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Never Was A Cornflake Girl

28 Dec

So! Christmas happened.  Is everyone sick of hearing about other people’s Christmas celebrations? I won’t bore you then. Far be it for me to rehash our entire two days’ worth of partying.

But I do want to tell you about a few things that happened. First of all, Isobel got her piano on Christmas morning. You know, the one we waded through aisles full of people and toys for the Saturday before Christmas.

Isobel knows that Santa is a person, but she thinks of him as like an Uncle: stops by, says hello, hands her a candy cane and leaves. So we didn’t tell her that Santa came. We just told here there were presents.

Here she is, just waking up, humoring her mother by looking bemusedly at the camera. She only did that once, however, before she meaningfully looked at her Auntie T with a face that said, “Hi, I’m Isobel, I am here to pick up the presents.”

We brought out the piano and she was kind of like, “Wait, I’m allowed to touch this one?!”

Anthony looked up how to play her favorite song, “Twinkle, Twinkle.”

As you can see, she got right to work.

The piano makes a tinkling bell noise. It’s tuned, too, so I can listen to it without flinching.

Since I showed a shot of Anthony, it’s only fair that I expose my bedhead to the world.

She plays with concentration.

After awhile, she started singing while she played.

"Never was a Cornflake Girl..."

She was feeling the music.

"Thought it was a good solution, hangin' with the raisin girls..."

When she was done, she clapped for herself and said, “BRAVO!”

Zorro likes it, too.