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14 Dec

Here’s what I’m up to:

– I’m very late with this post! I’d like to blame it on the cold I’ve had for the last three days but as time wears on and I’m still feeling The Ick I’m wondering if it’s not a cold after all and if instead it’s related to my weird blood problem that almost certainly isn’t cancer. Let’s hope it’s just a cold or maybe my Crohn’s acting up. Either way I’m so happy I am home because calling out sick to work always made me feel horribly guilty and in the end I was taking care of the baby anyway. Since yesterday I really wasn’t feeling my day was much Care Bearier than usual.

– I decided that since I was on bed rest (couch rest, technically) I should make myself useful so I uploaded a ton of old photos to IG and flickr to clean them off my phone. When I say I a ton I mean a ton.

– Last weekend was my friends’ annual holiday party and we spent a large portion of the night drinking eggnog, eating homemade flautas and chocolate chip cookies and singing weird Christmas carols. Have you ever looked at some of the lyrics to your favorite carols? They are strange, and not just the ones that were written several hundred years ago. Jingle Bells seems to be about getting some and that made us realize there is a theme: hymns are about Jesus (makes sense) while secular Christmas songs, by and large, seemed to be about Doing It. So, not really different from regular music.

My phone is gaining sentience and it wants to cuddle.

– I found this dress while thrifting last week and I used it to transform Isobel into a Christmas Elf for the party. Anthony was sure the dress would never fit her just because it was labeled 12 months, but every woman knows that sizes are big fat liars. I held it up to her and it looked just about right and the material had plenty of stretch and give to it. It was a little short in the sleeves and she may never wear it again, I’ll take it.

This is still the preciousssssss.

– A month ago Isobel scratched her face and since then the wound hasn’t healed because she keeps picking at the scab when we’re not looking. At two years of age she’s already learned to savor the fruit of rebellion. Anthony and I have been dealing with this problem by putting ointment and one of those small circular spot bandages on it but she keeps ripping them off, too. We’ve become so desperate I’ve tossed around the idea of getting her one of those cones like you get for dogs to keep them from worrying their wound after surgery. Apparently they don’t make them for toddlers so I’m stuck trying to decide if she’s pug or Jack Russel Terrier-sized.

– My friend Justin probably thinks I’m a horrible mother for suggesting a neck cone. He’s in favor of hand cones.

– The Christmas season is upon us and I wanted to direct your attention toward some very awesome Etsy shops (besides mine, ahem ahem). My bestie makes awesome holiday cards, birthday invites, and baby announcements. She’s flexible and will work with you on custom designs. Her shop is The Red Star Designs. My twitter friend Kelly has just opened the most amazing shop featuring pins, bags and other crafts based on her illustrations. Her shop is Let’s Die Friends. For the post-apocalyptic, urban decay fan that has everything, send them a Postcard from the Wasteland via Sharp Shiny Claws. And even though I’m quite proud to have created the slogan “Novel Accessories” for my friend Lisa’s shop, Excessively Diverting, she’s thinking of changing it to “YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE MY BALLS.” You most certainly will! Like my bear ears? A friend of mine knits similar ones and sells them at her shop, Knit in Public. And last but not least, my friend Val has some adorable vintage items and kid clothes in her Etsy shop, Little Weird Hen.

– Last year I created a couple of gift guides for the holidays:

– Holiday cards are pouring in and I have yet to even print mine out. Cards from us may not happen until after the new year so if you haven’t received one from us it’s not because you aren’t awesome. It’s because I’m not awesome. And speaking of Christmas cards, my friend April sent me an email about sending holiday cards to our men and woman overseas, particularly one service member she’s friends with. Her note said,

I have a friend in the military and he’s currently serving in the Middle East and he’s away from his little daughter for the holidays for the first time… I keep hearing from everyone what a morale booster mail call is for our service members overseas and I thought it would just bring him a huge smile if he got a few extra holiday cards this season…from people he doesn’t even know…  So, as you’re finishing up your holiday cards, would you address one to Scott?  To send a card to an APO, you only need a regular first class stamp.  And I imagine a few extra cards this holiday season would make being away from his little one a little more tolerable.

Scott Lefton
Australian DET
Camp Alamo
APO AE 09320

For the price of a first class stamp and one of your extra holiday cards, you can make his holiday a little brighter. And to make yours a little brighter, here are our Christmas Card Outtakes from 2008.


Christmas Card Outtakes, 2008

4 Dec

‘Tis the season for Christmas cards! I just finished ours and sent if off to the printer. I make ours every year and I have to say that this year’s is by far my favorite. I can’t wait to send them out.

Megan Boley’s hilarious Christmas card outtakes reminded me of a little collection I made of photo shoot outtakes from two years ago. I was pregnant in these photos, but only just pregnant, if I’m remembering correctly. My friend and talented photographer Meg took these photos.

(This is the one we actually went with, if you’re curious.)

(This was my favorite shot from that shoot. It’s one of the most popular photos on my flickr stream.)

I can’t wait to show you this year’s card, but for now, enjoy our weird faces, and click on the link to read all the funny things people said about it.

Etsy Interview: The Red Star Designs

23 Nov


If you are like me then you start preparing for Christmas early. I’m not talking about decorations. Some years I’m just lucky if I get any decorations up at all. I’m talking about shopping. I usually do a bit of Christmas shopping all year round because honestly, that’s the only way we can afford it.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, I’m going to be interviewing some of my favorite etsy sellers. My first victim interviewee is conveniently also my BFF Angela. She recently took the etsy plunge and opened her own card shop. She creates beautiful custom invitations, cards, notes, and birth announcements. The beauty of her shop, The Red Star Designs , (besides the fact that it’s a Mama-run creative small business), is that customers can choose from the cards she has already created, or she can combine elements from different cards or create a new card just for you. Because she’s awesome like that. 

I recently interviewed Angela via text message. I’m going to admit that I’m not the best at coming up with interview questions, so I had to rely on monster.com for some help.

Here’s a transcript, directly from my phone, of our interview:

[Earlier texts edited for space, content, possible illegal activities, and blasphemy.]

[Besides, they were mostly just us smack talking and complaining about things.]

[They would have sounded a lot like this:]

Me: OMG. Angela. Did you see her butt?

Angela: It’s SO. BIG.

Me: She’s like one of those rapper’s girlfriends.

Angela: I hate things that are stupid! They are so stupid!!1!!

Me: They are dumb in their brains!!1! I hate them, too!!1!


I’d like to officially interview you about your store for my blog. Is it ok if I do it via text message?


What do you enjoy most about designing cards?

I like the challenge of trying take a vision for a design from just an idea to reality.

Tell me about yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you willing to relocate? (Note: I might be relying on monster.com for some of these questions.)

I am a wife and mother of a one year old. I have a full time job that doesn’t allow for much creativity so I find a lot of enjoyment in being creative in my free time. I would say I have an eye for design but at times lack the technical knowledge of how to execute them. But I do try and learn new skills all the time.

And that’s a negatory on relocation.

Do you have a theme song that plays in your head every time you do something that’s badass?

No, but lately my Life Theme Song is “Two Hands” by Capitol Punishment.

That works! One more thing: how custom are you willing to get for people?

Pretty much as custom as they want to get. If I am able to do it, I will. If someone has an idea for an invitation or announcement they want I am totally willing to try and bring it to life.

  If you’re looking to buy holiday cards from etsy this year, head on over to The Red Star Designs and support an awesome small-business mama!