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You Are On The Naughty List

18 Dec

We took Isobel down Christmas tree lane this year, seeing as how she’s more sentient and sort of knows who Santa is. Based on her only experience with him it’s possible she thinks he’s a giant fire truck, with people inside, blaring loud Christmas music and handing out candy canes. After such a Santa visited our house before dinner one night she sobbed as we took her back inside. She kept saying, “Santa! Santa! Outside! Santa OUTSIDE!” We eventually had to convince her Santa was sleeping so we could finish making the macaroni and cheese. (From scratch – three cheeses , garlic and bacon. OMFG it was good. Like, Anthony and I made inappropriate noises while we ate it, good.)

Before hitting up the larger Christmas tree lane we investigated the smaller one not far from our house. This one’s unique because the neighbors got together and created a train track and a train that goes back and forth throughout the cul-de-sac.

Isobel admires Christmas lights from the car and when I pick her up from Grandma’s she eagerly points out all the houses that have lights on them as we drive home. If a couple houses go by with no lights she starts saying, “Lights! Where are you, lights?” It’s a-freaking-dorable.

Since the street is small and the night was quite warm (the pictured gloves and hat came off after about five minutes), we took a tour on foot so she could get close to the lights and explore.

The kid was impressed. And it was a welcome diversion considering that we spent our night as a family, wandering around different neighborhoods, entertaining our toddler FOR FREE. That’s a miracle at any time of the year, but doubly so in a cash-strapped month.

Then we headed to the larger Christmas tree lane. It was late and her little legs were tired so we pushed her around in the stroller. I only got one shot of her all bundled up, with a thrifted crocheted blanket in her stroller, but I used flash and she’s covering her eyes and making a pissed off face so I’ll spare you.

This Christmas tree lane had been decorating every year since before I was born. I remember visiting it as a child and looking for certain decorations year after year. This neighborhood had the works, lights timed to music, animatronic figures, a and a Santa, handing out candy canes.

Several families were also on foot and we even passed by our neighbors who live across the street, which was pretty funny. When we approached Santa he gave Isobel a candy cane and she held it out in front of her, stiffly, and crinkled the plastic wrap. I don’t think she’s aware candy canes are edible, which is fine by me. She loved just holding it.

As we were leaving Santa a giant truck drove by and rudely shouted out, “HEY SANTA!” This guy was a total ass. Without missing a beat Santa turned around and shouted, “YOU ARE ON THE NAUGHTY LIST!”

For those of you waiting for Christmas cards from me and wondering if I’ve forgotten, I haven’t. It’s just taken awhile for me to collect everyone’s address. I want to mail them out all at once because if you’re a parent you know that the few trips you endure to the Post Office with your child during the holidays, the better. I’m also trying to plan our yearly Christmas budget, so sending cards all at once will help me gauge that. I hope to get them send off by Monday. Happy weekend.

Gift Tag Goodness

14 Dec

This year I wanted to create my own gift tags for our Christmas presents. In the past what I’ve done is decorated the package with a sharpie and listed the “to” and “from” in the designs. The first ones always turn out really well but after that I get impatient. If any of you have ever received anything from me in the mail, you know my handwriting is a crapshoot: sometimes it’s neat and legible and fancy, and other times you’d think it was written by a doctor. Or a cat.

I really wanted to make my own cute, printable gift tags this year. I’ve seen them on etsy and I thought I could harness my photoshop abilities to come up with something pretty. I’d even offer it here because who wouldn’t appreciate a free printable in time for the holidays? Well, I’m embarrassed to admit, I failed. I mean, I accomplished making gift tags. I just utterly failed to make them cute.

I am determined to have cute Christmas gift tags this year, so when I failed to make them myself, I asked my Angela of The Red Star Designs if she would help. She agreed to let me offer them here for readers at home who lack the time or patience to make them themselves. I did not even have to specify that I wanted cute  gift tags because all her tags are cute.

Click the photo below and you can save the jpeg version to print them out. My personal fave is the green one with the red and white snowflakes.

Thanks so much, Angela!