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Library App Round Up

30 Nov

I’m working on some very exciting things at the moment. So exciting that I can’t wait to share them with you. For example, my twitter wife sent me the most wonderful early Christmas present.  I cannot wait to let all of you bask in its glory. In the meantime, I’m donning my librarian glasses and bun to get some work done and to spread the Good Word about reading.


Here are some random apps that I love. No company has ever given me money for… well, anything really, but especially not to promote their iphone apps. I just like these. “I’m Carrie Anne, and I approve this message!”

These apps are perfect for anyone whose and avid reader, or just for someone who enjoys reading in general. I used to belong to the first category but now that I have a baby while working full time, I’m firmly in the latter.

1. Good Reads and Good Reads Companion: These apps are related to a website you may have heard about: Good Reads. I am on Good Reads (holla! I’m ex.libris) but it’s been a shamefully long time since I’ve logged in. Or participated. Er. I feel bad about that. I really like Good Reads and I was happy to find out there are two GR apps available, one official, one not (but GR is fine with that.) I downloaded both in the hopes that I’ll be more active on the site. Having both apps seems redundant but I know there are those out there who staunchly support the GR app and those who are in favor of the third party app. I got both to see the difference, which I, so far, haven’t noticed.

2. Dewey D: An app that keeps track of your “to read” list that also lets you browse selections on the NY Times bestsellers list plus lets you browse author info. Some people really like the bells and whistles on this app. I think it’s pretty nifty but personally I prefer…

3. Libraryby Big Button Designs: It’s just called “Library” and the graphic is a rainbow-hued stack of rectangle shapes. It has a simply and perfect design and it does only three things: 1. keeps track of what you want to read 2. keeps track of what you are reading 3. keeps track of what you have read. That’s all it is. But that’s all it needs to be.

4. Library by Double Tap App: A second creatively-named app called simply “Library,” this one features a teddy bear reading. It zeros in on your location and then points out the libraries in your area. If you find one you’d like to visit you can tap the “directions” button and it will show you the route there. This is a really great app if you’re travelling in an unfamiliar area and need to take the kids somewhere diverting for awhile.

5. Lend Me from Autus Mobile: Not strictly a reading app, but perfect for frequent lenders of books. It helps you keep track who is borrowing what. It integrates with your calendar to put reminders of when they should be returning your stuff. I feel like a jerk sometimes for being reluctant to lend stuff out, but keeping track of it makes me feel a bit more secure that I’ll get it back.

(P.S. Jake, I still have at least two of your books at my house. I just want you to know that they are safe & I haven’t forgotten. I think Anthony has some of Cay’s books, too.)