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Little Big Shop

28 Jan

Here’s what’s up in the shop:

Little Big Shop Sale!

17 Dec

Here’s what’s up in the shop!

Recent Additions to the Little Big Shop:

Embroidered Vintage Clutch, granny chic.

Daisy Wall Plaque, your bathroom needs this.

Thrift Store Gore – White Elephant Gift Exchange Gifts:

(Confused about this section of the store? This should clear it up.)

Frightening Anne Geddes Bear.

Handcrafted Abalone Lamp.

Instructional Romance Book.

Speaking of the Grandchildren Photo Album.

Burned Down Schoolhouse Commemorative Plate.

Remember! Lucky buyers of Thrift Store Gore will get a photo of drunk Santa for your troubles. Someone’s been naughty this year! SPOILER ALERT: It’s Santa.

Little Big Shop Sale Items:

Designer Chrysanthemum Mug, price lowered by $6.00!

Vintage Baby Book, price lowered by $10.00!

Copper Parthenon Ashtray, price lowered by $6.00!

Vintage Glass Storage Jars, price lowered by $10.00!

Keep checking back as I’m adding more items all the time! Sale ends in a week or so or when I remember to change it back.

Little Big Shop

15 Oct

Here’s what’s up in the shop:

Vintage Wooden Owl, the handmade details of this piece make it special.

Chrysanthemum Mug, I love the sunny color scheme.

Sunburst Tray, for your boudoir.

Green Wheat Cloth Napkins, a beautiful way to cut waste.

Soft Brown Butterfly Dish, a sophisticated take on nature.

Little Big Shop Update

10 Sep

Here’s what’s up in the shop:

Plaid Picnic Cups, because even your glassware is burly.

Crystal Clear Glass Bowl, I use bowls like this for holding chopped chives for baked potatoes.

Green Japanese Mug Set, the perfect shade of nostalgic green.

1970s Houseplant Needlepoint, I can’t get enough vintage needlepoint right now. I have it up all over the house.

Wall Flower, pay no attention to the toddler trying to swipe it.

Shop work was derailed this week by illness, but I’ll add to the shop again in the next couple days.

Little Big Shop

27 Aug

Here’s what I added to the shop last week:

Set of Five Blue Flower Mugs, I am in love with these. Flat out.

Petite Poppy Mug, I love the graphic nature of the bold black stalks.

Japanese Vintage Strip Mug, the palette and style of this mug give it both an authentic vintage, but also very modern, look.

Love Brings Rainbows Mug, it also brings syphilis, but that doesn’t look as good on a mug.

My computer is acting up, but hopefully Anthony can fix it by this weekend. Cross your fingers for me!