. So let’s get to it. Come here, you!

shelikespurple I may not be planning to have any more babies, but I do plan to wear my maternity yoga pants for the rest of my life.

morninggloria Was disappointed to discover that mammograms aren’t short boob-related messages. Even sadder that there is no “singing mammogram” option.

owlparliament @exlibris Have I ever told you about the time I got confused with Swiper and said “Snatcher no snatching!” real loud?

tommycm my early misspelling of ‘existential’ has made the crisis all the more telling.

robdelaney I fucking jizz every morning when I tear yesterday’s page off my cat calendar & see a NEW cat in a fun situation!

thebryanchamp I’d like to have sex with a rich person because they’re really good at fucking the poor.


willgoldstein I already regret staying up this late for tomorrow. I pregret it. #newword #feelfreetouseit

thecajunboy Mitt Romney just asked the boys to toss some more cash logs into the fire.

SpeakerBoehner Man, I am DESTROYING this chair with farts. Is this thing over yet? #SOTU

markleggett Male cyclists shouldn’t be allowed to have ponytails, so I don’t have to question my sexuality on the drive to work every morning.

alwysabridesmd I hope no one else is at the gym tonight so I can pass gas with impunity during my run. Sorry I ate all those lentils you guys.

markleggett Last night’s dream starred Tim Curry. My imagination spares no expense.

theleanover Obvious joke? OK, Obvious joke: Hyperbole is the worst thing that ever happened to language.

Guydelines Anti-drug campaigns should simply be pictures of Steven Tyler with the phrase “He does drugs!”

MassageByTed I hope some casting agents saw my heroic sprint for the bus this morning.

finslippy I’m sure I can have one more cup of coffee and I’ll be just whoops I’m having a heart attack.

JRehling I just sneezed as I was about to click on something and now everything on my computer is in Malaysian.

pnkrcklibrarian Fell asleep last night watching Antiques Roadshow. Party hard, bitches! Party. Hard.

gonnakillhim “Teach me how to” may be the scariest words to type into Google.

johnhenrymuller Our 7-year-old started using air quotes. It’s about to get “real.”

mstcambot just watched a squirrel successfully pick up an empty iced coffee cup, turn it over, and drink out of the straw. DAY = MADE.

alwysabridesmd On the one hand, I just dropped a tampon on the counter while paying for overpriced water. On the other, I got the elevator to myself. Hm.

nickkroll I would totally elect Mitt Romney to be an actor in Viagra commercial.

shinyinfo I outreach like a son of a bitch. I am out reaching like no other person has reached out before in their ridiculous reaching lives!

thejohnblog Before Bruce Willis figured out he was a ghost in ‘The Sixth Sense,’ his character was probably worried it had been so long since he pooped.

robdelaney Women are like canoes. Actually they’re really more like kayaks. Which one has the pointy things? OK; I don’t understand canoes/women.

MassageByTed I think I’ll go home and record some club music by combining a super loud click track and the autotuned bleating of one wounded sheep.

luckyshirt I just wish facebook would try to fit more information into my eyeballs all at once.

duckyouforever Please be advised that there will no longer be a day known as Monday. In the Hobbit tradition, we now have Second Sunday.

rolldiggity “Yeah, I guess I’m a pretty good water receptacle.” -Glass that is half full of itself

justaboutagirl 10 am and we already need another pot of coffee. I’m so proud of us!

danforthfrance I may have had too much coffee, he said performing Chopin’s Military Polonaise as a hambone.

UnicornFlavored It trips me out that a lady wearing “mom jeans”, clogs, and a Navajo print mini backpack would be considered more fashionable than me.

gracehelbig Happy Butter, Paula Dean! Oh god, I mean birthday. How insensibutter of me. Ah! I’m butter! Sorry! Ah! Your heart works so hard!

thegrumbles dear @keli_h, i will share the same sage advice that was told to me as a boy-mom, “now you’ve had TWO penises in you at the same time.”

jenstatsky Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses — I’m making a weird ass collage.

OhNoSheTwitnt Apparently shouting “where’s your G now?!” on Monday mornings at all my coworkers who say “TGIF!!” on Fridays isn’t very “professional.”

chickenscottpie Accidentally said “automatic death” instead of “sudden death,” and now I think “automatic death” would make football way more interesting.

mikeleffingwell My favorite sequels are Wrath of Khan, The Dark Knight, and World War II.

UnicornFlavored I was going to ask Kyle if he’d get me a glass of water since he was near the kitchen, til I noticed he was elbow deep in a ball scratch.

pattonoswalt That long-handled shoehorn was the iPhone 4S of 1916. #DowntonPBS

pattonoswalt Is there a form of sexuality called “homo-Bates-ual”? #DowntonPBS

lauracope remind me to take all these browser tabs to the Goodwill when i get home.

nancyupton The ultimate first world problem? Getting truffle salt in your eye after making scrambled egg whites. Let’s all hate me together.

GoonSquadSarah Ian just told his playdate “It is your time to shine!”

alyankovic Paul’s First Blog Post to the Corinthians #UpdatedNewTestament

jenstatsky Just spent 15 minutes trying to zipper my coat, then sent my parents an apology for sending me to college.

RideOrDiePudge Apparently my efforts to lead an impromptu slave revolt went unappreciated by the management of Colonial Williamsburg.

JVdesigns And for those who think there is no good in the world, a dude just paused a drug transaction to tell me I dropped my glove

robdelaney DOCTORS ONLY: Did Paula Deen catch diabetes when that guy threw a ham at her face?

VegasWalkinDude “We built this titty. We built this titty from silicone. Built this titty. We built this titty from silicone.” – Plastic surgeon rock anthem

badbananaThrowing a pie in Newt Gingrich’s face is at least a two-pie job.

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2 Nov

Here’s what I’m up to:

– I’m still recovering from the series of panic attacks I suffered on my birthday, and I’m sleeping really poorly as a result. I’m spending way more time watching TV than I have since I attempted to nurse Isobel, and my attachment to it  is reaching disturbing levels. Mostly I’m watching really dry, science and nature-type stuff, and my lack of sleep causing me to feel like I’m way more knowledgeable about Snowy Egrets or whatever than I actually am. The other night I watched  Touching the Void, which is not something I recommend for someone with anxiety issues who can’t sleep, but it was a fabulous, engrossing documentary nonetheless. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the way he described his broken leg. Ever.

– At the advice of my doctor I’m really trying to slow down and cut back on the amount of stuff I’m trying to cram into our daily schedule, and this is hard for me. I hate feeling like I’m not getting stuff done. My To Do list is appalling. Eventually I’m going to get to my email, comments, and DMs and personally thank everyone who reached out and sent me a message. It means so much for me to know you are rooting for me.

– Halloween was as nerdy as it was awesome. Which is to say, very.

– My internet bud E surprised me by sending me this vintage cat and these awesome bookplates, which made me all nostalgic because I totally had them as a child. I love the cat, but Isobel is absolutely wild for it and so it may end up as a permanent fixture in Isobel’s Big Girl Room. That package was an instant mood elevator. Thank you.

– I was having really bad panic attacks the day we took Isobel to the pumpkin patch so I don’t even have enough photos to make a Follow Friday post out of it like I was hoping. Mostly we went to get Isobel out of the house and because I was so restless I needed some air. I ran into an old friend while pumpkin-ing (Hi, Sarah!) and she’s probably reading right now thinking, “Why didn’t you tell me you were crazy?” Well, now you know! I did get a couple cute shots, including this one that makes me laugh every time I see it. Be sure to read the comments on that one. Vastly entertaining.

– My birthday dinner was a lot of fun even though I was still having moments of wanting to hide in a closet for the rest of my life. My friends are lovely and supportive and I’m really lucky to have them. My dear friend Melynda made my favorite Rice Krispie Treats. My bestie Angela bought me a Troy and Abed in the Morning coffee cup that I’ve been using to drink vast amounts of water, and my friend Valerie gave me the g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s vintage mugs in the photo above. They were in her shop and she noticed I was drooling all over them. She also sells vintage on Etsy and has the same 1970s-grandma aesthetic I do, so bookmark her shop for the holidays.

– My friend Stefanie came down from Reno to celebrate our joint birthdays, and she brought with her sheets of Halloween stickers for Isobel. The next day I noticed a bat sticker stuck to Zorro’s butt. I pulled it off but a half an hour later, I found another one clinging to his furry orange backside. Later that night Anthony said to me, “Did you notice that Zorro was covered with pumpkin stickers?”

Follow Friday – For Stefanie

21 Oct

I can’t thank you all enough for all the kind words of support and encouragement in the comments, and twitter, and via email. They have been a light in a dark time. I could feel you rooting for me and that has made such a difference. Some of your words have brought tears to my eyes. Thank you. Thank you.

This week’s post is a little shorter than usual, given my recent setback, but it was important for me to put this together because I’m starting to feel more functional again. Doing normal activities helps as long as I take breaks and try not to get overwhelmed. Another reason it was important for me to post is that tomorrow is my dear friend Stefanie’s birthday and I wanted to dedicated this week’s theme to her. Happy birthday, gorgeous lady. I look forward to celebrating many more.

What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  Learn more about it in my FAQ. See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here.

annakarenine swimming in a sea of yogurt and animosity. (the two aren’t related.)

iamsambee ‘Moustache rides’ are never really free, are they?

jillgengler Snoop Dog is the same age as me? Somehow I feel that much better about life.

InfiniteChicken The cat’s forehead was sort of stinky this morning. Ominous portent.


steenyweeny this moment marks the first time in my life i’ve craved oatmeal. worried i’m dying.

redbull Beware of the #vegan zombie. He wants to eat your graaaain.

FannyOvrTeacups The direction of my fantasies veers dangerously off-course when I’ve been off carbs for too long. #poptarts

Patheticist I have the ability to see things very clearly a couple of years after they happen.

BridgetCallahan Carlos Santana didn’t DIE people, he’s just reunited with Castaneda and they are working on an album of Mozart guitar remixes.

bebehblog OMFG TODDLERS.

johnmoe “Gadhafi’s dead? Whoa. Wow. WOW. Where’s my guitar?” – Carlos Santana

annakarenine Today would have been a good day to watch Totoro and drink tea wrapped in a blanket.

johnmoe Wait, there was a radio friendly edit of Straight Outta Compton. Thanks, Spotify. You made my morning weird.

NerdSnark I put the “if” in “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”

TheWaltWhitman Me and this chocolate cake are gonna make some beautiful babies.

AlisonAgosti I don’t know, Boardwalk Empire. Are all of these tits historically accurate?

mrdavehill Dear all bands: Not everyone in the band has to have a beard. Start with the drummer and if you still suck, just add beards as needed.


notthatkendall I made that couch my bitch.

Toaster_Pastry I don’t classify myself as a “Hater,” only a “Disapprover.”

Patheticist I’ve seen your naked mind and it’s super sexy.

pnkrcklibrarian  My goal for 2012 is to spell “initials” “millennium” and “maintenance” without having to use spell check/google/etc. The bar is so low.

That_Biz  My kids are so polite to wait 3.5 seconds before grinding their pretzel sticks into my just vacuumed carpet.

johnmoe Ol’ Dirty Bunches of Oats #HipHopBreakfastCereal

joeinverarity This Broccoli Cheddar soup tastes like… SOUP! With broccoli, and cheese… most likely cheddar. Now I know what eternal life tastes like.

beardedarmenian Herman Cain: “Homosexuality is a personal choice, and I respect their choice.” What a guy. In return, I respect his choice to be black.

kellyoxford Jenna Jameson to Oprah: “There’s a little bit of Jenna Jameson in everyone.” I’m pretty sure she got that backwards.

ScrewyDecimal MC Hammer is going to open up a lot of doors for people. Next up is Vanilla Ice’s news reader: “Stop, Aggregate, and Listen.”

ohrebecca Eyes on the prize. Eyes on the guacamole prize.

the818 What did Lindsay Lohan do to her face, and why did she do it?

bookavore There is actually a book coming out called BREAD IS THE DEVIL. Feels weird, wanting to punch a book.

S_Lingenfelter Excerpt from my new children’s book: “If you give a tiger a monkey with herpes, he will probably ask for a glass of milk.”

thomastowell I’m chaperoning the high school dance this Friday. Gonna put my dog in the punch bowl, cause hey, someone’s got to Spike it.

joeinverarity Ooh, I broke 700 followers. Thank you, fake, fake world!

robdelaney Probably the worst thing you can do to a person is leave them a voicemail.

morninggloria I keep seeing “Gaddafi Dead” and thinking I see “Gandalf dead.” Spoiler alert, hobbits: he comes back in the next book as Muammar the White.

EmpressReeve Dreamed a long, boring church service was about to begin and Fred Astaire emerged from behind the bushes to entertain me!

leahlibrarian Does anyone else yell out “cntrl Z” when they want to undo something in life? #nerdalert

sgnp Going back down into the job hole. Remember me!

cbnickras I cling to “defriend” over “unfriend” because it’s closer to “delouse.” #facebook

coolteen420 i like my alcohol like i like my petulant white dudes: 53%

mommywantsvodka Just got an email for “half off at Chunky’s diner.” Let me tell you all the ways a restaurant shouldn’t be called “Chunky.”

apodixis By joking to my girlfriend I could go as a slutty nurse for Halloween I seem to have unwittingly set in motion a plan to make that happen.

JeffKlinger Hey anybody wanna RT one of my tweets? I forget what I write and wouldn’t mind reading it again.

slackmistress My husband @betheboy is leaving for 10 days. I’m going to miss us both on the couch with our laptops speaking to each other thru Twitter.

slackmistress Why doesn’t Def Jam make a line of artisan jellies?

SpaghettiJesus If you walk up to me in a shirt that zips & you don’t expect me to unzip it, you’re dumb. Even if you do expect me to unzip it, you’re dumb.

homeskooledkid “Must every scene you do end in a pistols’ duel at dawn?!?!” – What my writing teacher will say, probably.

Sigafoos @exlibris I know it regulates breathing and all, but the brain can be a prick sometimes.

ampersandwich My hair is doing its best impression of a diplodocus this morning.

TheNextMartha Hobby Lobby has seen lost and confused consumerism shoot up by 345% since the start of Pinterest.

MrWordsWorth Google Buzz is being shut down. But there’s still your Google powered vibrator, ladies.

mochamomma Just got some great advice from a friend: “Stress eating leads to stress pooping.” Probably still won’t stop me, though.

KeepingYouAwake We joke that, when we get old, we’ll all be yelling at kids to get off the grass. I plan to still be on the grass, even then.

DalaiLama I sent that bitch an inspirational message. Bitches love inspirational messages.

michaeljnelson I avoid any appointment where I have to be touched: dentist, haircut, doctor’s physical, tire rotation. I mean, the guy’s gentle but still.

UnicornFlavored When Z asks for more of her snack, I walk around & pick up all the ones she spilled on the floor & put em back in her bowl.

DesirreAndrews I still believe if Rosetta Stone offered a Star Trek and Tolkien language series it would sell more than routine languages.

wheelfreed  If i ever write a rags to riches rap song, there will be a lyric about moving from one section of Costco to another.

80sMomKara It is a little sad, and a little funny, to watch your husband wax the car with an old Duran Duran T-shirt featuring a Patrick Nagel nude.

TheNextMartha Martha Replacement Allegra-D is my lover.

apelad I’m giving a presentation in my son’s first grade class in a few minutes. I’m going to get into some deep, cerebral cartooning theories.

ericsiry The beautiful morning sunlight streaming into my home through the balcony doors is illuminating just how badly I need to dust.

jennspiller The news from Twitter: In the US today, everyone is exhausted, not sufficiently caffeinated, wants to go shopping, and needs pie.

freudiantypo ME: Stupidly, the past perfect tense uses the imperfect tense of the auxiliary verb! BF: Honey, I don’t understand calculus.

apodixis Boring people almost never know they’re boring. I don’t think I’m boring, so logically I MUST be a boring person. As this tweet makes clear.

byronblurb Quartz rock: “You’re telling me we’re alike but different in some ways?” Limestone rock: “My sediments exactly.”

ProfessorSnack @exlibris The tampon chooses the vagina.

InfiniteChicken Need a new dentist. Trying to choose between Guy Crushy’s House Of Teeth and Comfort Dental.

crunchyvtmommy *whispers to kids* sleep till five and everyone gets an iPad.

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Life List: Whale Watching

17 Oct

To celebrate my birthday I wanted to cross something off my Life List. This year: whale watching.

I am experiencing something of a health crisis so I’m short on words but I wanted to share the photos. I’ll write about my trip another time. I promise. Despite my current issues, it was awesome.

A sweet couple celebrating their 40th anniversary brought enough champagne for everyone on the ship.

Dramamine made us sleepy.

Scrapbook: It’s my birthday!

16 Oct

Today is my birthday. I’m off accomplishing something on my life list. Hop on over to twitter and say hi if you have a minute.

Thanks for reading, supporting my etsy shop, and being a part of my life. You are super awesome.

Scrapbook: Justin’s Birthday

26 Jul

My bestie’s husband is a good friend of mine. In fact, there are very few people I’ve been friends with as long as I’ve been friends with him. This includes even said bestie Angela and Anthony, my husband. Considering Anthony and I have been together since 1998 and Angela and I met and became friends in 1997, this is saying a lot. For one thing, it says how old I am.

But for another, it says how old Justin is. HA! Older than I am.

Also it was his birthday at the end of June and we celebrated by blowing shit up. For America. Because we are patriots.

Patriots who like fire.

Here’s the birthday boy himself, checking twitter or whatever in the midst of a giant explosion. NBD.

Happy Birthday Justin!

Flip Book: Monkey

16 Apr

Isobel’s Bubble-Themed Party

12 Apr


I have so many pictures and things to say about Isobel’s party I’m going to break it up into two posts to give your scrollin’ finger a break. This first post is going to deal with the nuts and bolts of the party; the set up, our ideas, our theme. If you’re looking for party inspiration or want to know how I narrowly avoided a visit from a clown, you’ve come to the right post. The next party post will focus on the ridiculousness that occurs when you get a bunch of toddlers together, stuff them full of cake, and then let them run around for a couple of hours. In short, hilarity.


If you remember, there was a lot of back and forth discussion in the family about what to do for the party. My MIL loves a good party, and not only that, she loves to throw a good party. I am not exaggerating at all when I say some of the best parties I’ve ever been to where thrown by my MIL. House parties, dance parties, birthday parties, family parties—Anthony’s whole family really knows how to have a good time, and Anthony’s Mom especially, knows how to organize it. And Isobel is just the light of her life. When she thought ‘birthday party’ she wanted to pull out all the stops: bounce house, clowns, face painting, free ponies in the gift bags.


Anthony and I wanted the complete opposite, and besides, we thought she was too young to enjoy such an elaborate party. It was a bit frustrating trying to come to an agreement, but you know, every child should be so lucky to have a grandparent so involved in their life, so invested in their care and happiness, that they would be excited to organize an entire circus around their birthday. And even though my MIL desperately wanted to go all out, she was always respectful to Anthony and me.


We decided to go with a bubble theme, but I use that term very loosely. For example, I looked for bubble-themed invitations, but I didn’t like any that I found. I took some photos of bubbles incase I wanted to turn one of those into an invitation, but ultimately I decided to go with the invitation above, which I made in Photoshop. It doesn’t obviously scream BUBBLES! but I liked it the best. Honestly, we could have gotten really involved in this bubble theme, but we decided that what we wanted most was to relax and enjoy the party. We played fast and loose with the bubble theme and that worked for us.





We hung lanterns and used polka dot tablecloths and streamers to play on the bubble theme. We purchased a bunch of small beach balls online, as well as two large red balls the kids could fit inside of. They were round! Like bubbles! But more importantly, the kids loved them. My MIL also sprung for an inflatable bowling set, which the kids loved but didn’t use as intended. It didn’t match the theme, but we didn’t care.

Anthony’s grandma insisted on cooking the bulk of the meal, even though well over sixty people were there. This is no big deal for Grandma: she can host a party for 100, do all the cooking, and not bat an eye. We were willing to hire a caterer but she wouldn’t hear of it. She made her amazing rice and beans, salsa and condiments, and my FIL cooked up meat for tacos that we bought, preseasoned, from a dive restaurant in Ceres that makes the most amazing food. People would not stop raving about the tacos.

Along with the balls, of course we had to have… bubbles. These were a big hit with all the kids, no matter the age group.

I love that even the very little kids knew exactly what to do.

At one point, Angela caught Isobel with her hands wrist-deep in the bubble solution, pretending to wash them.

We covered one of the tables with butcher paper and my MIL purchased a bunch of paper crowns for the kids to decorate. We had crayons and jewel stickers and adhesive letters. All the kids loved these, even the big kids.

A couple people made crowns for Isobel, which was really sweet.

Here’s another shot of the giant ball.

Everyone loved the giant ball.

The swing set had been installed in Grandma’s back yard as a Christmas present to the kids. We have several young children in the family right now. Party goers took full advantage.

We had ZERO kids throw fits at this party. It felt like a miracle, but I also think it was due to the fact that there were so many different activities to engage them. The only crying is remember is when Noah, a two year old himself, had to go home. He didn’t want to leave the bubble party. How can you blame him?

The cake was a regular sheet cake from Costco. We could have gotten all theme-y with it, too, but we liked the cheerful rainbow on it.

So there you have it: how to have a relaxed, no fuss, lightly themed-birthday party.

Flip Book: Birthday Cake

10 Apr

Little Big Links: Party

9 Apr

Custom Thank You Notes: The featured idea is for baby shower items, but it works with any party. I’m sending out standard thank yous, but including a picture of Isobel and a picture of themselves or their kid, too.

Mini Fondue Kit: This favor idea is for adults only.

Collage Favor Kits: Although meant for children, I’d be stoked to get one of these.

Fabric Party Streamers Tutorial: Make them once, use them for years to come.

Make Fringy Streamers: So simple I could have done this for Isobel’s party.

LPC Party Planning Spreadsheet: the party organization chart of my dreams.

DIY Hello Kitty paper lantern tutorial: Anybody out there love Hello Kitty?

Spray Paint Thrifted Glassware: this looks so lovely. Perfect for a baby or bridal shower.

See also Little Big Links: Cake.