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Busy Little Bee

31 Oct

Happy Halloween from our little bee! I asked her to say hi to everybody, and to my amazement, she complied:

My goal with her costume this year was to 1. dress her as something cute 2. dress her as something she wouldn’t hate. This last one was tricky. While I wouldn’t say she loves her costume, I can say that she doesn’t notice her costume, which I consider a WIN. Basically I knew anything that had a hat, a hood, gloves, mask, headband, or anything otherwise distracting would be absolutely loathed by Isobel. It would upset her dignity as a toddler. She has a lot of dignity and she treasures it.

Once I finally decided that she would be a bee I set to work gathering the components. She already had the black pants, mary jane shoes, and white socks. After coming up empty-handed in my search for a second-hand vintage dress, I decided to go with the next best thing: a handmade dress. I searched etsy for a yellow dress and found this one by etsy seller faithworks4u. She set to work immediately making this dress to Isobel’s measurements and within a few short days I had it in my possession. I can’t recommend her enough, and hopefully soon you will see Isobel in some other cute dresses from her shop. I have a couple that I have my eye on. (It should be noted that I found Faith’s shop on my own. I bought the dress, paid for with my own hard-earned money, and after she sent it and I examined the quality I contacted her and let her know I’d be featuring it here. She’s super nice.)

I added some extra bumble-bee stripes to the dress with black electrical tape. After the holiday is over, I have myself a cute toddler dress as the electrical tape comes off easily. Perfect.

The wings I found while thrifting. They were cannibalized from a commercial bee costume that wouldn’t have fit Isobel. I pinned them on using safety pins. I didn’t want to do any damage to the dress since she’d be wearing it after Halloween, and it is a lot easier to dress her with the wings only partially on than if they were permanent.

Since I knew she wouldn’t tolerate a headband with antenna I pulled her hair into an antenna hairstyle.

I’m a big fan of Baby Legs so I ordered these bee-inspired black and yellow leggings online. I wish their color was a little more golden to match the dress better, but overall I think they are cute.

The finishing touch to the outfit is the bouquet of flowers which I found while thrifting. She loves flowers, real or otherwise, and was excited to carry them around.

This whole outfit could have been put together very inexpensively had I looked for the dress while thrifting. As it was the dress was not too expensive and she’s going to be wearing it again and again.

Go bees!