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Flipbook: Summer

20 Sep


Flipbook: Wheee!

2 Jul

Scrapbook: Super Daddy

19 Jun

In honor of Father’s Day, I give you Super Baby: photos from Anthony’s first Father’s Day. He’s the best possible father of my child I could hope for. Isobel adores him, and so do I.

He’s my equal partner in everything, and I do mean everything. He volunteers to have an equal share in the housework, and will gladly cook on the occasions I let him. (I sometimes have a hard time handing over the kitchen.)

When Isobel was born, he looked after both the newborn babe and myself as I slowly recovered. I remember, quite clearly still, barfing all over his jacket while recovering from the anesthesia. He still watched over my younger sister then, too, all while going to school, and oh yeah, working.

He’s fantastic with Isobel and patiently plays with her or soothes her tantrums. All kids love him, actually, and when we go to the park he frequently disappoints kids we don’t even know by leaving before they are done playing with him. Kingston is his number one fan.

Quitting my job to stay home and start a business in a rough economy was not an easy decision, but he supports me. He supports me even when I am seized by doubt. I’ve come too far not to sap out now, so I’m just going to say it: he’s my hero.

Happy Hero’s Day, Anthony.