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Still Pissed At Yahoo

22 Dec

You know how when you complain about something on Twitter, and then the company you’ve railed against replies?

Here’s a summary of my morning:

And afterward:

I have not taken well to the threat of Delicious closing up shop. I’m pissed at Yahoo and I directed this rage at Pinboard. I clearly didn’t read the pricing matrix for Pinboard. I thought they were trying to capitalize on the masses of users fleeing Delicious.   I’m not sure if I’m going to go with Pinboard quite yet, as I’ve heard good things about some other companies out there, but the security of knowing your bookmarks are safe has me thinking. I rely on my bookmarks at work, at home, and on my phone. Information is my currency, and it is my vocation. I really don’t see anything wrong with charging a fee if I find the service valuable. I’m just not sure what I’m going to do yet.

I owe Pinboard an apology for flying off the handle.

Yahoo can still go fuck its mom, though.

Surviving Yosemite

28 Jul

Anthony: I don’t need to get boots to climb Half Dome. But I’ll get them if it’ll make you feel better.

Me: Don’t come home unless you buy a pair of boots.

Anthony: I’m buying them now.

Me: Okay, good. My blood pressure is dropping.

Anthony: That’s just that low-sodium diet I have you on secretly.

Me: So you won’t slip and fall to your death if you have boots, but what about the lions?

Anthony: What lions?

Me: The ones that live in the mountains. The mountain lions. They are going to eat you since you are wandering around at night.

Anthony: They are not going to eat me.

Me: Not at first. They play with their food you know. That’s what they do. What are you going to do if a mountain lion attacks you?

Anthony: I saw a video about a guy who fought off a mountain lion. He stabbed it in the side with a knife and it ran away.

Me: Do you have a knife?

Anthony: …I have a pencil. I could go for the eye.

Me: You’re going to die, aren’t you?