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Thrift Store Score: The Golden Ass

29 Aug

I thought I was dreaming when I saw it. I honestly don’t know whether to categorize this as Thrift Store Score or Thrift Store Gore. It’s so perfect. I almost didn’t buy it, but then I realized that if I didn’t I would regret it for the rest of my entire life.

After finally deciding it had to be mine, I tweeted “Going to see a man about a Golden Ass.” Your eyes do not deceive you. It’s a blank donkey trophy.

My neighbors across the street were having a giant yard sale with a couple other families they knew, and naturally, I had to check it out. One of the families there was selling a bunch of these trophies. By the time I went back for this one, all the others were gone. A sellout item at every yard sale, they said. I can see why! It has so much potential. Think of all the things you could get engraved on it.

I sure would be flattered to receive a trophy like this on Valentine’s day!

Or, you could give it to a coworker.

Hell, I’d like a bunch of those so I could just hand them out to people on the street.

Yes, a blank donkey trophy is pretty much the best greeting card ever.