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The Carafe

29 May

I drink a lot of water. I mean A LOT of water. As someone who suffers from kidney problems and Crohn’s disease it’s very easy for me to become dehydrated. Drinking enough water is something I have to pay attention to every day.

My life is made a whole lot easier by EmergenC, one of the best products on earth. I hate the taste of sports drinks like Gatorade (haterade, FTW!) so I keep my electrolytes in balance with EmergenC. I could totally be their spokesperson. It contains the right balance of electrolytes to keep me hydrated plus all kinds of vitamins. Sometimes I go through so much EmergenC in a day I swear my vitamin-filled pee could cure scurvy.

I drink at least two glasses a day: once in the morning and once before bed. If I have a large water debt or if I’m sick I’ll have some more throughout the day but I do try to limit it to two glasses. At ten bucks a box it’s not the cheapest of home remedies, but it’s worth it.

EmergenC comes in all kinds of flavors but I really only like one. I’ll drink the others but one is far and away the best. I’m not going to tell you which flavor is the best. The last time I was in this situation I tweeted the best kind of Greek yogurt someone (ANGELA) discovered their supreme tastiness and bought them all. So, on the off chance you live in my town and shop where I shop and are therefore my competition you’ll just have to figure out the best flavor on your own (ANGELA).

But I will tell you it is red.

I have no trouble staying hydrated in the library. I keep a large water bottle at the circ desk that I refill several times a day. Last Christmas I received an electric teakettle from my mother in law and boy do I love it. When the weather’s cold I have hot decaf tea available right at my desk.

My day in the library is broken up in predictable chunks and every day has a rhythm. On weekends and vacations I always get in trouble with my water intake. One thing leads to another and before I know it it’s 2:00 p.m. and I’ve only had one glass of water. Since I don’t have the same strict routine at home I decided I needed a way to be sure I get my water. And then last week while thrifting, I found it:

The carafe.

Requisite Cat Shot

It’s pure vintage gorgeousness and best of all it’s plastic so it will be durable enough to last Isobel through the toddler years should she happen to accidentally knock it over. I figure I can keep it stocked with cucumber water or lemon water or iced tea or even just plain old water. I’ll be able to judge my water intake based on the amount of water in the carafe as opposed to waiting for my body to tell me I’m dehydrated. I can’t wait to try it out.

Requisite Kid Shot

I’m actually very curious how much water ‘normal’, healthy people drink a day. How much water do you drink?