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Thrifty Living: Box Tunnel

13 Sep

I know I’m  not alone when I say that I have fond memories of playing with cardboard boxes. Hours of fun, actually. Before WalMart came to our small town my Uncle owned a small Magnavox store, and every so often my Dad would come home with a giant television box after a visiting the store. You would have thought my Dad brought us home a pony with how enthusiastically we greeted him.

If you remember we got new wonderful carpet a few months ago, and while I was at home packing and watching Isobel  we had a little fun by constructing a tunnel out of extra boxes.

"Hi, Mom!"

These boxes were a really thrifty find for us because we got them free from Borders. My husband worked there for years so we had a hookup. Ugh. This was before we got our wonderful carpet. I forgot how non-wonderful the old carpet was. Isobel didn’t care, though. She was too busy pretending our wireless mouse was a car and driving it through the tunnel.

All we did was unfold the boxes and wedge them in between the couch and the coffee table–no tape necessary. Later when my friend’s family moved her son learned that boxes on the floor make a great surface for dancing, proving that they are as multipurpose as they are thrifty.

Blue Teacups Save the Day

26 Apr

I have the whole blissful week off for Spring Break and I’m spending it with Isobel and a giant pile of boxes. Since we’re getting all new carpet installed next weekend (and as you can tell by the photo, we dearly need it) so every thing must go–if it’s on a carpeted surface it must be packed away and stored somewhere else. We’re going to do our best to fit our entire house into our kitchen, dining room, garage and patio. Right now I’m dealing with the monstrous task that is our home library. Isobel is sitting on the contents of one shelf below. We’ve already moved over twice this many boxes into the garage.

Before I got started this morning we made a quick trip by our favorite thrift store. It was half off day, plus they gave Isobel a free bunny. There was no reason not to go, especially since it had been so long since my last trip. They had these gorgeous robin’s egg blue melamine tea cups. I thought they’d be perfect for the shop, but someone dibbed them. I’ll have to list them during her nap time, because she loves them. And they’re plastic, so I don’t have to worry.

Her grandma bought her a little plastic tea set from Target, but I’ve found so many tea pots and plastic saucers and cups while thrifting I bet I could put together a second hand tea set that she’d love.

This happened while I was packing. The joys of stay at home parenting, folks.

I can’t get enough of these cups. The maker’s mark on the bottom says “Texas Ware.” I’ll have to look that up. I also got a few other goodies.

And back to the cups again. Wouldn’t they be perfect for serving deep brown chocolate mousse? We had a snack when we got back from thrifting and Isobel insisted I serve her cheese to her in the cup. She invented a new trend in dining–the cheese cup. It’s all the rage, people.

As we were leaving the thrift store, I stopped under the giant HALF OFF sign to get my car keys from my purse. An old man was approaching the store and he asked me if I got that baby for 50% off. Isobel looked at him and said, “NO.”

I really wanted to show you this gorgeous table cloth but Zorro decided it was his soul mate. He’d make a pretty good car model, I think. He’s good at lying on things and posing for the camera.

All right, then. Back to packing.