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Thrift Store Score: Tree House/Doll House

27 Sep

I am so excited about this Thrift Store Score and I’m sure this is partly because of how I discovered it. I had some time to kill before dropping Isobel off at my Mom’s house while I went to a doctor appointment, so I decided to stop by a thrift store. I still need some accessories for Isobel’s Halloween costume, my thrifting basket recently suffered an unfortunate accident (sad face), and I’m ever on the hunt for things for the shop, so I thought I’d just stop in for a bit since I was on that side of town.

I found a few goodies and I almost didn’t see this plastic tree in the kids’ section. It was folded up and looked like nothing of consequence, but my gut told me to take a chance. At best it will be a fun accessory for the hoards of LPS toys Grandma keeps giving her, and at worst we can donate it back to the store. I couldn’t figure out how to open right away and we were running late, so I bought it sight unseen.

It was a dollar.

Once we arrived at Grandma’s I brought the tree out and showed Isobel. She was immediately smitten. When I finally figured out how to open it (easy, really, push-button release) I gasped. I had thought this was a newish toy, but it was actually a well-preserved gem from 1975.

It was so much better than I could have possibly guessed. It came with a bed, three chairs, a daddy figurine and a little girl, who you will not see because Isobel insisted on serving her tea inside the jellyfish tent while I took these pictures.

I was so pleased with myself for finding this. Later when I triumphantly showed my prize to Anthony I couldn’t help but saying, “Isn’t this amazing! I feel like such a baller!”

Anthony thought for a second and then replied, “I don’t think you know what that word means.”

The tree was really a doll house, er, tree house, fit for the little figures that once inhabited it. I imagine a Mommy figure and a little boy figure probably completed the household. Even though this toy was before my time, it struck a familiar cord with me, as if I vaguely remember it.

As you can see in the photo above, the trunk has a little elevator that takes the little people from the house level down to the ground level of the house.

The little door opens and closes. The elevator works by turning a crank at the base of the tree. It needs a little work but I’m sure Anthony can fix it.

The tree has three rooms: a kitchen, a living room, and a bedroom. I could immediately tell this toy was a 1970s original just by looking at the furnishings and the carpet, and my guess was confirmed by a stamped date on the bottom: 1975.

The kitchen might be my favorite.

A little ramp sits to one side of the living room. It looks like it was longer at one point but became damaged over the years. I think one side is supposed to be stairs and the other side is a slide. At least I hope one side is a slide. That would be fun.

There is also a little area under the kitchen that I think is a garage. I really have a feeling a very 70s Volkswagen-style van used to park there, but if that’s an actual memory I have or just wishful thinking, I can’t say.

Here is the Dad. Very 1970s Dad-like, with his super wide tie and thick mustache.

The book shelf illustration is amazing. I’d love to have a bookshelf that looks like that now. What goes around comes around.

I think I’ve never really left the 70s.