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Tips for Surviving New Carpet

4 May

If you are moving or are getting new carpet or have another life change wherein all your worldly belongings must be shoved aside for a day or so, I have some tips that might help you with the transition.

Ye Olde Stoveside Changing Station

1. I set up a changing station in the kitchen that I could access by entering the house through the garage and then into the kitchen, but just incase I also had a diaper bag packed and ready to go. If I had to I could have changed her in the trunk of my car.

2. Think about the essential items you’ll need immediate access to during this project: a sweater if things get suddenly chilly, prescription meds, keys, phone chargers, laptop, snacks and a change of clothes for your kid.

"Sorry! Occupied!"

3. Call your friends and ask if you can use their bathrooms in advance. We planned on keeping at least one of ours open but the carpet installers didn’t know this and had other ideas.

4. Plan out how and where your kid is going to nap through this. She could have always skipped her nap but dealing with an insane toddler while putting our house back together is pretty low on my life list. It’s tied with “getting to know Fire Ants up close and personal.” Isobel ended up falling asleep during the car ride back from Grandma’s. I called Anthony who got the bed  ready to go. She slept outside for an hour and a half, which is a successful nap in my book. The only problem was the wind. It wasn’t cold but it was touching her and that sent her into a mini, rage-filled hate spiral before she passed out again.

5. Realize things are going to be a crazy mess and that’s okay. By the end of the day our carpet guy was like, “Do you guys have a calculator handy?” It took some measure of self control to not be all, “Does it look like I have anything handy?” Prioritize the things you really do need an let go of the rest.

6. We have an extensive home library collection. It consists of four tall Billy Ikea bookshelves against one wall, and a shelf devoted to D&D books on another. Each shelf has a unique arrangement depending on what it stores, and considering I have devoted a huge chunk of time organizing it loosely based on the DDS, I wanted to preserve that work. Honestly the thought of taking it all down and packing it away in boxes made me slightly unstable. Too keep things organized I numbered the shelves 1-4 & D&D. I packed up the books in order of the shelves and I labled each box according to their context, like so: Shelf 2, Row 3. To keep track of which shelf went where I taped a note to the immovable shelf noting its particular number. Although we removed the indivdual shelves, the pegs stayed in place so theoretically things should go back in order realtively easy. If you think manual labor is easy, that is. I do not, but that’s neither here nor there. The important thing is that organization is preserved.

Justin and Jake, who helped us throughout this ordeal.

7. Purge what you can. I took a fully stuffed car with me to Goodwill while packing our house up. I’m good at decluttering and I still had a mountain of donations to drop off. Other, more patient people might consider a yard sale, but I did not want to find a spot for all of this crap, and I’m notoriously bad at yard sales. I mean, I’m good at going to them, but let’s just say the Goodwill people recognize my car when I pull up to the donation area and their eyes turn into dollar signs when I give them sacks full of stuff.

8. We locked our cats in the garage until the carpet men left. They are insanely curious and would have gotten into as much trouble as they could manage. They did sneak out on a couple of occasions, but over all the plan went well: their food and litter box is already in the garage, and the weather was mild enough that I didn’t have to worry about them overheating. They did meow pitifully the entire day, which was annoying, and when we went to let them out after it was all said and done they were not interested in leaving. Cats, yo. They’re nuts.

Has anyone out there gone through something similar? Have any tips to share? I’d love to hear them.