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Thrifty Living: Ballerinas

30 Aug

I was lucky enough to grow up near three of my cousins, and I have such fond memories playing with them. We used to play the same three or four games over and over, the type of games which only make sense to you as a child. They changed somewhat as we grew older, but I remember one game we could only play when my aunt was watering the flowerbeds, and one game involved following vacuum cleaner tracks through the carpet like they were a maze. The best game, however, involved the record player in my cousins’ bedroom.

They were very grown up, in my eyes, to have such a thing in their bedroom. It was a 1970s harvest gold children’s model and next to it sat a bunch of random 45s, some that read storybooks and some that were music. Our favorite thing to do would be to cue up the “scary” record,and the person who was “It” would cover themselves in a blanket and chase the rest of us around the room. The scary song in question was actually the Hall & Oates single Maneater. I guess we assumed that “Maneater” was a type of monster.

Many years later and here I am bringing my daughter to my cousins house to play. The 45s are long gone but Isobel’s cousin’s bedroom is filled with various musical instruments including guitars, keyboards, and the drum set Isobel loves so much.

The game they like to play is called “ballerinas,” and it involves raiding Victoria’s tutu stash and spinning in a circle for twenty minutes while giggling, squealing and saying “whoa whoa whoa WHOA!”

Every once in a while they stopped for an impromptu drum solo.

I’m going to have to keep my eye out for tutus while thrifting, I think. A game like this, with or without cousins, guarantees a good nap later.

Afterwards they decided it was time to play make up. Isobel is an old pro at this as she’s been putting on make up with me every morning while I get ready. We keep her make up brush in in the bathroom, though, but after this I bought her a few to play with around the house, which lead to an awesome game I’ll show you later.

Victoria was very patient with Isobel, as she was still refining her technique.

Not the eyes, Isobel! Watch the eyes!

I should find these girls a record player.

Transformation Complete

30 Dec

Oh man. I have become somebody’s worst nightmare. Here I am, sharing braggy photos of my daughter on Christmas morning. I’ve become… my mother.

I hope her extreme cuteness makes up for it.

Behold, this is the second of four Christmas outfits my daughter would wear. Why so many, and isn’t that ridiculous, you might ask? Well, yes it is! but the point is, we have family members to appease. The first was her Christmas jimjams.

We tried to give her a bowhawk again this year, but had to quit after. She would not allow her dignity to be treated thus.

Her grandparents gave her this very feminine car. Already she tried to run over our friend Caleb.

Although she’s not very good at steering, she does love to sit on it and honk the horn.

(We are firm believers in giving her toys geared at girls and boys to play with, so we were all for it.)

Of course, she got drums from her grandparents.

This is Christmas Eve. We’re getting ready to pick up Anthony’s grandma and attend a choir concert.

I love how she’s looking up at him.

I told Isobel we were going to go listen to music so she started singing.

We don’t leave the house without her purse. It contains necessary distraction toys. We grab it if we’re going out to dinner, or if we have to wait at a doctor’s office, or any place that we have to sit with her for more than a minute.

An older man saw her with that purse while at a coffee shop and he remarked, “If she can make it in New York, she can make it anywhere!”

Here she is at the concert, enjoying the piano.

And afterward, driving around looking at all the beautiful lights.

I really didn’t decorate this year. I tried, twice, but each time the cats made such complete and utter assholes of themselves I had to take it down. Their most favorite thing to do is chew on the tree and when I attempted garlands, to eat the fake “berries” on them. And then I saw Isobel interested in trying one. UM, NO. The only garland I put up was the flower one you see here (no fake berries) and Jupiter pulled that down at least four times in the three days it was up. The mini tree was brought over on Xmas Eve by Grandma. Of course they tried to destroy it, too. Basically, the theme of Christmas this year boiled down to “We can’t have nice things.”

As I mentioned earlier, we busted out the dollhouse I bought for five dollars at a yardsale when I was pregnant and we gave her some bunnies and some furniture to go inside. She loves it.

One of the accessories that came with the furniture was a little phone. She pretends to use it all the time.

Here are the bunnies. She insisted the Mama bunny and the Dada bunny be naked, and worked for a solid 45 minutes to get their clothes off. No, I don’t know why. I can only assume the Mama and the Dada are naked because she wants a whole lot more bunnies.

More phone time.

I was trying to take photos of the dollhouse when Zorro appeared. He’s all, “Did somebody say…. PRESENTS?!”

After viewing Xmas lights on houses all month, she was very excited to get some inside on a tree.

Ok, here we have Xmas outfit #4. (To recap: the first outfit was her Xmas jimjams, the second was her handmade Guatemalan dress made by a great aunt, the third was the plaid dress her grandma bought her for pictures. This fourth outfit I picked out. Because sometimes Mama gets a say, too. Fortunately, we were invited to enough celebrations to use each outfit. They were important to other family members and she had to wear them before they no longer fit. This is called “Family Politics.”)

She’s eating a cookie, one of the many our friend baked for us. Basically, she now asks for cookies five times a day thanks to Jake. I shall send the cavity bills your way, good sir!

I love this picture because she’s sitting on Dada’s lap opening presents, but also because my aunt is making a hilarious face.

My cousin brought a friend with her to our family Christmas celebration. Not only is she a friend of the family, but she’s also Jewish and was always curious about Christmas celebrations. We had a great time and I think she saw everything there is to see. Even the dysfunction. Hooray!

Oh, also she has a special talent:

Isobel had a great time laying all weird on the floor and singing to her farm animals. What, doesn’t everyone do that on Christmas?

Grandma bought her trick pants. She pulled and pulled by they were stuck together. Silly, grandma!

Christmas Moose makes up for it.

Most of my pictures of her turned out like this, as my daughter moves at the Warp Speed of Presents.

Wow, you made it to the end! You should get some sort of medal. Although everyone who survives Christmas should get a medal.

Wishing You Joy

25 Dec

Wishing you all a joyous holiday and happy New Year. Thank you all so much for reading, commenting and sharing your lives with me.

* Especially to one Nic Piper who made me the most awesome online card. May this year be your healthiest yet. May you gain two pants sizes. May your toes be ever warm.

Drum Solo!

7 Nov

Normally on Sundays I like to feature a Home Movie, mostly because 1. I take a lot of them 2. It’s fun to share and 3. It makes posting on the weekend a whole lot easier. You’re probably going to be very thankful that I don’t have one for you today, because what I wanted to share is Isobel and her first time playing the drums.

My cousin’s husband (who’s been in the family so long I usually just refer to him as ‘my cousin’) is a musician. Actually, so is my cousin and much of my family. Including me. I have music in my family on both sides, but my cousin’s husband is still actively making and recording music. Naturally, he is encouraging his daughter Victoria to experiment with all sorts of instruments. Recently he bought her this drum set.

Isobel wasted absolutely no time and immediately started playing it herself.

I’m not sure how, other than possibly by seeing musicians on Yo Gabba Gabba, but she knew exactly how the drum set worked.

She even worked the foot pedal on the bass drum, no problem.

Looks like someone’s going to be asking Santa for a drum set one of these years.