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2 May

I missed the boat on providing you with the quality content of at least two spam filter posts. I didn’t realize they were auto-deleted after a set amount of time, so when a funny one would come in I’d just leave it in the filter while deleting the rest. I checked in this morning and found all new messages–the old ones Iv’e saved were long gone. This next batch is so awesome it more than makes up for it.

I love indignant spam comments. They are so self-righteous and full of themselves. It’s cute. Here they are, questioning the source of the article at hand, in this case, in a post about my daughter. I guess the source for this post would be my vagina.

I am excited your whole one friend is going to read me now. Verily excited!


Thanks! I’m well known for my vulgarizing. All throughout grade school my teachers would write on my report card, “Good student! Quite vulgar.”

This comment was left on the post wherein I lamented that we put a man on the moon but cannot design a reasonably affordable hands-free breast pump. I don’t know if the comment was inentional or just moment of seredipity, but it sounds like he wants to be a part of the solution.

And finally, this last one adds injury to insult:

First of all, it’s disgusting that spammers troll family blogs looking to profit on someone else’s struggle and pain. Secondly, it’s nowhere near Christmas. And thirdly, I definitely don’t want to know about this fertility method if it thinks that people everywhere are regularly turned on by the Christmas season.