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On The Road

6 Apr

The weekend trip we took to Cayucos recently coincided with a large storm system that had moved into California. Virtually the whole state experienced rainstorms all weekend. That made the drive there and back eerily lovely. 

All these shots were taken from inside the car, obviously, which should explain the occasional strange glare.

To get to and from the seaside town of Cayucos you had to drive an 8 mile stretch of highway called Old Creek Road. It was also beautiful in a decidedly abandoned, creepy way.


During the drive home our way was clear for about a hundred miles, but we could see it pouring across the valley. This photo was taken by Anthony (I was driving).

As we neared home we drove from clear skies right into a hail storm. That was fun.

I don’t ever remember seeing snow on the Coastal Range before.

As I was taking pictures of the hills, their beauty struck me as oddly… familar.

Oh yes! It’s straight out of a Windows desktop wallpaper.