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Little Big Links: Hair Clips

1 Jun

So, I guess I’m still talking about Easter. I guess this is just an example of how busy I’ve been, and how busy every parent must be, for that matter. Anyway, during the Easter holiday I decided that Isobel’s unruly locks needed some cute hairclips, if not to tame it than at least to accessorize it. After an exhaustive search through Etsy I settled on these poppy clips by my twitter friend Emily Bilbrey. I think hair accessories are the perfect sort of gift for a girl’s Easter basket because they are budget-friendly and are a more modern and fun take on the Easter hat tradition. Next year I plan to get my stuff together and fill her basket with handmade goodness.

Here she is modeling the clip while playing her current favorite game: seatbelt. It’s where she takes a cord or a string or a shoelace or a cat toy or anything she can get her hands on (in this case, an actual belt) and makes it into her “seatbelt.” It’s not enough to strap herself in. She’ll attempt to strap every stuffed animal or toy in the nearby radius in with her. This will usually keep her occupied for a good ten minutes.

Also please note her unicorn is wearing pants. If you were to ask, Isobel would tell you that there are two kinds of pants in this world: 1. pants that are pink, and 2. pants that are too tight. She’s pretty much refusing to wear anything that isn’t pink at this point and if you try to even suggest wearing pants that are <gasp> brown, or blue, or any other color but pink, she will emphatically tell you no! Too tight! Pants too tight! PINK ONES! One day Isobel couldn’t decide between #1 pink pants and #2 pink pants so she asked my mom to put the extra pants on Unico2.

We were really hoping Isobel would win the genetic lottery and receive (among other things) Anthony’s family’s thick lustrous hair. No such luck. I’ll forever be apologizing to her for this. She did however get Anthony’s eyelashes, a total win. That’s why she’s wearing two clips–she needs extra clipping power.

I really think Emily’s shop is the best place to find adorable children’s hair clips (and crowns, and other fun things). I searched all through Etsy and it was still my favorite. But I did find several other cute hair clips to share with you.

Poppy Clips: still my favorite.

Felt Owl Clip: Owl lovers, prepare to swoon.

Vintage Button Hair Clips: vintage buttons attached to regular clips. Not just for kids!

Button Flower Clippies: unique and fun without being cutesy.

Crochet Bird Clip: I love crocheted hair accessories.

Polka Dot Clips: Rainbow polkadots FTW.

Ribbon Clips: That color palatte has me drooling.

No Slip Grips: if you have baby fine hair like the women of my family, this is a godsend.

Easter Basket Inspiration

31 May

Here it is, nearly June, and I’m writing a post about Isobel’s Easter basket. I should probably feel ashamed of myself. But I won’t! Because I’m a shameless hussy. I’m hoping that someone will eventually come along and want ideas for a toddler’s Easter basket so I’m posting this in the hopes of finding that person. You sure are special, whomever you are. Plus, I like the photos too much not to post.

In a move that’s sure to spark controversy (which parentning decision isn’t?) I didn’t put any candy in Isobel’s Easter basket. She doesn’t need any and I knew she’d be going to an egg hunt later. Aslo one of her grandmas is a little liberal with the sugar so figured she’d be getting candy from multiple sources and I didn’t need to be one of them. I was right. So right in fact, that we’re going into June and she still has uneaten Easter candy in the cupboard.

For all I don’t agree with giving toddlers candy, it sure is cute to see her eat a piece of chocolate. Before she’s even finished chewing the last ibit she’s already asking for more, face smeared and sticky, lisping through the mouthful of sugar.

 I have a love-hate relationship with children’s gift giving. I love shopping and dreaming up fun things to give her. I hate the inevitable junkpile. Add to that the fact that last year we were so strapped for cash we couldn’t afford to give her toys in her first Easter basket (not even cheap ones) and Easter becomes another guilt-laden holiday associated with presents, hiding its deeper meaning: Cadbury eggs & marshmallow peeps. But I digress. This year we could buy her modest presents, so I did.

 I had a bit of a dilemma with this year’s gifts, as I always seem to do. As much as I abhor clutter I’m not so cruel as to think that my child should grow up without toys. On the whole my philosophy is to get her toys that last, that I don’t feel guilty spending my money on. Of course I’m not the only one buying her toys, but I prefer things that will last, things that will be played with often. I’m almost embarrassed to admit how I agonized over the shovel set. It’s plastic and crappy and obviously meant for a baby. Shouldn’t I get her a metal set that would last? In the end, my concern for her injuring herself or others won out, and I gave her an admittedly cheapie shovel and rake set. The good news is that she’s using the hell out of them, and at least once a day she asks to got outside so she can “dig for wormies.” She’d take them to bed if we let her, and she’s left the house for Grandma’s with those in her hands.

 She loves the butterfly kneeling pad, but she doesn’t understand its true purpose yet. When I sat on it to play with her outside she got pretty upset. It’s for your butt, little girl. Get used to it.

 (Easter is the perfect time of year to practice your power-lifting skills.)

 Plastic plates are truly essential at our house right now, as she’s too rough on dishes to be trusted with dangerously breakable porcelain. She loves this chickie plate and the matching blue gingham bunny plate. I didn’t get a photo of that one because as soon as she found her basket she ate wanted to eat breakfast off that plate. She’s still using them because in Isobel’s opinion, bunnies and chickies never go out of style, even when the seasons change.

She looks like a teenager here. I blame Easter.

Easter Portraits

9 May

My MIL is awesome for many reasons, and one of those reasons is that she likes to dress my kid up and take her to the mall for pictures. (At the risk of repeating myself, here’s my take on studio portrait photography.) The photo above is taken with her cousin Jewel, whose parents are totally missing the boat if they don’t dress her up as Alice in Wonderland for Halloween at least once.

The difference between this year’s Easter photos and last year’s session is amazing.  This year I thought I’d take the liberty to caption each photo with thoughts my daughter is surely thinking throughout this process.

“Grandma promised me ice cream.”

“You are smoking crack if you think I’m going to give up this basket.”

“Heheheheh, suckers.”

“I shall destroy you.”

“I have been practing my front jabs.”

 “It’s okay to be jealous of my eyelashes. Most grown ups are.”

“I was told there would be bunniez.”

“There had better be bunniez. For your sake.”


Follow Friday – Easter Egg Edition

29 Apr

Isobel loves to run around the house playing with the cats. In all honesty it’s about half playing, half terrorizing, but as long as it doesn’t get out of hand I’m okay with it. She thinks the cats are her best friends, and I know she considers them her partners in crime. If she’s doing something wrong and we call her on it, she’ll immediately point to the cats if they are doing something wrong, too, because if she’s going down she’s taking them with her. That’s what friends are for. I guess.

The house is for the most part packed up; we just have the large furniture left to move. Next week is going to be super fun, seeing as how I’m going back to work for one last month, and our house will be totally torn apart. Welcome to my crazy.

Have a great weekend!

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brand_BIG Obama finally ponied up w/ a birth certificate. It’s only fair now for Trump to present some documentation on what’s up w/ his hair.

tehawesome Tofu’s a lot like Rogue from the X-Men. It absorbs the “powers” of everything it touches, and it’s really hard to have sex with.

moronwatch The birthers are going through a complex grieving process: Shock, Denial, Amnesia, Blame the Muslims

Angelinawrites The car commercial with the red puppet is creepy and horrifying and I fail to understand how this will sell cars.

helenstwin Joe, looking at netflix movies: “man, we sure have evolved, as a society.”

rydka I guess a photo of mine is going to be in Delta Sky Magazine. I can only hope it appears next to some air conditioned slippers.

khamsin pretty strange state of affairs when one has to hide the asparagus from the cat.

lauracope downing a mocha before seeing the dentist. cleanings ain’t cheap and i want my money’s worth.

clairesuddath I want to write a movie called “Spoiler Alert.” The tag line: “They die.”

hateyouprobably Trying to explain the theory of relativity to my 3 year old nephew. KIDS ARE SO DUMB.

slapclap How much longer do I need to scrub this spot on the floor? AND DON’T SAY FOREVER, head voices.

smonkyou I really hate passive aggressiveness.

Lilacmess One of my best students wrote in her paper “beach going-goers.” I guess we all have our moments.

FakeAPStylebook Make sure to cover both Prince William and his brother–fuck, what’s the other one’s name again? Clifford? We’re pretty sure it’s Clifford.

DamienFahey Spending the day standing behind cars with back-up cameras dressed like a ninja.

dawnhfoster Housemates have returned after a week away. *begrudgingly walks around in more than just knickers*

peterbyrnes Elton John smiles after cutting the brake line on the wedding limo, and pats the lyrics to “Candle on the Wind III” in his breast pocket.

iasshole Eating a banh mi, this is the best Monday ever, suck it Garfield!!

notperfect Newsflash: holding an open sharpie in your mouth whilst multitasking is NOT WISE.

tehawesome It hasn’t even been 3 days since that big Easter dinner and I already feel resurrected after I pushed a “big stone” out of a “burial tomb.”

joshjs “Royal wedding.” This should be a euphemism. Go for it, Internet.

forlornfunnies This whole morning feels like it’s wearing sweatpants.

amandaha If you ever need help cleaning a lot – and I mean A LOT- of hummus from your keyboard, I could walk you through it from experience.

gordonshumway Can someone please make that daily deal site hire Triumph the Insult Comic Dog? “This cheapo oil change isn’t too shabby. FOR ME TO GROUPON”

palinode I got 99 problems and tallying up my problems accurately is one, because I only have three problems. Plus the tallying one.

PeterGriffinn (On a church sign) “Nobody’s perfect… well, there was this one guy, but we killed him.”

LouisPeitzman Real bloggers have curves. And usually some mild form of agoraphobia.

lonelysandwich Oh heavens I can’t wait to watch King Simon marry the Faerie Princess Brianna or whatever. What a magical day for us all.

lilpyrogirl Took the knife from the 8 year old explaining that she might cut herself and I would do it for her. I then proved my point by cutting myself.

LouisPeitzman I agreed to reward myself with exercise once I finish writing my article. It’s a terrible system and I’ll probably die here.

maggiesox ‘Psychics at Cal Tech and the Fermi National accelerator lab’…you know what? I’m pretty sure that was supposed to be ‘physicists.’ Hearts.

GeorgeTakei TN bill will prevent teachers from using the word “gay” in class. In response, I’m lending them my name: “It’s okay to be Takei.”

Ahm76 Oh no, I just realized this bra isn’t keeping my nips appropriately in check. I don’t want to accept any sacraments with my high beams goin.

thejohnblog “Ta-da!”- Jesus

Lord_Voldemort7 I’d like to point out that when I was resurrected there were no chocolate eggs & frolicking bunnies, just tears & screams. Hypocrites.

ScrewyDecimal It’s now time to hunt for Easter eggs. And by “hunt for,” I mean drink. And by “Easter eggs,” I mean mimosas.

tommycm I take my eggs like I take my women. #deviled

sween Jesus rose and saw he was in the body of a rabbit and had to deliver chocolate to put right what once went wrong wait this is Quantum Leap.

moooooog35 If you get really excited about going on an egg hunt, just imagine how sperm must feel.

happyrobot Happy Easter to no one I know that observes it. Hippity hoppity!

probablydrunk Christ, I have risen.

slapclap I realize sometimes I ask rhetorical questions, but you know what?

JeremyMLondon My favorite Spice Girl was Pumpkin.

shinyinfo I wish we lived in a world where instead of money I could barter with Star Trek videos I find on Youtube.

smileydooby If I was jesus I totally would have called in sick yesterday

apodixis So excited about Easter tomorrow! I’ve already left a basket of human teeth out for the Easter Fairy. Also, I’ve been drinking a lot again.

MagpieLibrarian Hell hath no fury like a cross-dressing chihuahua scorned.

himissjulie “ungrateful biscuit eating son of a bitch!” Oh, there’s a law and order criminal writer somewhere who really had to fight for that line.

Squirreljustice By the way, I’d like to be addressed as DJ Peeps Calzone for the rest of the evening.

jenny_wade “i appreciate your concern” is “fuck off” for smart people

HeathRobots Black Eyed Peas won’t perform ‘My Humps’ b/c of sub par lyrics. Finding out which BEP song is ok lyrically is now on my bucket list.

MeganBoley My plan is to stick B in an empty laundry basket and dump plastic eggs on him. #Easter


AliciaATobin I don’t want to see or hear anything more about Obama’s birth certificate but I do want 100% more coverage of Bo, the Portugese water dog.

AskDrRuth Happy Easter to all Christians. May the Easter Bunny bring you the a basket full of orgasms.

eareeve Helping a guy break into his own car counts as a reference question, right? #alternativelibraryservices

zachbraff 122 minutes. The Elephant never got any Water… so pissed.

antigone_spit “Ben Franklin would have been Iron Man because he was always inventing shit.” “And he was kind of an asshole.”

RexHuppke My favorite part of the Bible is where Jesus gives money to the rich, tells the poor to suck it up and asks for Caesar’s birth certificate.

Sigafoos FaceTime etiquette rule #1: answering in the bathroom is weird. Really, really weird.

NickPoole1 Father in law has bought a 1970’s synth organ, which means everything now sounds either like sci-fi, a children’s programme, or porn.

jillgengler I’m telling you guys, kids make the worst monkey butlers.

eliza_evans Sorry, cat, I can’t pay attention to you. I’m watching kitty videos on the Internet.

lafix I hope if I ever get taken in for questioning there’s no algebra.

MsDuh I’ve gone to the same clerk at Jewel for months and he’s being so weird. It’s like he doesn’t even realize we’re in love!

HeathRobots A European perspective on USA “Clowns here are frightening.” No argument, but let the continent w/out mimes cast the first stone.

WritingWilkie What time of year are crunch berries in season? I wanna make a pie.

smonkyou I apologize for my earlier tweets about Iowa. I’m told Iowa is a great place and I would be proud if it gained statehood in the future.

apelad Happy Earth Day! Write this somewhere prominent so you can refer to it often: weather isn’t climate.

That_Biz Head is filled with rage. Belly is filled with chips. This may be a bad combination.

rolldiggity Either the girls in this bar are too shy to approach me or they don’t realize how hard it is to juggle and moonwalk at the same time.

MrWordsWorth Now that he’s no longer a young pup, I hope Bow Wow has been neutered.

colsonwhitehead I miss the Larry King-inspired nightmares I used to have when I fell asleep with CNN on in hotel rooms in weird cities.

goodinthestacks Thank you #librarypatron! Blatant, overt racism is so refreshing these days.

heyrenees Game of Thrones NOT about toilets. Sorry toilet fans.

pistolval Just found out that smartwater doesn’t actually raise your IQ.

rolldiggity Really want a license to kill, if only so I can stop having my mom do all my kills for me.

TheBloggess I just found a pic of me (age 6) unconscious in a hospital bed w/ a giant cast on my head. Victor: “This explains so much.”

LIFECOACHERS If you’re going to be a tool, be a power tool.

O12NELA Does anyone know the quickest way to delete a twitter account in the event of an emergency? Asking for everyone on here.

rolldiggity When people say “Jesus is my co-pilot,” do they realize he’s a 1st century carpenter with no training and zero hours in a flight simulator?


What is Follow Friday? It’s a Twitter meme that I have taken a couple steps further.  See my nomination for a Shorty Award for Follow Friday here. You can read more Follow Friday goodness here. Learn more about it in my FAQ.

The Egg Hunt

28 Apr

It was Easter morning, and time for us to suit up in our Spring finest and hit the egg hunt. We have a lot going on this year, but I guess that’s hardly an excuse as we always seem to be in the middle of work and a dozen projects at once, but as I’m finishing up work and we’re getting new carpet I just didn’t have any extra brain space to devote to Easter outfits. And Isobel’s closet is so stuffed with clothes of all seasons and sizes it is impossible to find anything except that one outfit that a well-meaning family member gifted us one time that naturally, I hate. Our friends Chris and Rachel gave us this white and brown dress for her birthday, and it is sufficiently floofy, so she wore it. Isobel’s kind of against any item of clothing that isn’t pink right now, but it was covered in “bubbles” so she went with it.

Black patent mary janes would complete the look but I could not find them anywhere. I’m pretty sure they are somewhere at Grandma’s house as that is the last place I saw them.We did have some white slippers that I managed to get on her feet (they were a little snug) and I thought all systems were go. Anthony watched her while I did my hair and apparently she turned to him, took off her shoes, told him they were too small, and put her “Mrs. Cat” boots on and waited by the door.

That’s the kind of logic I can’t argue with, people.

Isobel kind of has an obsession with her Hello Kitty rain boots (whom she refers to as Mrs. Cat), despite the fact that Jupiter or Poppy somehow chewed the loops off the tops of them. Leave it to the Moron Twins to find the least edible thing in the house and eat it. Take that, god! You don’t tell them what does or does not go in their GI tract! In your face.

For as much as she loves to wear those boots they are not the most practical shoe. They are prone to fall off her feet unless she’s actively walking around in them, which means we’ve nearly lost them in many a grocery store parking lot and have come close to abandoning them in restaurants.

As we lined up for the hunt an older woman noticed her boots and turned to us. “I see your little one is going to have an advantage on this wet grass with those boots of hers.”

Damn. My kid is smart.

Finally, it was time for the egg hunt. Isobel had a method. She’d grab an egg, shake it first, to be sure it had candy, then open it, tossing the candy into her basket while discarding the empty, obviously useless eggshells over her shoulder.

Anthony and I scrambled behind her, gathering her litter and preventing her from unwrapping each foil chocolate she came across.

One enterprising young girl was not going to let a little distance keep her from the prize.

The boots served her well.

After the hunt we found Isobel’s cousin Victoria.

The girls don’t really understand the concept of taking pictures together unless they are hugging.

Which is fine with us. Hug it out, girls!

They are pretty good at hugging now. A few months ago they’d try to hug like this and they’d end up falling down, legs in the air, crying.

They have improved to the “no tears” version.

It was a good Easter.

A Hard-Boiled Detective Story

23 Apr

This story is something I orginally posted as a flickr set a few years ago. It amuses me and is Easter-themed, so I thought I’d share. It’s pretty ridiculous. You’ve been warned.

Shortly after Easter it was reported that Mr. Easter Peep, former resident of the oblong terrarium, was missing after he failed to show up at his job teaching Pilates at the Y.

After doing our initial investigation, we noticed this suspicious character hanging around. We brought him back to the station for questioning.

In addition to Furball we rounded up the neighbors, which included several of Mr. Easter Peep’s relatives.

Tiddlywinks the hamster was not involved in the investigation. He just likes to hang out at the station and drink free coffee.

Mr. Chickowski was up first. He lost a leg in the war and is a grizzled veteran. We thought nothing could get to him.

He kept nervously looking over his shoulder as I questioned him. He insisted he saw nothing unusual in the neighborhood before the Easter Peep’s disappearance.

Nothing unusual, hmmm? So what about the usual?

Mr. Easter Peep’s youngest brother, Easter Peep 3, could not be reached for comment. Or rather, he could, we just couldn’t understand him.

Next I questioned the middle child in the Peep family: Easter Peep 2. He was very alarmed and we couldn’t get much out of him either.

Next we questioned Fluffball himself–Mr. Zorro. He was chatting in the waiting room with Easter Peep 2 when we called him in.

He claimed total innocence.

Then we got our first big break in the case: an anonymous tipster called in with the whereabouts of the remains of Mr. Easter Peep. We never heard from the tipster again and wonder what happened to him.

The body of the Easter Peep! Found on the mean streets not a block away from his home.

The case is not truly closed. His killer is still on the loose, ready to strike again at any moment.

Little Big Links: Peeps

21 Apr


I didn’t have time for Little Big Links last weekend, but I’ve been bookmarking some Easter links that I just had to share. Oh man I love me some Easter Peeps. Anthony surprised me with a box the other day and I let Isobel have a few bites and her eyes lit up and she became obsessed. While good “fresh”, I prefer to age them, like a fine wine, and eat them after they’ve gone a bit stale.

WashingtonPeeps Diorama Contest – a total time suck, in the very best way.

Recipe: Easter Peep S’mores – genius! 

DIY Felt Peeps – I guess Peeps last year-round anyway, but these won’t get sticky after a few months.

Peeps Marshmallow Wreath – This may be the best wreath idea of all time. OF ALL TIME.

Peeps of Catan – It’s Settlers of Catan! With Peeps!

Crochet Peeps – An inexpensive Easter basket filler.

How to Make Peeps Sushi – I’m compelled to make some, though I’d never actually eat it.

Recipe: Homemade Peeps Candy – I bet these are wonderful.

The Feasibility of Peeps and Library Usage – Peeps learn about the library. Awesomeness ensues.

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