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The Readers Have Spoken

16 Jul

Friday, July 16 at 12 noon PDST has come and gone, so it’s time to announce the winning tee as picked by Little Big readers! I’m three hours late in posting this not because I forgot, but because I am a withered old woman already at thirty years of age.

Last night my BFF and I attended a Purse Party. For those who don’t know, a Purse Party is basically the equivalent of a Tupperware party: someone hosts a party, invites all their friends, and a lady who sells purses brings all her wares for oohing and ahhing and the purchasing for $50.  In this case my Mother in Law was hosting it. Some facts about my MIL: 1. she is super fun 2. she is married to an awesome former chef 3. she knows a hell of a lot about wine.

Basically an invitation to a Purse Party at her house meant delicious appetizers cooked by my FIL plus a chance to drink some very expensive wine I’d otherwise never know about or be able to afford. Add my BFF to the occasion and pass the purses! I’m there with bells on.

The party did not disappoint, but the purses did. They were just not anywhere near my style–which is just as well. Tough times dictate we stick to a strict budget. We gave the purses a cursory glance for politeness’ sake before setting up camp on the couch with some very full wine glasses and a plate heaping with savory spinach pastry, baked brie with almonds and jalapeno jelly on baguette, and Mexican gazpacho shooters.

What followed was a couple hours’ worth of Mom Talk and the Sharing of Cute Kid Photos and I couldn’t have been happier. I rarely drink but last night I indulged by drinking the whole large glass of wine. It made me very, very sleepy. I went to bed early only to be woken up by Isobel an a raging hangover at 4 a.m. Excellent! It’s good to know I have the alcohol tolerance of an anemic kitten.

All of this is to say I’m three hours late in announcing the tee shirt choice winner due to the second hangover of my life. But I am proud to say that the Snorg tee I’ll be receiving is…

Greendale Human Beings!

Congratulations, me! Thanks again to Snorg and Windsor Grace at Knit in Public for making my Greendale dreams come true.

BFFs: Justin & Hangover Owl

14 Jun

It’s that time, Ladies & Gentlemen! Time to give Hangover Owl over to his new home. YAY!

First, a recap: I found Hangover Owl while thrifting. After the seventeenth time I decided I could no longer pass him up. So I had my first ever give away! My Bestie’s husband Justin won fair and square via random.org. There will be more giveaways in the future, lots more, so don’t be disappointed if you didn’t win this time. I can practically guarantee that if you keep playing you will eventually win.

I met up with Justin at a going away party for two of our closest friends. (Still working on those pictures, Stef! It’ll take me awhile but I’ll post them, I swear.)

I could tell Justin loved Hangover Owl already.

You can love Hangover Owl, Justin. Just don’t love Hangover Owl.

My first giveaway was a success! I can’t wait to see H.O. proudly displayed on Justin’s work desk in his 1980s-era vintage office. It will fit right in.

Epic, chalk-covered

I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the Etsy shop. When are you going to start listing? What is taking so long? First, let me assure you it’s a priority. It’s quite a challenge to be at home with Isobel 24-7 and she gets all of my attention for the majority of my day. Anthony and I are still ironing out a schedule for me to work on this. I have almost everything ready to go but I’m still photographing items for listing. I am also going to be sure I don’t start the shop unless I know I can have time dedicated to shipping, answering emails, and anything else the shop requires. I’m Isobel’s Mama first and foremost but I’m not going to open a shop unless I can have dedicated time for my customers, too.

It is my goal to open within the next two weeks. I’m nervous and excited and happy to be able to share the thrifting love!

Parenting really isn’t the balancing act everyone claims it is. The word balance implies that things are held in place statically. Parenting is a juggling act. You don’t sit still for a second. You just try to keep up.

Amusing Thrift Store Finds: My First Ever Giveaway!

8 Jun

Generally speaking, every thrift store has three categories of junk. The first layer, and largest by far, is the random selection of everyday crap. Stuff that doesn’t warrant a second look, stuff that you might find at your house, and stuff that if you had you might very well think, “I should donate that.”

The second layer is much smaller, and this layer is what thrift store-lovers like me call ‘the good stuff.’ It’s the treasure that lures you in, the stuff epic Thrift Store Scores are made of. It’s the reason thrift stores exist.

The third layer is the smallest, and by far the most puzzling. This layer is made up of stuff so weird you can’t ever imagine why it was made in the first place. It stands out in a sea of mediocre items and draws attention to itself with its wrongness. Sometimes the item is inadvertently disturbing, but at the very least, this third layer is always amusing.

This, my friends, is the reason why I like to thrift in groups. It’s no fun to find a hedgehog orgy statue by yourself. You just look sort of pervy laughing at it alone. Other people giggling along with you legitimizes it, if only slightly, and certainly adds to the fun. This is also why I like to bring my camera with me while thrifting: so I can share the awkwardness with all of you.

For example, wouldn’t this make a wonderful addition to your home or office? No?

Or what about that weird cat puzzle? It wasn’t enough just to complete it. It needed to be glued to a slab of cardboard to preserve the achievement forever. Or, at least, till we donate it.

This clown in and of itself is not weird or unusual. The fact that it clawed its way out of a huge bin of stuffed toys to stalk me is horrifying and the reason I sleep with one eye open at night.

God Bless this Trailer! Who doesn’t need that for their Winnebago or Airstream trailer? (Confession: I kind of want a vintage Airstream trailer.)

The photo next to it made me laugh in the saddest way possible. That’s clearly not the photo that came with it. That’s an actual framed photo of a dude. Someone just donated the whole frame, photo and all. Sad! But also funny.

Somewhere, the 12 year old me is infinitely sad that I never knew about unicorn bear. Oh unicorn bear! We met too late in life.

I think this is the winner of the ‘ extremely disturbing’ category:

The bad part about finding all of the astoundingly weird things is that sometimes? I get attached. Oh, weird cross-eyed duck! I first wondered why the hell you were made and who would ever want you. But now, I’ve become fond of your painful-looking charm.

And Hangover Owl! Every time I saw your still-drunken face I thought to myself, “It’s been three weeks and nobody’s purchased Hangover Owl! What’s wrong with these people?!” Till finally, eventually I caved and I bought him myself. He wore me down. I could no longer resist his inappropriate charm.

I did it for you.

I figured this would be the perfect thing to hang in a bathroom so you can gaze at him while you get ready for work and think to yourself, “Well, at least I’m not a Hung Over Owl!” H.O. would also be a great addition to your cubicle, desk, or other work area, so you can wink at him from time to time when he asks to borrow some aspirin.

Yes, especially for the readers of Littlebig I’m offering my FIRST EVER BLOG GIVEAWAY!!1one1!

All you have to do is leave a comment below and you will be entered in the randomly-selected drawing for Hangover Owl.

  1. The contest will be open until, oh, let’s say Wednesday, June 9th at midnight PST (with Daylight Savings, yo)
  2. Enter only once;  I know H.O. is really rad but let’s be fair
  3. PROFIT!

I really hope at least one of you enters because this is a pretty sweet owl.