22 Nov

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

– Last week our dear friends from Reno came to visit. Isobel and Kingston showed off for them by using the dress up chest to transform into Inspector Fabulous and Sargent Spectacular and by knocking over the cat scratching post and riding it again. Speaking of the dress up chest, a couple people asked me about what I use for storage. Everything except the hats fit in this green tub that we keep in our library. I don’t expect to keep everything in there forever, though, especially since we’re nearing capacity and I am not at all done gathering items for the chest. I suspect we’ll eventually move everything over to the thrifted green chest in the living room. Right now it holds puzzles and an assortment of random toys.

– A lot of people I know are already gearing up for the holidays. Last year my friend Angela made some printable gift tags for Little Big readers. They are adorable and available for free, and I’m all about anything that will help me get that much more prepared for Christmas.

– I got a lot of progress accomplished on my gigantic Etsy project. I’m pretty much done with the first part, the sorting and organizing, and the storing and packing part. Now I just have to go through the sixteen boxes I packed away and get things photographed and listed. And then I can go thrifting again. Yay!

– I am addicted the avocado-veggie spring rolls they make and sell at my supermarket.  I want to take long walks with them and compose poetry inspired by them and tenderly lick up all the sweet chili ginger sauce they come with. I look forward to grocery shopping specifically so I can take some home with me.

– I’m grateful that  my MIL likes to dress Isobel up as a cream puff and have her picture taken as Santa’s Little Christmas Prisoner. I love them not only because not only am I her mother, but because I possess a keen enjoyment of the ridiculous. She even got a few shots with the pink purse, Isobel’s constant companion.

– Last weekend I got to spend some time with friends I met on the internet. They are so great! And totally not murderers! And they like me! But probably only because I didn’t scream “I AM NOT A MURDER, EITHER!” when we met for dinner.

Things that also happened:

Inadvertent mother-and-son-wardrobe coordination.

Blanket forts.

My current favorite photo of Kingston.

Isobel has a hard-knock life.